Sunday 14 May 2023

Peak Rail Diesel Gala, 16th April 2023 Part 1: D8 PENYGHENT

'Peak'' D8 PENYGHENT was built at BR Derby, entering traffic on 18th December 1959, as part of the pilot scheme Type 4 requirement, later uprated and extended into Class 45 and 46. As a Class 44, it was renumbered to 44008 in March 1974, and withdrawn in November 1980, following display at the Liverpool & Manchester 150 event. It then entered preservation at the Strathspey Railway, via Glasgow Works, although it saw no use, and was moved to Peak Rail in 1987 into the care of the North Notts Locomotive Group.

Preparing for a departure from Matlock.

PENYGHENT nameplate.

Another pre-departure view.

Awaiting departure from Darley Dale.

Making an approach to Rowsley South.

A short pose at Rowsley South.