Tuesday 30 May 2017

"The Aberdonian" in Fife, May 2017

1S20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen

43300 Craigentinny 100 YEARS 1914 - 2014, 16th May, at Aberdour.

43313 on the rear of the train at Dalgety Bay, 18th May.

 43311 at Aberdour, 19th May.

43295 on the rear of the same train.

Sunday 28 May 2017

Eastleigh, Maritime & Romsey, 27th May 2017

442424 and 442405 await their future in the emu carriage sidings at Eastleigh - a new traction package update for First MTR South Western or to work for Grand Central?

JNA NACO 3910 appears unexpected in the sidings and may be a 'cripple' (and close to a  capable repair facility).

Two Class 70s doing their bit for diesel particulates. 70014 with 4O90 05:27 from Leeds.

70007 powers away with 4O29 0820 from Basford Hall.

The current list of formally stored Class 70s is 70001, 70002, 70009, 70013, 70016 & 70018. 70014 had returned to traffic in late April after over 7 months out of use.

Recently delivered 08571 at Maritime, New as D3738 on 5th June 1959, and allocated to Dalry Road (formerly the Caledonian, later LMS, shed) in Edinburgh. Also later allocated to Haymarket, Leith Central and Grangemouth before the mid 70's, it was allocated to HA when I first saw it in 1977-78 period. The locomotive received attention in March and April this year at LH Group, Barton under Needwood.

08624 was reported to have been delivered to Maritime on Friday 26th / Saturday 27th replacing 08785. However it was not visible and may have been under the bridge. Stored 66596 similarly not visible, but assumed hauled to Wentloog as planned.

At Romsey, 66044 passes as the 0O12 10:55 Margam - Eastleigh. Released on 5th April from repaint at Marcroft, Stoke.

Saturday 27 May 2017

22nd - 27th May 2017

LT 1967 stock 3076 at Eastleigh Works, 24th May. Moved here on 7th July 2011.

Resident 47818 at Eastleigh Works, 24th May.

66775 was in the works at this spot, on both Wednesday 24th (as seen) and on Saturday 27th.

Freightliner have placed 66595, 66596, 66597, 66956 and 66957 into storage, all intended to be at Wentloog (Cardiff area). These five locomotives all come from EMD order 20078922, originally placed by Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and then subsidiary Beacon Real Leasing, now part of JP Morgan, this order of 10 locomotives being the only group leased by them to Freightliner.

66596 was at Southampton for transfer, and seems to have moved on, as anticipated, before 27th.

Monday 22nd May:
Tuesday 23rd May:
Wednesday 24th May:
Thursday 25th May: 180114 5O86 15:00 Bounds Green - Eastleigh Works one two three four
Friday 26th May:
Saturday 27th May:

Eastleigh Works: 09May - 10May - 11May - 12May - 16May - 18May - 19May

DRS Class 68 modifications for TPE services to commence

Friday 26 May 2017

Class 68 on the Fife Circle, 16th - 19th May 2017

No sooner than these were here, in April 2015, then these will likely be gone in the 2018-19 ScotRail stock changes. Services in the week of 15th May were in the hands of the ScotRail livery pair, 68006 and 68007.

68006 Daring passing Aberdour with 5L70 1824½ Cardenden - Motherwell, 16th May.

68006 with 2K14 18:16 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh, arriving at Aberdour 19th May.

68007 Valiant with 2K14  arriving at Aberdour 16th May.

68007 on 2K14 at Dalgety Bay on 18th May.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Colas Cement Empties in Fife, May 2017

Cement traffic from (Dunbar) Oxwellmains to (Aberdeen) Craiginches is currently busy, and operated 10 times across two weeks. 6B32 16:52 return from Craiginches offers the opportunity for evening views in Fife.

There are rumours in Scotland that these workings could be about to transition to Colas Class 70s - with 70802 now arrived for crew training.

60056 passing Aberdour, 16th May.

60056 again, at Dalgety Bay, 18th May.

Two views of 60096 on 19th May, at Aberdour.

Aberdour signalbox, closed on 22nd October 1979, has been reactivated as an artist's studio for ceramics.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Swanage Diesel Gala Focus: 56096

56096 was a visitor from the main line working fleet of Colas Rail.

The locomotive was built at BREL Doncaster, and entered service on 13th September 1981.Withdrawn by EWS from Immingham in January 2004 as surplus to requirements. Sent to France in April 2005, and returned in October 2006.

Sold and moved from Crewe to EMR, Kingsbury on 1st March 2012. Sold to Europhoenix in July 2012 and moved to Washwood Heath. Painted in Europhoenix colours, prepared for Colas in January - March 2014 then repainted to Colas scheme in May that year.

For me, this was a first time spotting of this locomotive - this was my missing Colas 56.

Lying over at Norden with 26043.

Departing Swanage with 33012 as brake translator, with 13:00 to Norden.

Arriving at Norden with 16:45 from Swanage.

Departing Harman's Cross with 14:30 from Norden.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

"New Stuff" at Eastleigh, 21st May 2017

68027 (left, with stored 57011) was unloaded at Workington on the 30th March. While anticipated to be for use on Trans Pennine Express, the simple DRS logo was applied in mid-April, before entering traffic on 3rd May.

68027 is the newest member of its class on UK soil on 21st, although 68028 - 68031 were on a ship passing through the Irish Sea that same evening.

68027 departed from Eastleigh as 0Z41 14:35 to Crewe.

70817 is the highest numbered member of its class, and arrived at Liverpool on a ro-ro vessel on 18th April. Sent to Cardiff for some signal related modifications, it was released to traffic on 19th May, its first working from Westbury preceded this weekend parked at Eastleigh.

Sunday 21 May 2017

15th - 20th May 2017

37409 Lord Hinton + 975025 Caroline at Redbridge on 16th May. 37409 is due for an F exam at the end of this month, and this may not be authorised. Images by Ian Knight.

70817 at Nursling on Friday 19th May - first working, first visit. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 15th May: 66124 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one
Tuesday 16th May: 37409 2Z02 07:27 Salisbury - Andover - Ludgershall - Andover - Laverstock - Romsey - Eastleigh - Fawley - Havant - Guildford - Alton -Woking one two three four
Wednesday 17th May: 73962 + 73963 1Q66 09:10 Woking - Laverstock - Romsey - Eastleigh - Fawley - Eastleigh - Romsey - Laverstock - Andover - Ludgershall - Andover - Woking; 57002 0Z68 10:19 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent; 37611 3Q02 21:36 Eastleigh - Dorchester - Eastleigh one
Thursday 18th May: 73962 + 73963 1Z66 12:02 Woking - Eastleigh - Woking one two three four five six seven; 37611 3Q04 Eastleigh - Totton - Reading one two
Friday 19th May: 68027 0Z38 07:54 Crewe - Eastleigh one two; 70817 6O31 17:30 Westbury - Eastleigh one two three four;
Saturday 20th May: 68027 5Z38 05:08 Eastleigh - Didcot one two three four five, (the train was later in the hands of 88002 + 68025, which passed me while I was driving on the M6 just north of Plumpton one two three four five), 68027 5Z41 23:45 Didcot - Eastleigh
Sunday 21st May: 68027 0Z41 15:35 Eastleigh - Crewe

Eastleigh Works: 02May - 03May

At Eastleigh Works, 08879 is now understood to be "for sale" following repairs to the governor by Raxstar.

Focus on Flying Scotsman in Fife, 14th May 2017

60103 Flying Scotsman amongst the girders of the Forth Bridge, with the evening circular tour from Edinburgh.

A retro look for this pass of the lunchtime train through Inverkeithing, at that time running 21 minutes early.

60103 on the approach viaduct over North Queensferry.

Earlier in the day 37518 passes through Inverkeithing with 5Z90 09:14 Thornton Yard - Bo'ness.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Two hours at Scout Green, 13th May 2017

46115 Scots Guardsman 1Z86 0710 London Euston to Carlisle 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' (steam from Carnforth)

66430 + 66423 4S43 0640 Daventry Drs (Tesco) to Mossend Euroterminal

68023 Resolution + 68001 Evolution 6K74 0909 Sellafield B.N.F. to Crewe Coal Sidings (Drs)

New Trans Pennine colours on 350403 1S46 1000 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh

390151 1S44 08:14 Birmingham - Edinburgh

Friday 19 May 2017

Swanage Diesel Gala Focus: 47192

47192 has spent more time in preservation than in BR ownership. New as D1842 from BR Crewe in May 1965, it was allocated in Crewe for most of its working career, becoming 47192 in April 1974.

Withdrawn in May 1988 and the first of its class to be preserved, in 1990 at Crewe Heritage Centre.

I appear to have first seen this locomotive in 1977-78, but my detail notes seem devoid of the number.

At Norden, at the start of the day.

At Swanage, upon arrival of the 10:00 from Norden.

Departure of the 12:15 Swanage to Norden.

Between Corfe and Norden with 16:00 from Swanage.

Between duties at Norden.

Sunday 14 May 2017

Eastleigh Works, 11th May 2017

57002 arrived on Wednesday, bringing 66428 for a repaint. Previously 47322, new as D1803 on 21st January 1965.

66752 appeared prepared to work away with the Arlington barrier coaches.

47818 in a shunt position. The first coach is TSO 4946 (Lot 30690 Wolverton 1961) 

TSO 4927 (Lot 30690 Wolverton 1962)