Friday 26 May 2023

Fife Miscellany, March 2023


800105 1W11 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen, Aberdour, 17th March.

43176 43176 1B80 12:07 Aberdeen - Edinburgh, Aberdour, 24th March.

43046 Geoff Drury 1930-1999 5Z50 08:12 Crewe - Dundee, positioning for the next day's "Whitby Jet", Aberdour, 24th March. Flickr for the day.

37676 Loch Rannoch + 37403 Isle of Mull 1Z37 08:15 Linlithgow - Inverness, passing Aberdour, 26th March. Unfortunately 37676 derailed in the yard at Inverness, and 37403 gallantly returned on its own, with 10 carriages, over the Highland Main Line. Flickr for the day.

43059 returning the ECS, 5Z56 13:32 Dundee - Crewe, passing close to Dalgety Bay, 26th March. Flickr for the day.

37403 again, this time on a GBRf Charity Tour, "The BWC Charter", outbound through Dunfermline City, 1Z30 10:44 Linlithgow - Inverness, 29th March. Flickr for the day.