Saturday 31 May 2014

08575 to LH Group

08575 was removed from Southampton Maritime on 17th May, to LH Group at Barton under Needwood, as was 08785. While the latter is expected to return to usage in due course, it is expected that 08575 has been sent there for dismantling.

08575 was new from Crewe as D3742 in June 1959, to 64C Dalry Road in Edinburgh and worked from three Edinburgh sheds over the years, at 64A St Margaret's from later in 1959, back to Dalry Road in 1963 and eventually 64B Haymarket in 1965. Renumbered to 08575 in September 1974. I first saw it in September 1977.

In recent years it was owned by Porterbrook and leased to Freightliner. It had not worked at Maritime since the 2008 collision incident, which also affected 08077. I did cover its history while it was stored, in an update from 2010.

There was a period when Freightliner carried out some overhauls of Class 08 locomotives in the open air at Maritime. By the time of these pictures, on 21st July 2001, 08585 was already sporting a coat of Freightliner green, 08530 and 08077 were to be handled later. 08575 is seen in transition from BR blue to Freightliner green, this was very soon after I acquired a digital camera, and these images have been stored on CD-R, Today's editing capabilities are rather better than they were then, so they have polished up quite well.

Looking carefully it's possible to see that the power unit is very clean, and may have been changed.
The pristine finished article seen on 13th October 2001. The green 08 in the background is 08585. The 47 is 47258 Forth Ports Tilbury, which ran until only December 2001, despite the updated colours, and was disposed of at Booth, Rotherham in February 2005.

South Devon Railway Mixed Traffic Gala, 24th May 2014

All images here by Ian Knight. A larger set is posted on OneDrive.

GWR 2251 Class 3205 running around at Totnes Riverside.
46521, also at Totnes.
50002 at Buckfastleigh - it is a long restoration.
D7612 arriving at Staverton Road.
56113 and 56078 were at Newton Abbot. At some point 56113 appears to have been shorn of multiple working connector at one end - this was removed between mid- January and 13th March.

Friday 30 May 2014

60009 at Didcot, 25th May 2014

5Z37 13:05 Bristol St Philips Marsh - Southall. Arrived early on the slow lines, and was held at Didcot, having skipped a 20 minute booked stop at Wantage Road.

60009 Union of South Africa arrives at signals at 15:18. The south cooling towers are due for "blow down" during this summer.
The bridge behind now serves station parking and industries.
At 15:37 the locomotive is on its way. On the previous day it ran Kidderminster - Bishops Lydeard - Bristol in place of Tangmere.
The suport coach is 35486, new as M35486 to Lot 30721 completed at Wolverton in mid 1963, and in traffic until October 1990. Registered as JBC99405 in February 1991.

26th - 31st May 2014

70802 makes its first appearance on this page. 6Z30 17:26 Westbury - Eastleigh, 30th May.

Sunday 25th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 06:10 Epsom - Eastleigh one two
Monday 26th May: 66719 + 73006 0O65 09:58 Peterborough - Eastleigh
Tuesday 27th May: 73109 + 73138 1Q83 10:33 Woking - Southampton DGL - Southampton  - Southampton UGL - Woking one two three four, 56301 + 56311 6Z42 22:50 Eastleigh - Swanwick one two
Wednesday 28th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 04:40 St Denys - Totton, 6Z42 23:14 Totton - Netley
Thursday 29th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 05:41 Fareham - Totton, 6Z42 23:14 Totton - Netley
Friday 30th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 04:50 Fareham - Eastleigh, 56303 0Z56 Eastleigh Romsey - Salisbury - Yeovil Jn, 31105 3Z06 08:04 Derby - Eastleigh one two three, 3Q13 21:40 Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Salisbury - Romsey - Eastleigh - Romsey - Salisbury - Basingstoke - Derby
Saturday 31st May:

73005 & 73006 now for GBRf use, both at Eastleigh Works

70805 one two & 70808 one two have been on hire to Freightliner, both have worked to Maritime, and then to Hinksey for Colas use one two

70801 and 70803 both out of service at Eastleigh

Pathfinder Tour: Class 68 to Crewe, 19th July

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Didcot Diesel Gala 25th May 2014 - Locomotive Profile: 55002

D9002 was delivered to BR service on 9th March 1961, and was a North Eastern Region locomotive, allocated to 52A Gateshead, later transferred to York in May 1979. It was named King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry at York on 4th April 1963. It had a Heavy General Repair at Doncaster between March and November 1976. Last in traffic on 30th December 1981 and withdrawn on 2nd January 1982, after it was immediately preserved at the NRM.

 55002 is still running on cast bogies. BR reclaimed the cast bogies from the other preserved Delitics and substituted prefabricated bogies, coming from Class 37's which share the same design. The crane in the background is LMS RS 1054, later ADRC 95204 which was allocated to Haymarket for a number of years, so the two were often alongside in BR days.
Outside Didcot Shed with HST prototype power car alongside.
Preparing to enter the running line.
Waiting at the gate.

55002 at Haymarket on 27th February 1980, when allocated to York, but before the repaint in October of that year. 40077 in the background. 55002 had worked north on 1S12 05:50 Kings's Cross - Aberdeen as far as Edinburgh, and later worked south on 1E42 23:15 Edinburgh - King's Cross "Night Scotsman" sleeper. At this time this was a regular Deltic diagram with layover at Haymarket, less intensive work as HST's took over the leading duties.
Much, but not all of 55002 - it was an Instamatic, it was all in the viewfinder. 46050 was adjacent. I first noted 55022 on 16th October 1978 at this location.

Monday 26 May 2014

Didcot Diesel Gala 25th May 2014 - Locomotive Profile: 47292

47292 was delivered as D1994 from BR Crewe on 16th April 1966 to 50A York, and worked its way around a number of ER sheds. Renumbered to 47292 in December1973. At Tinsley from May 1987, it was in the Railfreight Distribution pools until June1996 when it was transferred to Freightliner duties, on which it worked until January 2004, when it was placed into a holding pool. Sold into preservation at the GCR(N) from June 2007, where this video shows its first start.

This picture has a Merry-go-Round theme with Didcot Power Station, where the stack is scheduled for demolition in mid-2016. 47292 was fitted with slow speed control, and was operating with an isolated boiler by 9th June 1979 (Platform 5 Summer 1979 Motive Power Book), allocated at that time to Knottingley, serving Yorkshire coal fields,
In practice 47292 did not wear the large logo livery in BR days. The data plate shows an allocation to Knottingley.
47292 has something of an Eastern Region atmosphere with Deltic alongside.
47292 about to enter the running line.

A glance back, with the locomotive at Southampton Maritime on 27th April 2002, at which time 08077 was under overhaul in the background.
By 30th November 2003, Freightliner had seen fit to repaint over the shabby Railfreight Grey. At this time the locomotive only had about another month to run.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Eastleigh Yards, 25th May 2014

 Regular resident 60045 The Permanent Way Institution with 40B Immingham shed plate. The illuminated mechanical shunt signal is now looking rather retro - operated by the ground frame in the yard.
70804 with 158887 in the distance.
It's good to touch the green green grass of home. 66095 with 60045 in East Yard. The LSWR pattern hut is Ground Frame 'C'.

Eastleigh Works, 25th May 2014

DBSO 9710, last in use with 'One' in East Anglia in August 2005. Mark 2f, to Lot 30861 built at Derby in 1974, converted to DBSO at Glasgow in 1979.
57303, will this move on to DRS? Continuing the Edinburgh - Glasgow 1980's theme, this was "Shove Duff" 47705, new as D1957 in January 1967
66745 Modern Railways The first 50 years was formerly DRS 66409 later 66844 with Advenza for a short period in 2009, then GBRf and Colas.
ADB977087 is a barrier car converted from Its pair alongside as set T2 is ADB975875. Originally BSK S34971 of Lot 30229 built by Metro-Cammell delivered in January 1957, converted to air brake and electric heat in July 1967, and withdrawn in April 1981. Converted to current use in May 1982.

Friday 23 May 2014

19th - 24th May 2014

56301 at Eastleigh, soon after its arrival from Willesden on 17th May. Also seen are 66731 and 70801, and an approaching FlyBe E170/E190 (the 190s are diminishing quickly just now). Image by Joe Loughlin.

70807 approaching Romsey with the 110 minutes late running 17:26 Westbury - Eastleigh.
70807 was delivered new from the dock to Eastleigh on 2nd May, and seems to have had its first usage about 7th May.
150921 was arriving into the station.

Sunday 18th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z42 00:40 Eastleigh - Wallers Ash (56303 has remained at Eastleigh through this week), 6Z41 06:45 Wallers Ash - Eastleigh one two
Monday 19th May:  60045 6N60 18:28 Eastleigh - Woking - Micheldever one two, 56301 + 56311 6Z42 21:28 Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Winchester one two
Tuesday 20th May: 60045 6N60 04:40 Winchester - Eastleigh, 56301 + 56311 6Z41 05:10 Winchester - Totton, 6Z42 21:12 Totton - Basingstoke - Winchester
Wednesday 21st May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 05:10 Winchester - Eastleigh, 6Z42 21:28 Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Winchester one two, 60045 6N70 18:58 Eastleigh - Woking - Micheldever one two three
Thursday 22nd May: 56301 + 56311 6Z41 05:10 Winchester - Totton
Friday 23rd May: 56301 + 56311 6Z42 00:05 Totton -  Basingstoke - Winchester, 6Z41 05:10 Winchester - Totton
Saturday 24th May: 56301 + 56311 6Z42 22:07 Totton - Ashstead

56301 at Eastleigh on 17th: one two

Update: 70803 may be OOS for some time, reason not known

Saturday 17 May 2014

12th - 17th May 2014

Colas hire-in 57310 with 6Z30 at Redbridge, 15th May. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 12th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z42 23:20 Eastleigh - Weybridge, 73207 + 50031 0Z73 09:30 Swanage - Eastleigh one two three four five
Tuesday 13th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:50 Weybridge - Totton, 6Z42 23:10 Totton - Weybridge one two, 67006 + 67026 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh
Wednesday 14th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:50 (?) Weybridge - Totton, 6Z42 22:25 Totton - Earley, 56303 0Z42 Eastleigh - Totton after battery switch repair, 55002 + 50026 + D6700 + 41001 + 47292 0Z55 09:10 Swanage - Didcot one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen
Thursday 15th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:15 Earley - Totton, 6Z42 22:25 Totton - Earley
Friday 16th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:15 Earley - Totton (only ran to Eastleigh), 70807 + 70805 + 70801 + 70806 + 66849 6Z30 17:26 Westbury - Eastleigh (North American style!) one two three four
Saturday 17th May: 56301 0Z56 09:45 Willesden - Eastleigh to replace 56303

Wool, Wareham and Hamworthy signalboxes were closed after the last train on Wednesday.
Poole signalbox was closed after the last train on Friday

Monday 12 May 2014

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 11th May 2014

All images by Ian Knight - thanks to Ian for sharing these as I did not have time this year. The full set is now on OneDrive.

50026 Indomitable approaches Corfe Castle. 
D6700 (37119 / 37350) arriving at Corfe Castle.

Sunday 11 May 2014

The Purbeck Explorer 2, 11th May 2014

1Z33 17:00 Swanage to West Ruislip at Redbridge. 22 minutes late, but much regained by minimum station stop time at Eastleigh.

33029 Glen Loy, was delivered as D6547 in March 1961.
The location is Redbridge.
The first coach is DTS 76324, originally delivered in May 1956 as S4009 from Swindon with frames from Ashford, to lot 30149, and converted into 4TC unit 428 in March 1967. 428 renumbered to 8028 in June 1986, 76324 was reformed into 6REP 1903 in April 1990, then 1901 from March 1991 until withdrawal in February 1992 and sale to London Underground.
The rear coach of the 4TC is DTS 76297, which was part of unit 415 when converted in November 1966. Originally TSO S3938 from Lot 30086 completed at Eastleigh in September 1954. Unit 415 renumbered to 8015 from October 1986. The coach was withdrawn in May 1991 and sold to London Underground.

5th - 10th May 2014

New 70807 at Eastleigh, 9th May. Image by Chris Finch. 70808 - 70810 are in transit to the UK now.

Monday 5th May:
Tuesday 6th May: 60040 6X01 10:17 Scunthorpe - Eastleigh one two three four (and appears to have returned north), 56303 + 56311 6Z42 23:20 Eastleigh - Farnham
Wednesday 7th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:55 Farnham - Totton, 6Z42 23:10 Totton - Farnham, 33012 + 50026 + 50031 + 73207 0Z33 11:33 Eastleigh - Swanage one two three four five six seven eight nine, 33029 1Z33 10:24 Ealing Broadway - Swanage one two three four five six seven eight
Thursday 8th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:55 Farnham - Totton, 6Z42 23:10 Totton - Winchfield, 159004 1Z61 09:16 Salisbury - Swanage one two three, 1Z62 17:40 Swanage - Salisbury
Friday 9th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 04:40 Winchfield - Totton
Saturday 10th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z42 23:30 Totton - Hampton Court Jct
Sunday 11th May: 56303 + 56311 6Z41 23:30 Surbiton - Totton one two60045 7N07 06:50 New Malden - Eastleigh, 33029 1Z33 17:00 Swanage - West Ruislip one two three

08077 - then remains of this one time Maritime resident are reported as cut-up at LH Group, Barton under Needwood

Swanage Gala 2014 coverage: one two three four five six seven eight

Scout Green, 10th May 2014

To say the least, the weather was inclement. I did see my first 350/4.

Pendolino 390123.
Siemens Desiro 350406 heading north. Vinyls applied after delivery in grey.