Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Class 166s on Portsmouth workings, 19th January 2019

However no matched 165's which are intended to bring the trains up to 5 coaches.

Blue 166211 1F16 11:23 Portsmouth Harbour - Cardiff Central.

Green 166205 1F18 12:23 Portsmouth Harbour - Cardiff Central.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

"The Mountfield" stops at Romsey, 19th January 2019

4Y19 12:02 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf) to Southampton W Docks (Gbrf). The train stopped at Romsey to take on a driver for the rear locomotive, which would lead from Southampton Central to Western Docks.

66756 Royal Corps of Signals.

81.70.5500.471-4 is a JNA wagon, as introduced from late October.

66710 Phil Packer BRIT on the rear.

Diverts at Dunbridge, 19th January 2019

Another Saturday with poor light. The first "diverts" of 2019, the next session is only two weeks away, on 2nd February.

66514 4O05 07:03 Birch Coppice - Maritime. Seen here a few minutes later at Romsey.

70002 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. Again seen a few minutes later at Romsey.

66562 0O26 10:50 Hinksey - Maritime. Shortly later at Romsey.

66544 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime. Earlier at Oakley.

66534 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime. Earlier at Deane.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

14th - 19th January 2019

37884 at Eastleigh, 16th January. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 14th January: 
Tuesday 15th January: 50007 0Z20 10:55 Kidderminster - Eastleigh one two three four five - for repaint into GBRf colours; 37884 18:03 Wembley - Eastleigh
Wednesday 16th January: 37884 0Y86 13:15 Eastleigh - Bournemouth one two, 37884 + 442419 (4 car) 5H72 16:13 Bournemouth -  Eastleigh one, 37884 0H72 19:30 Eastleigh - Wembley
Thursday 17th January: 180105 5Q87 09:40 Heaton - Eastleigh
Friday 18th January: 180112 5Q15 10:05 Eastleigh - Heaton; 47501 idling at Eastleigh Works one
Saturday 19th January: 800106 (5X39 22:00 Merchant Park - Doncaster, 5X40 00:17 Doncaster - Acton Mainline), 5X41 04:06 Acton Mainline - Eastleigh (seen on Thursday at origin one two three)

Recently featured 70001 has been placed back into storage on 17th after apparently being dragged by 66558 on 4E48 Maritime - Leeds, last workings appear to have been Tuesday into Wednesday, it was pictured in traffic on Monday.

6V25 13:31 Eastleigh - Hinksey and 6O26 10:19 Hinksey - Eastleigh are expected to move from Freightliner to Colas traction.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Freight and Shunting at Eastleigh, 12th January 2019

 66562 runs mega early as 0O26 10:50 Hinksey-Maritime. Noted working Eastleigh - Hinksey trains through the week.

66587 66587 4O05 07:03 BirchCoppice - Maritime - running in a path where 4O14 normally starts at Lawley Street, although this could always be a change. The wagons appeared to entirely be Shortliner EcoFret FWA, which is not the typical 4O14 consist.

70010 leads 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime.

66027 was shunting the yard. Unloaded on 30th November 1998, now more than 20 years old.

66515 arrives with a very late 4B06 11:10 Maritime - Eastleigh flats for storage in the East Yard.

6538 with the new brighter lights (camera set to manual), 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime.

66169 passes with 4O40 10:44 Morris Cowley - Eastern Docks.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

On Track Plant, Eastleigh, 12th January 2019

DR 73931 Plasser & Theurer 08-16/4x4C100-RT Tamper, completed by Plasser at West Ealing in August 2002. This had arrived on the preceding day from Rugby.

DR 80217, a Harsco Track Technologies Stoneblower of 2004.

DRP 81505 Plasser & Theurer GPC72 Heavy Duty Diesel Hydraulic Crane, which was new as DB 969002 in 1978.

The crane runner was RRA 400003, a rather rare wagon, although we have seen the FPA container equivalent with DRS from which these were converted, and originally an SAA (here is 400002). Built at BR Ashford in 1970.

At the other end of the rake was OBA 110283 (Lot 3909, Ashford 1977).

Eastleigh Works and Depot, 12th January 2019

D1944 (47501) CRAFTSMAN has been receiving attention in the works since August, and now seems to be being prepared for return to Locomotive Services. On the left, there is a glimpse of 47739, finished since the summer in an undisclosed livery for GBRf, which is covered over, while the locomotive remains parked.

Mk2E FO 3229 SNOWDON (Lot 30843, Derby, December 1972) is being returned to charter service in Locomotive Services' Statesman fleet, following a lengthy period of storage.

Mk 2D TSO 5632 & BSO 9494 remain in the scrapping area. Ominously close again are Geismar VMT 860 PL/UM (MPV / GP-TRAMM) DR98305 (closer to camera) + DR98306.

TEA wagons GERS 89019 (left) and 89018 have been out-shopped and are now in the yard awaiting a move back into traffic. Both arrived on 3rd October 2017, and spent much of 2018 on accommodation bogies.

800102 and 800104 around the staging area at the T&RSMD, but cannot confirm which is which. Work was happening, the coupling hook doors on the left hand unit were open three hours later. 5-WES 'Plastic Pig' 442405 is parked on the right.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

7th - 12th January 2019

66082 + 66025 0O12 15:17 Westbury - Eastleigh passing Romsey, running one hour early, as is typical. The locomotives originated at Margam, but the working was split in the system.

Monday 7th January:
Tuesday 8th January:
Wednesday 9th January:
Thursday 10th January: 66158 5Z52 11:59 Eastleigh - Tyseley
Friday 11th January:
Saturday 12th January:

Eastleigh Works: 10Dec - 20Dec -21Dec - 02Jan

Class 385 for ScotRail: Some have been imported through Southampton and moved to Ashford.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Eastleigh, 5th January 2018

70005 4O14 07:20 Lawley Street - Maritime.

66510 + 66562 4B06 11:06 Maritime - Eastleigh - the wagon flats for weekend storage in the yard. These locomotives did not return to Maritime, and were sent on a Sunday engineers' working involving the Warminster to Romsey section.

66524 4O27 05:21 Garston-Maritime.

66419 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime. I think now the last DRS Blue locomotive working for Freightlner, it gained new headlight assemblies in August, but no repaint!

Mk 2F Buffet Open First (RFB) 1211 is now SNAEFELL in the Locomotive Services' Statesman fleet. Originally FO 3305 completed to Lot 30845 at BREL Derby in November 1973, and converted to add the buffet in July 1988.

66722 Sir Edward Watkin was resident through the New Year, having been working MoD trains.

70807 was similarly resident, it has now worked a 6C97 engineers' train and was atWeston-super-Mare the next day.

Plasser GP-TRAMM DR 98217 A & B sandwiching 'The Drain Train'. The GP-TRAMM (General Purpose Track Repair and Maintenance Machine) built in 1988 surround two wagons to make up this specialised formation. While it appears based at Eastleigh, and is normally seen on the Southern Region, it has been noted as far afield as Glasgow in the last quarter, and was noted at Welwyn two days previously.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Recently returned 70001 'PowerHaul', Easteigh, 5th January 2019

First of class, 70001 PowerHaul was returned to service on 17th December, following attention to a traction motor and wheels, after about two years in storage at Leeds Midland Road.

The working is 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, seen passing the East Yard.

A closer view as the train approaches.

Creeping up towards the signal on platform 2.

Cab and PowerHaul nameplate of 70001 at the Number 2 cab end.

Departing for Maritime.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

A second helping at Aberdour, 24th December 2018

The Colas 70 operated cement empties were operating so to Aberdour again, this time in frosty conditions, which had persisted for much of the day.

Much could change over the next year with the end of the Fife Circle loco-hauled, and the anticipated replacement of the HSTs on 'The Aberdonian'. Initially, the Fife Circle coaches leased from Riviera could apparently be replaced with  similar DRS owned coaches becoming surplus from the Cumbrian Coast workings.

68006 Daring arrives with 2K14 18:17 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh.

9539 is a Mk2F BSO completed to Lot 30861 at BREL Derby in 1974. The coach understood to be leased in from Riviera. Could it be replaced by a DBSO running as a BSO?

5987 is a Mk2F built to Lot 30860 at Derby in 1973-74. Similarly appears to be leased  from Riviera.

1S20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen 'The Aberdonian' is led by 43317 (43117, BREL Crewe, May 1979).

43367 DELTIC 50 1955-2005 was on the rear. Originally 43167, completed in September 1981.

70811 drags the cement empties 6B32 16:58 Craiginches Aberdeen C.Ra - Oxwellmains Lafarge Colas, a full consist of JPA wagons.

31st December 2018 - 5th January 2019

800102 (left, assuming it has not moved) and newly arrived 800104 alongside a work platform area, Eastleigh, 5th January.

Monday 31st December:
Tuesday 1st January: 
Wednesday 2nd January:
Thursday 3rd January: wagon derailed at Eastleigh one two three
Friday 4th January:
Saturday 5th January: 800104 5X41 0226 Acton Main Line - Eastleigh (originated on Friday from Merchant Park Sidings as 5X39 at 21:21 on Friday - this location is Hitachi at Newton Aycliffe, then later ran as 5X40 from Doncaster - Acton)

Colas sale and leaseback with Beacon: Not all locomotives have been sold to Beacon, the UK part of the transaction appears to involved 5 Class 56 (not yet identified which), 66846 - 66850, 67023 & 67027 and 70811 - 70817.

Class 165 has now worked to Portsmouth - Turbo operations in five coach formations started on 5th January with 165131 + 166213 one two three four five six