Saturday 14 December 2019

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 9th December 2019

08511 was one of two active shunters.

The other was 08460.

 66162 Maritime Intermodal Five passes with 4O44 MO 09:28 Didcot - Western Docks.

Class 66/6 is rarer in these parts, here 66622 proceeds in a line of locomotive moving from East Yard to Maritime after weekend duties. It appears to have spent the week on exam at Maritime, then back to Eastleigh on 13th, and onwards to Hoo Junction.

70015 was scheduled to pass rather than stop with 4O18 07:24 Lawley Street - Maritime.

Shortly after this picture was taken 70808 was dragged north in 6V27 to Hinksey, then was on Lindsey - Preston cycle on 10th, and on Wednesday morning 11th it made its Scottish debut on the Oxwellmains cement workings.