Tuesday 23 May 2023

Strathspey Railway Mixed Traffic Gala, 7th April 2023 part 4: 5025

My personal journey with 5025 goes back to a second visit to Boat of Garten, in 1974, when I learned of the locomotives planned to work at the Strathspey. In 1982, I was on a railtour from Perth to the Strathspey and back, with 5025 in both directions, turned at the turntables in Perth (sadly now gone) and Aviemore. After that I saw the locomotive in storage on a mid-1990s visit. The attraction of the 2023 visit becoming a mixed-traffic gala was to reacquaint myself with the locomotive after its 1935 look restoration, which looks fantastic.

Backing down into the station from the shed at Aviemore.

5025 + 46512 wait to depart with 2H15 13:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

Two evening shots of 5025 upon arrival at Boat of Garten with 7B27 17:40 freight from Aviemore.

Good Friday, and relatively few present for appreciation.

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