Saturday 31 March 2018

Class 20s at Eastleigh, 30th March 2018

Our local Good Friday moment, this may be one of the workings of the year at Eastleigh.

20205 + 20189 0Z12 16:35 West Ruislip Lul Dept Gbrf - Eastleigh Works Gbrf, although in practice the locomotives were left in the sidings adjacent to the station. Unusually, both locomotives arrived cab forward.

70812 + 70808 at left, 66777 beyond the pair of 20s, and 66723 behind.

Arrival after running through the yard.

The pair are now parked.

20205 runs on a mix of fluted (right) and plain (left) compensation beam bogies, the latter from the pilot scheme batch of 1957 - 58, thus now 60 years old.

20189 was new as D8189 in January 1967, from English Electric at Newton-le-Willows. Renumbered January 1973. For many years allocated to Toton, it was dual braked at Glasgow Works in July 1983, afterwards allocated to Eastfield, also then to Motherwell, later back to Toton. It was withdrawn in September 1990, with disposal to M.C. Metal Processing at Glasgow, where it became yard shunter. Later it worked on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1). In private ownership it has been itinerant, being noted for periods on the Weardale and Embsay railways, as well as on London Underground (L189). In 2013 it visited the Swanage Diesel Gala, and later spent a period in Balfour Beatty colours. In the ownership of Michael Owen's Class 20189 Ltd (pool code MOLO), with base at Butterley.

I first saw this locomotive on 5th January 1985, it would appear to have been in Edinburgh or Carstairs area on a WCML Cross Country return trip to the South of England.

20205 was new as D8305 in April 1967, renumbered in January 1973. Delivered to York North, now the NRM, it later worked from Tinsley from 1971, then Eastfield from December 1976. Dual braked in 1977, in 1978 period it was reallocated to Haymarket, then in 1986-87 reallocated to Eastfield and later Thornaby. Withdrawn in December 1989, it first made its way to the East Lancashire Railway, then later to the Midland Railway Centre. Restarted in 2014 at Butterley, and returned to mainline use in 2015 (also pool code MOLO). In the ownership of the Class 20 Preservation Society, based at Butterley.

I first saw this locomotive on 18th September 1978, at Burntisland, likely either around the dock or on a Seafield merry-go-round, when allocated to Haymarket.

Shots from the bridge were taken in low light after sunset. 20189 + 20205 are planned to perform at the West Somerset Railway Diesel Gala on 8th - 10th June.

Next move on Saturday 7th ?

26th -31st March 2018

07007 with rakes of former FastLine IIA hoppers. The core rake had been in use on a Colas operated flow from Avonmouth to Aberthaw Power Station, seen here at Newport on 25th January, which was already seasonal, and may have concluded, the last run was on 28th February. The hoppers, built by IRS in Romania in 2008, are here for work to be performed, the nature of which is uncertain.

158888 shows the now superseded two tone grey version of SWR colours. Romsey, 30th March.

Monday 26th March:
Tuesday 27th March: 70803 4Z78 10:00 Aberthaw - Eastleigh one two three four and shunted by 57309 one
Wednesday 28th March: 37259 + 37605 0Z37 04:54 Crewe  - Eastleigh one two
Thursday 29th March: 66230 5Z47 12:49 Eastleigh - Crewe one two
Friday 30th March: 37259 + 37605 5Z66 (1Z??) 02:03 Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Cardiff one two; 37099 3Qxx 23:00 (Thu) Westbury - WInchester Baltic Siding - Westbury - Reading one two; 20189 + 20205 0Z12 1635 West Ruislip Lul Dept Gbrf to Eastleigh pictures
Saturday 31st March:

70007 being reinstated DFGI from store, having moved from the storage line on 27th March and currently under repair at Leeds Midland Road. 70019 goes into storage DHLT, having been at same location since late November. Both seen here together on 18th February.

The Easter Chieftain: Friday 30th

Friday 30 March 2018

6O31 17:30 Westbury - Eastleigh, Eastleigh 28th March 2018

With the coming of "summer time" it is once again possible to capture the Colas operated 6O31 17:30 Westbury - Eastleigh in daylight. 

70806 leads the train.
Closer to Campbell Road. The consist is of YHA, MHA, MPA and MTA wagons. the 4 wheel types getting rarer following MXA introduction.

YHA DB 996558 is an 'Osprey' converted in 2009 by Marcroft or DBS. The underframe was built by Teesside B&E in 1958 to BR Lot 3065. Another example in the train, 996117, has a 1952 underframe.

MHA 394345, running on the underframe of a HAA coal hopper, converted at RFS Doncaster in 1997-98.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Class 37s for "The Easter Chieftain", Eastleigh Works, 28th March 2018

"The Easter Chieftain" organised by Pathfinder.

DRS have supplied two Class 37s, both retaining the Compass scheme, which ran as 0Z37 04:54 Crewe Gresty Bridge - Eastleigh Arlington.

1960s themed scene with 37259, 07007, 73133 and 55028.

37259 history was covered here on 19th February. 57011 in the background.

Nose view of 37259.

Side view of 37259.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

South Western Railway livery modification

Delivered back from Brush on Monday 19th March, 159007 has a modified version of the SWR colour scheme, where the lighter stripe has been changed from grey to blue. This is understood to be the new standard finish.

Three pictures at Salisbury, March 24th. The unit was to re-enter service on the 26th.

The bogies and underframe mounted equipment appear to have received no attention.

Meanwhile 450111 has also been out in the blue stripe SWR scheme since 24th February, when it appeared on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. This picture at Eastleigh, 28th March.

Tuesday 27 March 2018

GWR DMU Developments, Salisbury 24th March 2018

Class 166/2's are in service on the Westbury - Southampton / Southampton - Great Malvern cycle. Here 166206 is seen approaching Salisbury.

Three car 150/1's were reported to remain with GWR meantime; having earlier been expected to revert to two car formations, with transfer to Northern. 150926 approaches from the Westbury direction.

150925 has arrived from Southampton. It could be going to Wabtec on 26th March, possibly as 150125?

Monday 26 March 2018

37059 + 37069 return to Crewe, Eastleigh 25th March 2018

0Z38 15:35 Eastleigh - Crewe

On Saturday 24th, 37059 + 37069 were the power for Pathfinder's  "The Heart of Wales Wanderer", and on Sunday they returned light engine from Eastleigh - Crewe Gresty Bridge, arriving 24 minutes early at Gresty Lane, to resume duties in the XHNC pool (DRS Locomotives Nuclear Traffic).

The number of DRS Class 37's is dwindling, so pairs like these may become rarer. There are 8 locomotives in pool XHNC

37038 - on repairs at Gresty Bridge for some time
37716 - on repairs at Kingmoor

37059 was new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6759 on 12th October 1962. Renumbered to 37059 on 16th November 1973. Stored by EWS in January 1999, and moved ownership to DRS on 19th July 2003. Overhauled and returned to service in 2003, stored in April 2012, to Barrow Hill, returned to usage in October 2014.

English Electric cab and bogie view.

37069 was new from English Electric Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns (Darlington) as D6769 in July 1962. Renumbered as 37069 in July 1974. Sent to France in July 1999, returning in October 2000 and stored WNXX at Wigan CRDC. Selected for overhaul at Brush for DRS, arriving at Loughborough in February 2002, released to traffic in August 2003. Stored in May 2012, overhauled at RVEL Derby from July 2015, returning to traffic in October of that year.

Heading away.

Further pictures: one two three four

Sunday 25 March 2018

60163 'Tornado' at Salisbury, 24th March 2018

The Sulis & Sarum Express

1Z63 08:00 Tame Bridge Parkway - Bath - Salisbury
1Z65 16:30 Salisbury - Bath - Tame Bridge Parkway

A full set appears on OneDrive.

Having made a good climb up the bank out of Westbury, the train was running 8 minutes early through the Wylye Valley, arriving 6 minutes early at its destination. 

In platform 4 after arrival.

Departure for the East Yard, where the stock was deposited for servicing.

The locomotive was serviced in the bay platforms, attended by two water bowsers.

After servicing the locomotive returned to the East Yard, and is seen on a little used crossover from there to access platform 4.

Awaiting departure for Tame Bridge Parkway.

Saturday 24 March 2018

19th - 24th March 2018

Eastleigh Works, 23rd March. 37059 + 37069 have arrived for tour duties on Saturday. Unfortunately, a rather restricted viewpoint.

57309 Pride of Crewe arrived on 14th March. In its earlier life it was 47806.

3438 Ben Lomond a Mk 2F FO built to Lot 30873 in 1975.

The New Order. With some snow on the ground 166212 is seen at Redbridge with a Southampton - Great Malvern service, 19th March. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 19th March:
Tuesday 20th March:
Wednesday 21st March: 50008 0Z50 10:20 Wembley - Eastleigh one two three four, 6Z51 13:45 Eastleigh - Willesden one two three four five six
Thursday 22nd March:
Friday 23rd March: 66783 (was 66058, new Biffa colours) 5E08 09:32 Eastleigh - Doncaster one two three four five six seven; 37059 + 37069 0Z37 07:54 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four
Saturday 24th March: 37059 + 37069 1Z37 05:00 Eastleigh - Reading - Didcot - Wolverhampton - Shrewsbury; 1Z38 12:10 Shrewsbury - Craven Arms - Llandrindod Wells - Swansea area - Severn Tunnel - Bristol Parkway - Birmingham - Didcot - Reading - Eastleigh one two
Sunday 25th March: 37059 + 37069 0Z38 15:35 Eastleigh - Crewe

is back in traffic, working to Southampton on 21st link to multiple images

Eastleigh Works: 28Feb - 01Mar - 02Mar - 05Mar - 06Mar - 07Mar - 08Mar - 09Mar

Chinnor & Princes Risborough Diesel Gala: This was in my plan for Sunday 18th, but with snow it was not going to be a day to travel that far. What was missed.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Wagon interests at Eastleigh, 17th March 2018

GERS 89018 is a TEA fuel oil tank, built by Arbel Fauvet in Douai, France in 2001. In the works, on accommodation bogies, of London Underground pattern.

GERS 97771 KTA (Rautaruukki, Finland 1997-98 - now Transtech) in 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime, a service which will always see a number of these wagons.

RLS 92561 KFA in 4O29 08:20 Basford Hall -Maritime.

Railease were part of the Standard Railway Wagon Company, who built KFA wagons until 1988, and eventually became part of Tiphook, who entered the market in 1987, and after some troubles became part of GE (GERS), a business is now owned by Touax.

RLS 92561 was built to Standard Wagon Contract No. 107 of 1985 - originally hired to Ciba Geigy for the transport of Amino Resins in 20ft curtain sided bodies to Fishguard, to serve the Irish market.

TIPH 93356 KFA in the same train. A later example built in 1987-88 by for Rautaruukki  forTiphook Rail.

Sunday 18 March 2018

Eastleigh, 17th March 2018

55028, the Class 121 dmu for the Swanage Railway is now outside the shops, and appears to be on a pair of overhauled bogies. Before arriving at Swanage in 2009, this operated for Southwest Trains as 960012 (977860), a period which included a visit to a Mid-Hants Gala.

66524 arrives in falling snow with 4O14 07:33 Lawley Street - Maritime. The snow did not lie until the evening.

70017 powers up while leaving with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime.

66020 on the cars, the same as the preceding Saturday 10th.  4O40 10:44 Morris Cowley - Eastern Docks.

70005 departs with 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime.

The familiar sign has recently been revised for the current franchisee.

70816 in the sidings, in light snow.