Saturday, 26 September 2020

21st - 26th September 2020

66792 leads 66790 passing Test Lane with 0D66 on 23rd September. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 21st September:
Tuesday 22nd September:
Wednesday 23rd September: 60055 6Z92 05:02 Willesden - Eastleigh, 6Z91 13:52 Eastleigh - Up Yard; 66790 + 66792 0D66 10:10 Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Swindon - Gloucester- Bristol Parkway - Westbury - Salisbury - Redbridge - Eastleigh one two & Flickr for the day
Thursday 24th September: 60055 6Z90 07:49 Up Yard - Eastleigh, 6Z91 13:52 Eastleigh - Up Yard one two three four five, 6Z93 21:25 Up Yard -  Barnham - Willesden one two three; 43013 + 43062 1X23 15:13 Salisbury -Southampton UGL - Salisbury one two
Friday 25th September:
Saturday 26th September:

66779 continued to work the Westbury - Eastleigh cycles - Flickr for the week

Eastleigh Works: 12Aug - 13Aug - 24Aug - 26Aug - 27Aug - 02Sep - 14Sep -16Sep

Llangennech derailment (South Wales, tanker train): RAIB update

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

66779 'Evening Star' on 6O41, Romsey, 21st September 2020

 6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh.

66779 Evening Star approaching Romsey with 6O41.

66779 was completed as Progress Rail 20148150-007 in 2015, and entered traffic after naming in May 2016.

TIPH 93424 is from the same series as the KFA wagons used by Freightliner, but I have not seen it before, and it is not finished to their higher standard. Fitted with a topper for civil engineering usage.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Dunbridge on a Friday afternoon, 18th September 2020

66779 Evening Star with a lightweight load of track panels, 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury.

59104 Village of Great Elm 7O40 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh.

There were 10 of the recent 2020 build HOA wagons in the train, this is 81.70.6774.053-7.

70008 followed as the next train, 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime.

A further view of 70008, which was returned to traffic this week.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Eastleigh freight, 15th September 2020

66152 Derek Holmes Railway Operator departed for the Worting area as 1Z99. 4O21 09:15 Trafford Park - Western Docks was marked as FAIL on the track maps, but 1Z99 preceded 4O21 down the line as they returned, so train locomotive 66097 may have been recovered to make the rest of the trip, although it has since been sidelined since in Eastleigh Yard, and 66152 has been on the Trafford Park circuits.

A close up of 66152 as it waits to head up the main line.

Not every day. Late running  66139 with 4E68 16:13 Western Docks - Wakefield Europort overtakes early running 66534 OOCL Express with 4M99 17:00 Maritime - Basford Hall.

66534 proceeds on its way to platform 1.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

14th - 19th September 2020

47593 Galloway Princess + 47805 Roger Hosking MA 1925 - 2013 pass Redbridge on the return from Weymouth, 16th September. Image by Ian Knight.

66779 Evening Star joined the Westbury - Eastleigh circuit from Thursday, seen passing Redbridge with 6O41 on Friday 18th. Image by Ian Knight.

Sunday 13th September: 156485 5Q86 12:09 Heaton - Eastleigh one two three
Monday 14th September: 156465 5Q12 11:10 Eastleigh - Shawford and returned to Eastleigh - later  to Heaton one two three
Tuesday 15th September:
Wednesday 16th September: 47593 + 47805 1Z30 06:15 Crewe - Salisbury - Romsey - Eastleigh - Weymouth, 1Z32 16:20 Weymouth - Eastleigh - Romsey - Salisbury - Crewe Flickr for the day; 73952 0Z73 10:14 Derby - Eastleigh one two
Thursday 17th September: 73952 at Eastleigh Works one
Friday 18th September: 73952 0Z73 08:08 Eastleigh - Derby one two three; 60055 6Z94 05:30 Willesden - Eastleigh one two, 6Z93 13:28 Eastleigh - Willesden one; 66721 + (701012) + 66737 6X24 07:37 Derby - Eastleigh ontwo three four
Saturday 19th September: 

59003 entered Eastleigh Works on Tuesday 15th.

66792 seen outside in GBRf scheme at Eastleigh Works on Wednesday 16th.

Recent oil train derailment at Llangennech. Touax and VTG wagons were among the nine which were damaged, including some Touax examples which had been overhauled at Eastleigh - red GERS 89005 was seen on fire and was marked '1'. TIPH 78202 was also involved.

Network Rail Decarbonisation Strategy - executive summary

Reports of security guard(s) near Eastleigh Works trying to stop photographers taking pictures from the public highway at Campbell Road. It is legal to take photographs from a public place - per this example of advice from Avon & Somerset Police, and an advice card here.

Class 701 'Arterio' Testing, Eastleigh, 15th September 2020


701005 as 5Q41 14:15 Staines Up Loop - Eastleigh Trsmd, heading for Poole.

A few yards closer to the Campbell Road bridge.

701008 in the airport sidings.

701002 arrives as 5Q35 16:05 London Waterloo - Eastleigh Trsmd.

701005 returns from Poole, to join the other units at the airport sidings.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Eastleigh Works, 15th September 2020

A Class 442 DTS seen stripped for scrapping, with the unit number already flame cut. I believe that this DTS may be 77414 from 442401? The other DTS 77382 has been reported as set aside intact, for the consideration of the NRM. 55623 of 142032 lies behind.

The adjacent TS also has had its number flame cut out. If from 442401 then this could be 71842?

Two apparently intact Class 442 units, with stored 57302 Chad Varah lying beyond.

Glimpses of 50026, 43083 and 08507. More significantly is a wheelset and part of a bogie from a scrapped Class 442 coach being dumped into a skip, and one further coach in queue behind 08507.

55573 from 142032, which was delivered to the works on 31st March.

43055 and 50026 Indomitable. 43046 is in the paint shop in preparation for the 'Blue Pullman' scheme.

TDA wagon TIPH 78278 (Marley Industrie, 1991-93), which arrived in 6O12 11:00 Margam - Eastleigh on 12th September.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

St Denys and Up Yard, 10th September 2020

Intermodal loads seem to be recovered, but no return yet of the 4O90 from Leeds.

66152 Derek Holmes Railway Operator 4O43 03:59 Wakefield - Western Docks.

66766 4M19 11:50 Western Docks - East Midlands Gateway.

66512 4O14 05:49 Garston - Maritime.

66549 7V62 13:21 Up Yard - Whatley, departed early at 12:45, conveniently getting away before the spoil working from Eastleigh. However the rear part of the train was still loaded, and returned to the quarry this way.

JNA 81.70.5500.841-8, delivered earlier this year, still loaded at the rear of the train.

66188 4O39 09:43 Cowley - Eastern Docks.

66542 + 70001 DIT 4M61 13:00 Maritime -Trafford Park. 70001 was back working again the next day.

66561 4O49 09:31 Basford Hall - Maritime.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

7th - 12th September 2020

66549 shunting wagons at Up Yard, 10th September.

Monday 7th September: 60055 0Z60 06:34 Eastleigh - Willesden one two; 08624 heading north from Maritime by road on a low-loader
Tuesday 8th September: 
Wednesday 9th September: 60055 6Z92 05:39 Willesden - Eastleigh one, 6Z91 13:56 Eastleigh - Up Yard
Thursday 10th September: 60055 6Z90 07:27 Up Yard - Eastleigh, 6Z91 13:56 Eastleigh - Up Yard
Friday 11th September: 60055 6Z90 07:27 Up Yard - Eastleigh (but also another two wagon 6Z91 working), 6Z94 13:28 Eastleigh - Willesden
Saturday 12th September: 

A Lesser Spotted Class 313, St Denys, 10th September 2020

313216 3Z13 1030 Lovers Walk - Eastleigh - Southampton - Eastleigh - Lovers Walk T&R.S.M.D

313216, originally 313016 delivered from BR York in June 1976, passes on the down road from Eastleigh.

Approaching Horseshoe Bridge, note the many cameras in the front window, it seems that this was a driver training turn.

Returning after turnaround at Southampton Central.

Friday, 11 September 2020

60055 on 6Z91, 10th September 2020

60055 Thomas Barnardo 6Z91 1356 Eastleigh - UpYard (ran around at Up Loop since consist too long for Totton Yard)

Running early, as is typical, 60055 passes St Denys.

Proceeding through the station, the 24 wagon length train is longer than the previous 18 wagon set.

A closer view of the locomotive, as the train proceed to Millbrook to run around, not Totton as in the timetable.

Returning from Millbrook, and in the loop at Up Yard.

Coming to a stand just short of Horseshoe Bridge.

The train has been split, and the shunt commences into the yard.

A final view of the shunt.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Kirkby Stephen West, 6th September 2020

45562 Alberta approaches Kirkby Stephen with 1Z44 09:46 York to Carlisle. The train was late following a difficult climb of The Long Drag on a wet rail.

Of course, this is 45699 masquerading as long gone 45562.

A closer up view. Flickr for the day.

The NMT followed 12 minutes later, led by 43014 The Railway Observer working 1Q43 10.00 Derby - Heaton, via Carlisle.

The closer-up view of 43014.

43062 John Armitt on the rear.