Wednesday, 20 March 2019

50049 on a test run under darkness, Romsey, 20th March 2019

50049 Defiance 0R45 Eastleigh - Romsey (reverse) - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh.

This followed the GBRf livery reveal ceremony earlier in the day. 50007 + 50049 are due to run to Penzance and back with "The Class 50 Terminator Phoenixed" on Saturday 23rd.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

'The Statesman' returns past Crampmoor, 16th March 2019

D1924 (47810) + 47614 (47853) 1Z62 16:32 Portsmouth - Eastleigh. The dregs of light in the remains of the damp day.

Approaching from Chandler's Ford direction.

The first coach is TSO 5912 built to Lot 30846 at Derby in 1973.

D1924 (47810) on the rear.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

"The Statesman" at Dunbridge, 16th March 2019

D1924 (47810) + 47614 (47853) 1Z60 06:07 Crewe - Salisbury - Eastleigh - Portsmouth

The outward run was led by D1924 Crewe Diesel Depot (later 47247, 47655 and 47810)

A closer view.

47614 was on the rear, this being 47853 (D1733, 47141, then 47614)

11th- 16th March 2019

Sunday 10th March: 66726 5S66 09:53 Eastleigh - Hamilton E.G. Steele & Co (Royal Scotsman set, new base for 2019 season) one two three four five six seven eight nine
Monday 11th March: 800202 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one; 47813 0M60 12:00 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three four five; 66505 4O53 13:51 Wembley - Millbrook one, 4E67 17:40 Millbrook - York Holgate Sidings (new MWA wagons to pass the acoustic equipment at Swaythling) one two
Tuesday 12th March: 800202 + 801106 5X41 03:08 Acton - Eastleigh one; 800108 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one (and to Doncaster two)
Wednesday 13th March:
Thursday 14th March:
Friday 15th March: 66720 4Z84 12:30 Wellingborogh - Eastleigh (GBRf hoppers) one two three
Saturday 16th March: 47810 + 47853 1Z60 06:07 Crewe - Salisbury - Eastleigh - Portsmouth one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen 1Z62 16:32 Portsmouth - Eastleigh one two

70003 was returned to storage on Tuesday, leaving only eight in traffic. Last worked in traffic 1st - 2nd March Southampton - Leeds.

Railroad Owner Genesee & Wyoming Is Exploring a Stake Sale (the owning company for Freightliner).

314204 believed to be on the road to Eastleigh, currently in haulier's yard at Wishaw, while delivery location at Eastleigh is finalised. Understood to be for eventual re-use in London, it seems in an emergency training role, possibly with FGW.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Shunting and wagons at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

DBC 66050 was shunting the yard, this could be a GBRf job sometime in April.

1110102 is a OBA wagon, built at BREL Ashford about 1977 to Lot 3909.

112273 is an OCA built at BREL Swindon in 1981-82

112307 is another OCA of similar background.

DC 967636 is YLA MULLET Bogie Borail Flat wagon rebuilt as a BRA at BREL Shildon to Lot 4012 in 1981-82  from an earlier 1959-60 wagon.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Freightliner at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

70002 4O05 07:03 Birch Coppice - Maritime.

66566 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime, which started from Crewe and may have been running as 4Z22 06:51 from Basford Hall.

66555 was running as 0W26 from East Yard to Maritime.

66542 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, running late following a fallen tree near Micheldever.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Colas Kirow 125 tonne crane at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

Previously seen passing Romsey on 4th May 2018. Presented here as seen, left to right, from the Lidl fence. 66850 was on the train, beyond the switch and crossing wagons,

KFA wagon CN 97418 and crane DRK 81612, coded as a ZOA.

KFA wagon CN 97416.

Storage on board KFA wagon CN 97417.

"Worksite: Shawford 67M 61CH- 71M 16CH

66, 1 Loaded Modular Support Bass, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Tilting Wagon, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Support Beam, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Tilting Wagon, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Kirow Crane Lifting Beam, 1 Colas Rail Kirow Crane, 1 Kirow Crane Counter Weight KFA, 1 Kirow Crane Support Wagon."

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 9th March 2019

47813, now named Jack Frost, sports newly attached miniature snowploughs, and appears to await collection and return to traffic. Some interesting new pipework on the buffer beam.

The same image, but pulled back to include 07007 and stored 313121.

66770, Azuma vinyled 801104 + 08511 in the sidings. It was reported that 800202 worked in with 801104, but I could not identify or locate the second unit.

801104 + 08511 with 800110 (C9) at the staging platform. Part of 442405 seen on the right.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

4th - 9th March 2019

66164 + 66149 pass Romsey with 0O12 10:55 Margam - Eastleigh (66149 from Westbury), 9th March.

Sunday 3rd March: 66708 + 73971 0S66 09:53 Eastleigh - Craigentinny one two three four five six seven eight nine
Monday 4th March: 
Tuesday 5th March:
Wednesday 6th March: 67006 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one two
Thursday 7th March: 47614 (47853) + 17159 5Z76 09:31 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four five - 17159 was previously in DRS Compass period colours
Friday 8th March: 47614 (47853) 5Z77 12:18 Eastleigh - Crewe one two three four
Saturday 9th March: 800202 (LNER Azuma 5 car bi-mode) + 801104 (LNER Azuma 5 car emu) 5X41 03:59 Acton Main Line - Eastleigh) - but can only see one branded Azuma from the car park, with a shunter attached

60065 continues to shunt at Westbury: one two

The Southampton trackworks from early February, for longer 775 metre intermodal trains, which caused planned Freightliner diversions, were not completed, and are now understood to be re-scheduled to September 2020. Discussion.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Eastleigh Works, 2nd March 2019

  • 73971, which departed for Craigentinny the following day, hauled by 66708.
  • 640935 FEA, which was WAGON 11 in the 'Slinger' train
  • GERS 89026 TEA wagon
  • 37602
  • 323-539-7 Cheviot Köf
  • 47815 which departed for Leicester within one hour
  • London Transport 9
  • 975978 Perpetiel
  • 66708
  • (Newly arrived 73966 was next, hidden following from the 66)
ETH fitted super shunter 47818.

The 4TC is understood to be for collection following completion of repairs, and for railtour duty shortly with "Ye Olde Black Friar" on 30th March.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Freight workings at Eastleigh, 2nd March 2019

Something caused 2 hour delays in the Birmingham area, so the Birch Coppice and Garston trains arrived much later than usual, with a very busy period in the half hour from just before 14:00.

66533 paused in platform 3, having arrived as an early 0O26 from Hinksey, and came forward to work to Maritime.

70008 arrives with flats for weekend storage, 4B06 11:10 Maritme - Eastleigh.

66509 arrives with the regularly early working of 0W29 "16:04" Maritime - Eastleigh, some 4 hours early. The locomotive was then parked in the stabling area.

As returning 0B06 12:00 Eastleigh East Yard - Maritime, 70008 passes the arriving 66509.

Then came an hour of nothingness - to the benefit of retail in Eastleigh.

The first delayed Freightliner, 66589 with 4O05 07:03 Birch Coppice - Maritime, which departed at 13:29.

66156 leads 4O40 1044 Morris Cowley - Eastern Docks, passing at 13:57.

The second delayed Freightliner, 70005 with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime, arriving at 14:04.

4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime was held for a while behind 4O27 waiting for it to move onwards from platform 3. Arriving here behind 66563, only 10 minutes late.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Departures from Eastleigh Works, Saturday 2nd March 2019

47815 Lost Boys 68 - 88 0M60 11:50 Eastleigh - Leicester, returnin for ROG duties.

As D1748 the locomotive was new from Brush on 1st July 1964. As 47155 in early 1976 the locomotive had an interesting loan to the CEGB to act as an exciter at West Thurrock Power Station in Essex. 

66207 leads empty stock as 5Z54 14:24 Eastleigh - Doncaster Belmont Down Yard, for the Tornado and Alycidon charter on Sunday 3rd. (55009 had traction motor issues, train delayed at Drem, failed at Berwick, some passengers onto LNER, 67004 dragged the train south & video)

3141 is a relatively recently overhauled FO, built at BR Swindon to Lot 30717, entering traffic in February 1964. In 1976 it became RSO (Restaurant Second Open) E1063 and in December 1981 became SO 3608, running until August 1988 when it reverted to 3141 in charter services. Following a period of storage, sent to Nemesis Rail at Burton in August 2015, being delivered to Eastleigh in August 2018 for completion and return to traffic.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

25th February - 2nd March 2019

66729 DERBY COUNTY of GBRf at Eastleigh, 2nd March.

800110 (likely on left), 442405 and part of 800108 (likely on right).

Monday 25th February: 66133 + 60065 6X01 10:17 Scunthorpe - Eastleigh one two
Tuesday 26th February: 66059+60065 6V40 14:05 Eastleigh - Westbury one two three four- 60065 for 'training' at Westbury
Wednesday 27th February:
Thursday 28th February: 73966 0Z59 20:45 Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf - Eastleigh one two three (passing Eastleigh at 02:51 on Friday)
Friday 29th February:
Saturday 30th February: 47815 0M60 11:50 Eastleigh - Leicester one two, 66207 5Z54 14:24 Eastleigh - Doncaster Belmont Down Yard one two

60065 at Westbury one two three

Eastleigh Works: 11Feb - 13Feb - 14Feb - 15Feb - 18Feb - 19Feb

66623 worked south on 4O95 on 28th, heading to Eastleigh Works for a G&W orange and black repaint.

Expect Class 801 IEP electric-only sets for LNER to be dragged to Eastleigh T&RSMD for fitting-out activities, following from the 800/1 sets.

Freightliner is looking to hire trainee drivers at Whatley, in the Mendips area.

Freightliner strike action expected on 15th March (RMT), and on both that day and 29th (ASLEF).

Monday, 25 February 2019

Class 70s at Eastleigh, 23rd February 2019

The first standard Saturday timetable for 4 weeks.

After an almost 20 minute pause to allow passenger workings to pass, 70015 departs for the final stage to Maritime, with 4O90 05:27 Leeds-Maritime. Earlier at Worting.

70007 has recently been seen on logs workings for Colas, but is back to working for Freightliner since 22nd. Here arriving with the empty flats for weekend storage, 4B06 11:10 Maritme - Eastleigh.

It later returned light engine to Maritime.

70002 arriving with 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime. Earlier at Worting.

A closer view of 70002.