Saturday 28 March 2015

23rd - 28th March 2015

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER in the Arlington paint facility at Eastleigh Works, 28th March.
Mk 2F TSO 5937 from Lot 30846 at Derby in 1973. Recently delivered to Eastleigh, and expected to join the ScotRail Fife Circle fleet after repaint.
70802 has an intermittent marker light, seen at the start of this video at dusk on 27th March.

Monday 23rd March: 67007 + 67023 T+T 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one two
Tuesday 24th March:
Wednesday 25th March:
Thursday 26th March:
Friday 27th March: 68009 0Z70 01:00 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three, 5Z68 12:34 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent; 08650 removed from Eastleigh Works by road to the Isle of Grain.
Saturday 28th March:

TTA final moves

Tuesday 24th March: 66137 6B41 06:56 Eastleigh - Fawley, 6B62 09:13 Fawley - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
- 16 TTAs from Fawley, 10 then were worked forward in 6V38 to Didcot.

Thursday 26th March: 6B93 09:53 Eastleigh - Fawley, 0B94 12:05 Fawley - Eastleigh - not sure if this was TTA traffic being returned empty to Fawley.

Fuel was supplied to railway fuel depots at Eastleigh and Ipswich. It appears than an Immingham to Ipswich rail alternative is being arranged using TEAs.

Eastleigh Works and coaches for ScotRail. The coaches are understood to be for Fife Circle duties, which will return to operation of two loco hauled diagrams. Those going north on Friday were 5945 + 6183 + 5965 + 5976 + 9521. The BSO was in DRS colours, and the remainder in the ScotRail scheme. Most of these were recently in Riviera traffic. 68009 and the coaches worked forward to Kingmoor on Saturday. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen

Others have been repainted at Derby. one  6177 two three

At Carlisle, 68006 has also been repainted into the ScotRail scheme.

47828 does appear to be at Eastleigh for parts removal. 47805 has been reinstated to traffic following exam at Crewe, thus DRS have 5 available Class 47 as planned for their current needs.

Elsewhere: 34092 SPAD incident on 7th March.

Freight Workings, 28th March 2015

66570 passes at Eastleigh with 4O18 05:03 Lawley Street - Maritime.
66569 follows half an hour later with 4O14 06:17 Hams Hall - Maritime
 66194 with an STP 6Z48 14:04 Eastern Docks to Didcot Yard, passing Romsey
 These are 4 wheel car, 8 axle set, IPA single deck articulated car carriers belonging to STVA, (Laadffoos), and the last seen here was 23.87.4384.042-9. The build appears to be by ZNK Albert in Romania.
70014 with 4O51 05:27 Leeds to Maritime via Birmingham and Laverstock - having used ECML for some recent weeks. Not sure when this will revert to standard route through Eastleigh.

Sunday 22 March 2015

On the TTAs from RY Pickering & Co

The TTA wagons, which I took the picture of recently, were rather intriguing since they looked modern enough yet the frames were riveted, and looked rather "older". That in the picture is ESSO 56038.

Looking into the history of these wagons, finds that 282 wagons were built, as TTVs, the first 200 by Pickering in 1964 (or 1965), so are 50 years old. In the 1980s the suspension was rebuilt, and conversion  was made to TTA with air brakes.

R Y Pickering & Co. of Wishaw (1864 - c1987)

Links: one two three four five five six map air photo (the adjacent station to Pickering's works was Wishaw South, on the WCML, closed 15th September 1958).

Saturday 21 March 2015

16th - 21st March 2015

66105 approaches Romsey at speed, for the Chandler's Ford line, with 4O40 09:09 Morris Cowley -Eastern Docks, running 129 minutes late - Minis for export.

66536 (pool DFHH) with 6O26 10:50 Hinksey - Eastleigh, running 93 minutes late.
OBA 110076, a 2 axle air braked open goods wagon, built at Ashford ~1978 for Speedlink usage. Mesh doors fitted while in departmental usage.

Monday 16th March: 57008 (+ 5937 + 9521 + 6137 + 5955) 5Z71 05:43 Willesden Brent - Eastleigh, 0Z68 12:34 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent
Tuesday 17th March: 5Oxx 19:45 Wembley - Eastleigh
Wednesday 18th March:73128 + 73136 1Q85 06:05 Woking - Southampton DGL - Southampton - Southampton UGL - Shalford one two three four five six
Thursday 19th March: 66711 0V40 09:09 Eastleigh - Westbury (new Aggregate Industries colours)
Friday 20th March: 67007 5M61 21:26 Eastleigh - Wembley
Saturday 21st March:

66711 now in Aggregate Industries colours with additional GBRf markings. one two three

47828 at Eastleigh Works, 19th March

09002 delivered to Eastleigh Works 20th March from Whitemoor (pool GBWM - GBRf shunters). This was previously preserved at the South Devon Railway. 21st March.

08650 is another recent arrival. 21st March.

TTAs - workings to and from Fawley reported to finish at end of this month - on Tuesday 24th. Understood to be changing since Fawley will cease to produce dye for red diesel. Seen this week : one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven
6B41 06:46 Eastleigh - Fawley
6B62 09:13 Fawley - Eastleigh
6B93 09:53 Eastleigh - Fawley
6B94 12:05 Fawley - Eastleigh

08904 with TTAs from the shed to the yard, Eastleigh 8th March
TTA wagons in tow

Saturday 14 March 2015

9th - 14th March 2015

Driving Trailer 9703 leads 3Z07 to Derby at Shawford on 14th March. Following coaches are 999606 (Ultrasonic Test Coach UTU4, once MBSO 62356 from 4-CIG 1850, stored in June 2003) + 6264 (Generator Van)  + 9523 (Staff Coach /Brake Force Runner).
37402 Stephen Middlemore 23.12.1954-8.6.2013 provides power on the rear. Released to traffic on 6th April 1965 to Cardiff Canton as D6974.
47727 + Railvac RAUK-3 Liskeard to Eastleigh at Redbridge, 9th March. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 9th March: 47727 6C51 05:09 Liskeard - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight nine; 57011 + 57310 0Z68 12:34 Eastleigh - Willesden one two three four
Tuesday 10th March: 47727 0Y63 09:42 Eastleigh - Hoo one two
Wednesday 11th March:
Thursday 12th March: 43013 + 43014 1X23 13:39 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Redbridge - Salisbury
Friday 13th March: 67018 5M61 21:26 Eastleigh - Wembley; 37402 3Q01 23:20 Hither Green - Eastleigh - Fareham - Eastleigh - Bournemouth - Eastleigh
Saturday 14th March: 37402 3Z07 08:51 Eastleigh - Derby one two three

Eastleigh Works: 16Feb - 17Feb - 20Feb

Railvac is again using Totton Yard, now with GBRf: one two

Friday 13 March 2015

20 minutes at Romsey, 12th March 2015

One amazing sequence of three consecutive freights at Romsey, and also the New Measurement Train.

14:22 - 43014 The Railway Observer passing through Romsey, some 23 minutes late. 43014 was new from Crewe Works in May 1976.

43014 + 977984 + 975814 (once prototype Mk III FO/TF 11000 / 41000, Derby 1972, and also Test Car 10) + 977993 + 977994 + 975984 (once prototype Mk III RSB/TRSB 10000 / 40000, Derby 1972, formerly Test Car 4) + 43013

43013 at the other end of the train, also delivered in May 1976.
14:29 - 66568 with 4M62 13:56 Maritime - Hams Hall
14:35 - 66075 slows to a stop at the red signal with 7V07 12:41 Chichester - Merehead, waiting for 4M62 to clear section ahead,
14:39 - 59002 ALAN J DAY was waiting at the Sun Arch for 66075 to move on, with late running 12:47 7V16 Fareham - Merehead, and in turn arrived at the next red signal. This locomotive has now been in traffic for 29 years.
JNA-A open box wagon NACO 3900 on the rear of 7V07. The first of its type, designed and built by Marcroft Engineering in 2000.

Monday 9 March 2015

Class 800 in Southampton

Media event on Thursday - following expected Wednesday docking in Eastern Docks (berth 35). & onwards

KOBE, JAPAN JAPAN 22/01/2015 22/01/2015 (Hitachi SET vehicles get loaded)
YOKOHAMA, JAPAN JAPAN 23/01/2015 24/01/2015
HITACHINAKA, JAPAN JAPAN 24/01/2015 24/01/2015
TACOMA, WA U.S.A. 04/02/2015 04/02/2015
LONG BEACH, CA U.S.A. 08/02/2015 08/02/2015
LAZARO CARDENAS MEXICO 12/02/2015 12/02/2015
MANZANILLO, PA PANAMA 17/02/2015 18/02/2015
SAVANNAH, GA U.S.A. 22/02/2015 22/02/2015
NEWPORT NEWS, VA U.S.A. 24/02/2015 24/02/2015
BALTIMORE, MD U.S.A. 25/02/2015 26/02/2015
BREMERHAVEN GERMANY 08/03/2015 08/03/2015
ZEEBRUGGE BELGIUM 10/03/2015 10/03/2015
SOUTHAMPTON UNITED KINGDOM 11/03/2015 11/03/2015

Discussion suggests forwarding to Old Dalby should be by road, starting from Friday.

Sunday 8 March 2015

More from Click & Clack* - 56078 + 56105, 8th March 2015

56078 + 56105 6C30 08:55 Fenny Compton - Eastleigh
70804 + 56105 + 56078 0C30 16:25 Eastleigh - Westbury then 56s to Cardiff Canton

56078 leads early into Eastleigh, having avoided a 35 minute wait at Romsey. The empty LWR train went directly into the sidings to the east of platform 3.
A classic pairing of Class 56s.
Now reversing the train back into the East Yard.
Having returned from the yard, the 56s picked up 70804, and appeared to be waiting for a path through Chandler's Ford.
56105 ready and waiting.
When the path came it was via Redbridge, the ensemble seen here passing Romsey.
Au revoir........

Full Set is on One Drive

"Click & Clack" in homage to the Tappet Brothers.

Saturday 7 March 2015

2nd - 7th March 2015

56078 + 56105 0Y68 12:02 Cardiff Canton - Eastleigh. 56078 was new from BR Doncaster in May 1980.
56105 was also built at Doncaster, completed in March 1982.

A few minutes later at Test Lane. Image by Ian Knight.

70810 6O31, Romsey, 6th March

Monday 2nd March: 57008 + 47828 6Z71 05:43 Willesden Brent - Eastleigh one two three four (47828 was stored while awaiting repair of a coolant leak, the reason for movement to Eastleigh is not known, it could be for fixing, another possibility is for stripping), 57008 0Z68 12:34 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent
Tuesday 3rd March:
Wednesday 4th March:
Thursday 5th March:
Friday 6th March:
Saturday 7th March: 56078 + 56105 0Y68 12:02 Cardiff Canton - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight, 6C30 20:15 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Westbury - Swindon - Kings Sutton
Sunday 8th March: 56078 + 56105 6C30 08:55 Fenny Compton - Swindon - Westbury - Romsey - Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 10Feb - 11Feb - 13Feb

Civil Engineers & Departmental Workings, Saturday 28th February 2015

Three images from Ian Knight.

 66769 with a small crane at Shawford, 7Z05 09:54 Hoo - Eastleigh. This loco entered traffic on February 16th and was making its first arrival at Eastleigh.
 73141 with two de-icing vans(68505 + 68501 5N05 10:40 Tonbridge - Eastleigh. While these have been at Eastleigh most of the winter, does this mean that it is spring in The South?
6C41 15:48 Eastleigh - Liskeard. There may be a return working on 9th March.

Railway between Leamington Spa and Banbury to reopen three weeks ahead of schedule

Railway between Leamington Spa and Banbury to reopen three weeks ahead of schedule

On Friday 13th March, complete with the usual complement of canned quotes.........

A spokesperson for Freightliner said: “Freightliner looks forward to being able to recommence services after the landslip caused substantial disruption to freight services to the midlands, north east and north west.”