Monday 7 January 2019

Eastleigh, 5th January 2018

70005 4O14 07:20 Lawley Street - Maritime.

66510 + 66562 4B06 11:06 Maritime - Eastleigh - the wagon flats for weekend storage in the yard. These locomotives did not return to Maritime, and were sent on a Sunday engineers' working involving the Warminster to Romsey section.

66524 4O27 05:21 Garston-Maritime.

66419 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime. I think now the last DRS Blue locomotive working for Freightlner, it gained new headlight assemblies in August, but no repaint!

Mk 2F Buffet Open First (RFB) 1211 is now SNAEFELL in the Locomotive Services' Statesman fleet. Originally FO 3305 completed to Lot 30845 at BREL Derby in November 1973, and converted to add the buffet in July 1988.

66722 Sir Edward Watkin was resident through the New Year, having been working MoD trains.

70807 was similarly resident, it has now worked a 6C97 engineers' train and was atWeston-super-Mare the next day.

Plasser GP-TRAMM DR 98217 A & B sandwiching 'The Drain Train'. The GP-TRAMM (General Purpose Track Repair and Maintenance Machine) built in 1988 surround two wagons to make up this specialised formation. While it appears based at Eastleigh, and is normally seen on the Southern Region, it has been noted as far afield as Glasgow in the last quarter, and was noted at Welwyn two days previously.