Thursday 17 August 2023

Eastern Scotland Miscellany, June 2023


66746 with 'Royal Scotsman' 1H79 13:45 Edinburgh - Keith, Hillend, 5th June.

Passing Aberdour at 04:49 on 8th June, 37403 Isle of Mull was on its second demo for GBRf on the sleeper, 1A25 Edinburgh to Aberdeen. This is now expected to be a monthly refresher, to allow 37403 to cover when the class 73/9 fleet is poorly.

73966 was only working as a translator, with 37403 providing the ETH throughout.

The cement empties now seem to only return in their later path these days, 6B36 19:25 Craiginches Aberdeen C.Ra - Oxwellmains Lafarge Colas, 70813 seen passing Aberdour at 22:09 on 14th June.

803001 of Lumo at Edinburgh, 19th June.

397008 was awaiting departure as 1M89 14:12 Edinburgh - Manchester Airport.

802214 would shortly depart as 9N14 14:10 Edinburgh - Newcastle. The rumour is that these units may go to LNER to release the Class 91 + Mk 4 sets.

43274 leads the NMT towards Aberdour, 19th June.

43290 on the rear. Both power cars were LNER regulars here until 2019.

66743 1H89 13:45 Edinburgh - Boat Of Garten, approaching Dalgety Bay, 21st June.