Wednesday 18 December 2019

60055 passes Romsey with 6Z90, 17th December 2019

Operating under the new timetable, but still with no SWR services at Romsey, 6Z90 07:49 Up Yard - Westbury was held at Romsey for 30 minutes to allow passage of two preceding GWR service trains. The advantages for the photographer were improved light, and the train creeping up against a red signal.

A Wednesday attempt further up the line was thwarted by failure of the locomotive, which was eventually substituted for the day by 66086, hired in from DB Cargo at Eastleigh (under a warranty for the Super60 overhaul?)

The train approaches the station having crossed the Sun Arch.

A few yards further on.

Blue JNA wagon 81.70.5500.663-6.

Grey JNA wagon 81.70.5500.641-2.

On the rear was  JNA wagon 81.70.5500.665-1.