Saturday 29 June 2013

The Bath & Bristol returns through Romsey, 29th June 2013

The return through Romsey was fast, as there is no low speed restriction on the 'main line' to Eastleigh
Bulleid BB 34067 Tangmere romps through Romsey station
34067 approaching Romsey
At the end of the platform
Running through the station, with a handful of photographers.
Recently registered car 99712 is now a Kitchen Car. Originally SK SC25893 built in 1962 at Derby to Lot 30685. In various private ownerships from 1986, and re-registered in this current guise from April this year.

37401 restoration gallery

Just saw this detailed gallery of work under way at Bo'ness. All the rust holes and dents of the recent years appear to still have been on the loco, just covered in filler.

Preservation debut due in one month.

The Bath & Bristol at Crampmoor, 29th June 2013

Bulleid BB 34067 Tangmere (Brighton, September 1947)
A few yards on.
99127 CHRISTINA built as M3117 as part of Lot 30697 at Swindon in  January 1963. Withdrawn November 1984 and into private use with Pullman Rail.
99122 ALEXANDRA built as 3106 as part the same lot in  January 1963 and into private use since 1984, also initially with Pullman Rail, later running on the Severn Valley and North Norfolk Railways before returning to the main line in 2009.
99350, delivered from Metro Cammell in 1960 as a Pullman Parlour Second 350, later changed to an Open First (FO) E350E  by 1972. To SLOA/Pullman Rail ownership in 1981.
99348 also built bu Metro-Cammell in 1960, and running with its original table lights. Changed to FO E348E also by 1972, and similar subsequent ownership to 99350.

24th - 29th June 2013

60059 Swinden Dalesman 6B45 09:14 Eastleigh - Marchwood at Redbridge, 24th June. Image by Ian Knight.
60059 returns at Millbrook as 0V38. Image by Ian Knight.
60059 6O41 on Friday 28th. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 24th June: 60049 6M56 08:50 Eastleigh - Stud Farm, 6O27 19:10 Stud Farm - Eastleigh, 31190 0Z31 09:38 Taunton - Westbury - Eastleigh, 6Z33 13:44 Eastleigh - Willesden
Tuesday 25th June: 60059 6O15 (17:30 (Mon) Mossend -) Didcot - Eastleigh, 6B45 09:14 Eastleigh - Marchwood one two, 0V38 11:00 Marchwood - Eastleigh, 60049 6V41 16:13 Eastleigh - Westbury , 31190 6Z31 09:30 Willesden - Eastleigh one two,0Z31 13:50 Eastleigh - Washwood Heath
Wednesday 26th June: 60049 6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh one two  60059 6V41 Eastleigh - Westbury, 73109 + 73201 1Q16 10:41 Hither Green - Hove - Botley - Eastleigh 
Thursday 27th June: 73109 + 73201 09:20 1Q16 Eastleigh - Botley - Hove - Hither Green one two three, 60059 6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh one two, 6V41 16:13 Eastleigh - Westbury
Friday 28th June: 60059 6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh, 6E15 21:06 Eastleigh - Scunthorpe
Saturday 29th June: 34067 1Z84 07:77 Three Bridges - Bristol one two, 1Z85 16:35 Bristol - Three Bridges, 159006 + 159009 1Z21 08:56 Waterloo - Swanage, 1Z22 16:26 Swanage - Waterloo

No further reports of broken 70018, may still be at Wentloog?

70007 reported to have put a leg out of bed now at Midland Road. Updated: concrete block dropped by vandals through radiator fan assembly.

Tornado at Salisbury

I heard Bittern mentioned on Radio 4 news (along with sound track of locomotive at work)! one two three four. The 90mph train from Kings Cross arrived in York 9 minutes early.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Eastleigh Works, 22nd June 2013

Network Rail 57303 (previously D1957, Brush, January 1967 then 47554 and 47705) with 47841 within the works.
47841 (D1726 from Brush in March 1964, later 47134, 47622) seen within the works following recent repaint, and with a new cooler group fitted. 
LT C stock awaiting scrapping. The first car 5708 is newer C77 stock, which was built to indirectly replace CO/CP stock operating on the Wimbledon - Edgeware Road section of the District Line. Eleven six car trains were ordered from Metro-Cammell, with first deliveries in July 1977, entering service on 12th December that year on the Hammersmith & City. Seen here after delivery earlier this month, and here in service last winter. This was the third C77 withdrawal. The second coach is C69 stock 5589, seen here being delivered on 6th June. Current status for these withdrawals at District Dave's Forum (page set at start of withdrawal update for these coaches) also this link.
Network Rail 57310 (previously D1618, Crewe, September 1964. later 47037, 47563 and 47831) and DBSO 9710.

VSOE and other workings at St Denys, 22nd June 2013

67028 leads 1Z58 08:32 Victoria - Southampton Central VSOE.
 66238 running with 4Z53 11:33 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Laverstock - Didcot for holding, following arrival at  Eastleigh with 4O53 04:53 Wakefield - Eastleigh. This train may be expected to forward on Monday to Western Docks.
67020 heads 5Z60 11:50 Southampton Central - Stewarts Lane VSOE empty stock.
66590 with 4O27 05:26 Garston - Maritime.

17th - 22nd June 2013

 Repaired 70018 at Maritime, 16th June. Failed at Patchway on 17th, and left behind at Wentloog, where it still is parked.
Also at Maritime were 70008, pictured above, and 70009.

Monday 17th June: 
Tuesday 18th June:
Wednesday 19th June: 67028 1Y91 11:42 Victoria - Eastleigh - Hove
Thursday 20th June: 43013 + 43014 NMT 1X23 13:44 Salisbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Redbridge - Salisbury
Friday 21st June:
Saturday 22nd June: 57308 0Z59 08:00 Willesden - Eastleigh Works (the last Virgin livery 57/3 was on the works by 13:00, but was obscured by the 08 - seen here on preceding working Crewe - Willesden on 21st), 67020 + 67028 1Z58 08:32 Victoria - Southampton Central, 5Z60 11:50 Southampton Central - Stewarts Lane

Eastleigh Works Blog updates.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Belvers Bridge, Weston Lane, update - 16th June 2013

Last updated when ground works started in August 2012. By December the orginal bridge had its deck replaced with a temporary structure, creating the necessary clearance for the container trains. Work started in January on a new bridge which has been constructed to the south, and signs are erected to indicate that there will be further road disruption from tomorrow, which suggests that the road construction work is about to start.
A view of the new bridge structure from the old.
Another angle from the old bridge.
New and old routes from the south on Weston Lane.

Saturday 15 June 2013

3rd - 15th June 2013

1Z87 15:55 Swanage - Victoria runs through Redbridge with 47245. Image by Ian Knight.
 1Z87 then returns behind 44932. Image by Ian Knight.
44932 about to be take the route via Romsey. Image by Ian Knight.
47245 idling on the rear. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 3rd June: 67028 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh, 73207 + 73212 5Y08 16:03 Eastleigh - Western Docks one two three, 31105 3Q08 21:01 Eastleigh Salisbury - Basingstoke - Salisbury - Eastleigh - Hither Green
Tuesday 4th June: 
Wednesday 5th June: 66516 + 70099 DIT 4O11 00:23 Basford Hall - Maritime one two three four five six
Thursday 6th June:
Friday 7th June: 70017 + 70099 0Z70 12:03 Maritime - Eastleigh LNWR one two three, 67020 + 67028 1Z57 08:45 Victoria-Swanage one two three , 1Z58 16:00 Swanage - Victoria one two three
Saturday 8th June:

Monday 10th June: 
Tuesday 11th June: 47813 + 47501 T+T 5Z30 07:15 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three
Wednesday 12th June: (47813 + 47501) + 47832 5Z30 11:23 Eastleigh - Kingmoor one two three four
Thursday 13th June: 44932 + 47245 1Z86 08:44 Victoria - Swanage one two three four five, 1Z87 15:55 Swanage - Victoria one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen, 66025 5Z61 21:55 Wembley - Eastleigh
Friday 14th June:
Saturday 15th June:

Eastleigh: 3rd June - 5th June - 7th June - 10th June (including the elusive 57312) 

Parts of are now a paysite, but affordable. I will continue to make occasional links to the site, and these links could be behind the paywall.

Malcolm Smith's Railway Routes: Southampton - Dorchester (server seems slow)

My apologies for two week combined update - it was down to the day job.

Thursday 6 June 2013

70099 at Southampton Maritime, 5th & 6th June 2013

Soon after arrival on 5th June, coming down from Crewe behind 66516 on 4O11 00:23 Basford Hall - Maritime. Image by Ian Knight.

Three further pictures taken on the evening of 6th June.

Expected to be moved to Eastleigh on Friday 7th, anticipated to be headed for the paintshop.

Monday 3 June 2013

47s at Eastleigh Works, 2nd June 2013

47832 Solway Princess appears to be ready for return to DRS, Eastleigh Works, Sunday 2nd June.
47839 is on the scrap line, along with some LT C69 stock.

Sunday 2 June 2013

31105 Ultrasonic Test Train, 2nd June 2013

31105 3Z37 08:12 Acton Wells Jct - Eastleigh Works

Believed to be the oldest main-line diesel locomotive in regular service on Network Rail, 31105 hauls the test train from the platform in Eastleigh station, and into the works.
31105 was new as D5523 in March 1959, allocated to 30A Stratford. It was re-engined with an EE 12SVT in March 1967. 
72612 was new as Mk 2f TSO 6156 in 1974, and was converted to Gatwick Express 72612 in unit 8307, now used as a Brake Force Runner
Ultrasonic Test Car 999605 was built in 1974 as 62482 and saw service in last build 4-REP 3015, withdrawn in the late 1980s after usage on Waterloo - Bournemouth route.
DBSO 9701 was rebuilt from Mk2f BSO 9528 in 1979 for use on the Edinburgh - Glasgow route, later used on the Norwich line, and now in departmental service.
9701 at rest in Eastleigh Works.

Saturday 1 June 2013

27th May - 1st June 2013

64  73133 is pushed out of Western Docks by 47727, 28th May. Image by Ian Knight.
47727 Rebecca  on the other side, and ready for move onward to Bournrmouth. 60071 Ribblehead in the background on cars.

Monday 27th May: 47727 + 66847 0Z47 13:45 Crewe - Eastleigh, 60049 now Eastleigh 'Super Shunter' one two three four five, 31105 3Zxx 23:18 Hither Green - Eastleigh
Tuesday 28th May: 47727 0Z47 08:54 Eastleigh - Western Docks one two, 47727 + 73133 0Z73 10:45 Western Docks - Bournemouth one two three four five six seven eight, 47727 0Z49 13:00 Bournemouth - Eastleigh, 31190 0Z31 11:27 Weymouth - Eastleigh one two three four, 60071 6B43 09:38 Eastleigh - Western Docks one two three,  6X44 12:07 Western Docks - Eastleigh one two three, 66023 + 60071 6V27 13:29 Eastleigh - Didcot (60071 to Toton for exam), 31105 3Q02 20:49 Eastleigh - Weymouth - Hither Green
Wednesday 29th May: 47727 4Z47 08:45 Eastleigh - Wimbledon one two three four , 66303 0Z30 07:15 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three , 31190  + 50026 DIT 09:28 5Z30 Eastleigh - Wymondham (for Mid Norfolk Railway) one two three four five six, 67020 5Z90 07:19 Southall - Eastleigh, 31105 3Q08 22:56 Hither Green - Eastleigh
Friday 31st May: 67020 5Z30 02:52 Eastleigh - Bristol
Saturday 1st June: 67020 5Z 00:55 Bristol - Eastleigh, 47727 7Z45 19:40 Wimbledon - Eastleigh one two, 7Z58 22:48 Eastleigh - Wimbledon
Sunday 2nd June: 31105 3Z37 08:12 Acton Wells Jct - Eastleigh

Didcot Diesel Gala pictures by Dave Mant

Rumours persist that 70099 is to come to Eastleigh for painting, possibly being brought firstly to Maritime.