Thursday 31 August 2023

Kirkby Stephen West, 31st July 2023


66122 leading 0K05 12:32 Carlisle - Basford  Hall.

66571 was the load.

The magnificent sight and sound of two Grids on 'The Logs'. 56051 Survival leading 56094 6J37 1252 Carlisle Yard Colas Rail - Chirk Kronospan Colas Rail.

Later in the day, I also noted 56105 + 56113 on 6M37 15:09 Ravenstruther - Carlisle, but was busy behind the wheel.

I determined that the recently overhauled, Colas paint scheme 43277 was going to pass with the NMT, so added an hour for this,

43277 Safety Task Force leading 1Q13 10:38 Darlington - York.

Stalwart 43290 on the rear.

Sunday 27 August 2023

Visits to Peak Forest, Summer 2023

My visit to Peak Forest was just a fairly unplanned pass-by on a Sunday afternoon, 30th July 2023.

20007 + 20205 were resting between shunting duties at Dove Holes Quarry.

A closer view of 20205 + 20007, from Dale Road.

MMA wagon 81.70.5500.384-9, built by Greenbrier / Astra Rail in 2016-17. 

66007 outside the DB depot, which is the former station.

The signal box, 66116, 66156 and 66096.

Roger Homan made a visit earlier in the month, on Monday 3rd July, sharing the following four images.

66704 Colchester Power Signalbox 6J56 09:54 Peak Forest Cemex - Hope St Peakstone Sidings (in Manchester).

60074 6H02 09:30 Arpley - Tunstead ... 

... which was passed by 66185 6M04 09:59 Dowlow Briggs Sidings - Toton.

20007 + 20205 working the loading of DB Cargo MMA wagons.

Saturday 26 August 2023

21st - 26th August 2023


59005 KENNETH J PAINTER passing Millbrook on 22nd with 6V07 1341 Chichester - Merehead. Image by Roger Homan.

A first visit for Colas orange 43277 on 1X23, 24th August. Image by Ian Knight.

43299 leading the return. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 21st August: 67006 (+ 99543 284 VERA) 5Z25 08:50 Stewarts Lane - Eastleigh, 67006 (+ 9502) 5Z26 14:20 Eastleigh -  Stewarts Lane one two47749 (+ 701039) 5Q15 12:20 Wembley - Eastleigh one two three four five
Tuesday 22nd August: 47749 (+ 701027) 5Q64 07:00 Eastleigh - Willesden (onward to Bicester)
Wednesday 23rd August:
Thursday 24th August:
59003 0Z59 13:32 Eastleigh - Fareham - Eastleigh; 43277 + 43299 1X23 15:25 Salisbury - Southampton - Salisbury; 47749 0D12 10:18 Leicester - Eastleigh
Friday 25th August: 47749 (+ 701011) 5Q64 07:00 Eastleigh - Willesden (onward to Bicester)
Saturday 26th August:

Eastleigh Works: 20Jun

166216 is back in traffic, using parts from 166210 which was reported to have received fire damage, smoke from area under cab, at Southampton, requiring works attention.

is now preserved in Fife

Thursday 24 August 2023

The Monsal Trail, 30th July 2023

No trains, until Peak Forest later in the day, but a look at a walk along this former Midland Railway main line in Derbyshire. The railway was opened in 1863, and closed in 1968, now the Monsal Trail.

Millers Dale former station and post office, now a café.

There were five platform faces after the station was widened in 1905, this was platform 1, looking toward Peak Forest Junction, Chinley, some via Stockport Tiviot Dale, and Manchester Central. Buxton branch trains left from platform 5, lost in the undergrowth on the left.

The twin viaducts at Millers Dale, looking towards Bakewell and Matlock. That being walked on is from 1863, the second is from the 1900-1905 widening.

A narrow lane or track the line.

Inside Litton Tunnel, one of three walked through, each about 400 metres, and reopened in 2011. Lighting is only provided when there is daylight outside.

Having made an exit from Litton Tunnel, Cressbrook Tunnel is approached. 

Exit from Cressbrook Tunnel.

View of Upperdale Farm in Monsal Dale, taken from Headstone / Monsal Dale Viaduct.

Back to Millers Dale, mostly along the riverside, this being another view of the twin viaducts.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

SRPS Diesel Gala, 28th May 2023 Part 3: In Workshops, Yard and Museum


Barclay No 1 0-6-0 (jack shaft drive) AB343/1941  Diesel-mechanical locomotive, ICI, Dalbeattie, No.1; Royal Naval Stores, Kirkliston, from 1943. This locomotive was driven into preservation in 1973, along the Edinburgh - Glasgow main line.

Hydrogen Train 614209, partially stripped post-demonstration, pending decision.

Last loco built at Crewe, 91131 is the new enthusiast draw at the Museum of Scottish Railways. In 1995, it ran at 154 mph.

55189 was being cleaned in its recently applied BR black.

47643, awaiting attention for wheelsets; 26024 needing repairs; 37214 for spares.

26038 is under overhaul, with ongoing attention to the "eyebrows". Holes have been made for Inverness style 7" sealed beam headlights (LED equivalents are available!).

20020, awaiting engine repairs.

80105 in foreground, with Mk1 TSO 4836 undergoing extensive repairs.

Sunday 20 August 2023

Chasewater Railway, 29th July 2023


Locomotive for the day was Myfanway, Bagnall 3291/1962 /

Myfanway seen running around at Chasetown Church Street.

Myfanway pausing at Chasewater Heaths.

MGR wagons at Chasewater Heaths, HAA 354446, and 353224 the CDA prototype.

Asbestos Hawthorn Leslie 2780 of 1909.

142030 is under restoration.

Saturday 19 August 2023

14th - 19th August 2023

45596 Bahamas leading 1Z92 Victoria-Weymouth across the Redbridge causeway, and into Totton. Image by Ian Knight.

47802 on the rear. Image by Ian Knight.

Sunday 13th August: 47805 + 47593 5Z29 15:34 Eastleigh - Southall Flickr for the day (47828 remains at Eastleigh Works)
Monday 14th August:
Tuesday 15th August: 47727 (+ 701036) 5Q17 10:30 Wembley - Eastleigh one two three, 47727 0M10 14:00 Eastleigh - Leicester
Wednesday 16th August:
Thursday 17th August
: 45596 + 47802 1Z92 08:45 Victoria - Weymouth, 1Z93 16:36 Weymouth - Southampton - Laverstock - Victoria Flickr for the day;  37521 (+ Mk2d 9479) 5Z37 09:54 Crewe - Eastleigh one
Friday 18th August: 37521 + 47828 DIT (+ 9479 + 43047) 5Z37 09:56 Eastleigh - Crewe Flickr for the day
Saturday 19th August:

Thursday 17 August 2023

Eastern Scotland Miscellany, June 2023


66746 with 'Royal Scotsman' 1H79 13:45 Edinburgh - Keith, Hillend, 5th June.

Passing Aberdour at 04:49 on 8th June, 37403 Isle of Mull was on its second demo for GBRf on the sleeper, 1A25 Edinburgh to Aberdeen. This is now expected to be a monthly refresher, to allow 37403 to cover when the class 73/9 fleet is poorly.

73966 was only working as a translator, with 37403 providing the ETH throughout.

The cement empties now seem to only return in their later path these days, 6B36 19:25 Craiginches Aberdeen C.Ra - Oxwellmains Lafarge Colas, 70813 seen passing Aberdour at 22:09 on 14th June.

803001 of Lumo at Edinburgh, 19th June.

397008 was awaiting departure as 1M89 14:12 Edinburgh - Manchester Airport.

802214 would shortly depart as 9N14 14:10 Edinburgh - Newcastle. The rumour is that these units may go to LNER to release the Class 91 + Mk 4 sets.

43274 leads the NMT towards Aberdour, 19th June.

43290 on the rear. Both power cars were LNER regulars here until 2019.

66743 1H89 13:45 Edinburgh - Boat Of Garten, approaching Dalgety Bay, 21st June.