Sunday, 17 February 2019

Eastleigh Works, 15th February 2019

50049 awaits paint shop transformation to GBRf colours, following arrival on 13th February.

Similar work on 50007 is now under way.

37602 which has very worn tyres, now ready for attention.

London Underground Schöma number 9 DEBORA. Of 14 delivered, 10 were converted to battery from diesel. Is this one unconverted?

73133 and the tour train ready behind 37402.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

"The Surrey Currier", Eastleigh, 15th February 2019

37402 Stephen Middlemore - 23/12/1954 - 8/6/2013 + 4991 + 4959 + 4998 + 1651 + 3121 + 3149 + 21269 + 37409 Lord Hinton                    1Z27 14:34 Eastleigh - Dawley Loop (and on Google Maps)

37402 leads the empty stock 5Z27 1420 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) - Eastleigh.

Approaching platform 2. 37402 received repair attention at Derby after 37409, August 2018 - January 2019.

Recently overhauled 37409 Lord Hinton was one of two locomotive on "The Cumbrian Coast Farewell" on 11th January. The overhaul at Derby was completed in June 2018.

A good view of the nameplate on 37402.

Focus upon the cab of 37402.

37402 being prepared for departure.

A Tractor thrash departure!

- 17th October 2016 with the same two locomotives on the Cumbrian Coast. As an aside, DBSO coaches 9704 / 9707 / 9709 / 9710 from these services were stored at Longtown on 21st January, with 9705 retained at Kingmoor meantime.

11th - 16th February 2019

37602 awaiting attention to its wheelsets at Eastleigh Works, 15th February. 37602 was new as D6782 from Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Darlington on 29th November 1962.

Monday 11th February:
Tuesday 12th February:
Wednesday 13th February: 66749 + 50049 0Z50 10:49 Kidderminster - Salisbury - Romsey  - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight nine
Thursday 14th February: 37402 + 37602 + 37409 0Z37 07:54 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven - 37602 is for wheelset repairs at Eastleigh Works
Friday 15th February: 37402 + 37409 1Z27 14:34 Eastleigh - Dawley one two three four five
Saturday 16th February: Major line closures in the Southampton area. 37402 + 37409 1Z43 19:03 Horsham - Eastleigh
Sunday 17th February: 37402 + 37409 0Z38 15:35 Eastleigh - Crewe

On 10th January twelve or thirteen Riviera Trains coaches were moved Eastleigh - Tyseley, where vacuum braking will be reinstated. It seems that these can then be a backup set for Vintage Trains.

       21272, 6310, 3066, 3068, 3119, 3120, 3110, 1671, 1813, 4946, 4949, 4927 are twelve identified.

170107, seen on these pages in October 2018, had a fire which was attended at Pontrilas, a location visited in October 2016.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

HST operations at Westbury, 8th February 2019

The GWR full length HST operations are currently expected to complete in the May period. The HST GTi sets have now started to run on the Bristol - Plymouth - Penzance diagrams. Watching 'the general public' get on and off these trains showed that many do not recognise that the doors remain a manual slam-door operation.

43098 (BREL Crewe, July 1978) is owned by First, and fitted to support door operation on the GTi sets, for which it has already been noted on the early workings. Here it is operating as a traditional HST, 1A79 06:47½ Penzance - Paddington.

43174 (BREL Crewe, August 1981) was on the rear. This power car is owned by Angel Trains, and is believed to have come off lease after usage on Saturday 9th.

43197 (BREL Crewe, August 1982) arrives with 1C81 12:33 Paddington - Taunton. Owned by Porterbrook, and expected to come off-lease.

43193 (BREL Crewe, May 1982) on the rear. Again owned by Porterbrook, and expected to come off-lease. One of the long standing signals on the gantry has been replaced by the LED signal only partially seen above the train.

43192 (BREL Crewe, May 1982) arrives with 1A87 1255 Plymouth - Paddington. This Angel Trains owned power car is due to come off-lease.

43071 (BREL Crewe, November 1977) on the rear. Owned by Porterbrook and due to come off-lease.

Monday, 11 February 2019

DB Cargo operated Hanson Class 59/1 locomotives, Westbury, 8th February 2019

The Class 59/1 locomotives are expected to transfer to Freightliner operation in November 2019.

59101 Village of Whatley was shipped from GMD, London, Ont. to Newport, arriving on 19th October 1990, and unloaded the following day to enter service in November that year. Seen here leading 7C77 12:40 Acton - Merehead empties.

59102 Village of Chantry arrives in a heavy downpour, for a crew change, leading a late running 6L21 13:23 Whatley - Dagenham.

Ready for the away, the train was in the hands of a GBRf driver contracted to cover for DB Cargo crew.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

DB Cargo in EWS colours, Westbury, 8th February 2019

66143 arrives with 6W05 05:15 Whitland - Westbury, formed of MHA wagons with 66009 on the rear. 

66091 passing through with 6M20 1037 Whatley - St Pancras (Churchyard Sdgs Tarmac), formed of another set of HRA wagons.

66143 prepares to depart as 13:08 Westbury - Fenny Compton to then work a  3F08 17:38 MOD train to Marchwood.

66103 arrives in the down yard from Exeter, a route learning duty via Yeovil and 'The Mule', ahead of the Whiteball Tunnel closure.

66162 stopping for a crew change, hauling 6C58 11:55 Oxford - Whatley.

DB Cargo Red, Westbury, 8th February 2019

A day at Westbury in high winds and rain, capturing Mendip aggregates trains when still under the current contract with DB Cargo, planned to change to Freightliner in the autumn.

66044 shunting from up to down sides with some auto-ballasters. These then formed the rear part of 6O41 to Eastleigh, with the locomotive trailing at the tail of the train.

66149 passes with 07:47 Acton - Whatley.

The consist was formed of HRA wagons, which are shortened HTA wagons converted 2017-18 from usage in coal traffic to aggregates use. This example is 41.70.6723.013-2. 

59206 arrives with 7B12 11:30 Merehead - Wootton Bassett.

66009 arrived on the rear of 6W05 05:15 Whitland - Westbury, and took over yard shunting duties.

59204 arrives to run around 7O40 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Freightliner Diverts on a Wednesday, Romsey, 6th February 2019

There have been extra workings via the Test Valley in the past week, while trackwork changes are under way in Southampton to accommodate 775m length trains. The three trains seen here all passed within a 20 minute period.

70003 4O90 05:45 Leeds - Southampton Maritime.

Unusually. 66546 was being dragged on the rear of the 4O90 - it went onto civil engineering workings from Eastleigh and in Devon.

66597 4M65 14:17 Maritime - Lawley Street, which is normally scheduled to run this route although some 30 minutes earlier.

66519 4O49 09:22 Basford Hall - Maritime. By Thursday morning this was on civil engineering workings with 66546 (seen above).

4th - 9th February 2019

Monday 4th February:
Tuesday 5th February: 47853 + 47501 5Z18 12:18 Eastleigh - Crewe one two three four five
Wednesday 6th February: 180112 5Q54 13:05 Eastleigh - Bounds Green one two three four five six seven
Thursday 7th February: 800104 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one two (and later three four)
Friday 8th February: 800102 08:24 5X82 Eastleigh - Acton one two
Saturday 9th February: No train services at Southampton - including Southampton Maritime

On 8th, Colas Class 70 locomotives 70801 / 808 / 816 were out of service, and 70007 was hired in for timber workings.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

DB Cargo workings, 2nd February 2019.

All of these workings could change when DBC moves on from activities at East Yard.

DBC 66158 (above) and 66143 were both noted shunting LWR consists in the yard.

OBA 110441 at the end of an LWR consist.

At Romsey, 66143 later led an STP 6Z97 15:30 Eastleigh - Westbury LWR working.

66150 was on 0O12, in practice this locomotive was working from Westbury to Eastleigh, other locomotives worked from South Wales to Westbury, but did not continue through.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Freightliner Workings at Eastleigh, 2nd February 2019

The Network Rail plan was for engineering works in the Southampton Airport area through the weekend, with freight and cross-country traffic diverted mainly via the Laverstock Loop, and SWR and some freight by the Portsmouth Direct.

However snow fell as anticipated on Thursday, and unpredicted on Friday, the latter disrupting both the South Western Main Line and the M3 in the Basingstoke area.

The Saturday engineering works were cancelled, and after a few earlier runs by the Laverstock Loop, the Freightliner and cross-country traffic reverted to the SWML, with fast running through lack of conflicting trains. This included at Eastleigh, where there were no crew change stops, leading to fast passes through the station.

A plan for 'divert' photos at Romsey had to be changed to Eastleigh at short notice - 4O05 rolled past while I was walking from my car.

70006 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. All of the pictured workings were substantially 'Fresh Air Express' probably reflecting the time of year. Earlier at Worting Junction.

70008 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime, with many KTA pocket wagons. 66542 lies in the background with 4O22 01:23 Trafford Park - Eastleigh Yard (for later forward working after the engineering works). Earlier at Worting Junction.

66507 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime. Two further angles: one two, and earlier at Battledown.

66539 + 66517 work 0W26 from the East Yard - Maritime. 66517 had worked south from Hinksey with 6O26.

66501 Japan 2001 arrived from Maritime as 0W29, usually this working is to take up weekend engineering duties from the yard. This locomotive is almost 20 years old, built in May 1999 and unloaded in July that year.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Class 800 update, Eastleigh T&RSMD. 2nd February 2019

800104 lay closest to the airport side of the sidings.

The other trains are 800102, 800106 and 800108. A team is seen at work on Saturday afternoon. A return move for one of these units on Tuesday 29th was cancelled.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Eastleigh Works, 2nd February 2019

50007 back at the works for GBRf repaint, alongside 73133.

D1944 (47501) CRAFTSMAN and MPV DR98923.

The only remnants of the red Mk2 coaches visible are a part coach side seen on the right here - compare with 12th January. Geismar VMT 860 PL/UM (MPV / GP-TRAMM) DR98305 (closer to camera) + DR98306 are in the scrap line - Carl Watson records "Concept MPV DR98305/306 is back in the scrap line...time is running out if anyone is interested in buying this machine from Raxstar"