Wednesday 3 May 2023

Strathspey Railway Mixed Traffic Gala, 7th April 2023 part 3: 27050

When new, this locomotive was numbered D5394, delivered from BRCW on 20th June 1962 to Cricklewood. It migrated to the Scottish Region in 1968, and was later assigned to the intensive Edinburgh - Glasgow push-pull service as 27106, retaining its boiler, and where I first saw it in the 1970s. After the 47/7's arrived, it became 27050 in 1982 after an Intermediate General Repair, and was withdrawn in July 1987, in the mass withdrawal, after which it entered preservation in 1988. It has spent more time at Strathspey than in BR service!

D5394 ready to depart with 2H11 12:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

Two pictures of the locomotive returning as 2H11 12:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

Arriving at Boat of Garten with 2H25 17:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

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