Tuesday 10 December 2019

Scotrail HSTs: at Inverkeithing in November 2019

43131 passes with STP ECS 5W00 14:49 Haymarket - Perth on 13th November.

TSD 42345 is part of set HA23 which has been refurbished with sliding doors for Scotrail, and is fitted for Disabled accessibility. This approximately 1982 built coach was delivered as TGS 44096. 

42034 is a TS coach, from the early build period in 1976 for the GWML.

43136 on the rear of the formation.

43182 passes with 1B32 13:12 Aberdeen - Edinburgh on the same day.

43152 was on the rear of the train.

43030 leads 1B32 13:12 Aberdeen - Edinburgh on 19th November.

43175 on the rear of this train.