Sunday, 2 June 2013

31105 Ultrasonic Test Train, 2nd June 2013

31105 3Z37 08:12 Acton Wells Jct - Eastleigh Works

Believed to be the oldest main-line diesel locomotive in regular service on Network Rail, 31105 hauls the test train from the platform in Eastleigh station, and into the works.
31105 was new as D5523 in March 1959, allocated to 30A Stratford. It was re-engined with an EE 12SVT in March 1967. 
72612 was new as Mk 2f TSO 6156 in 1974, and was converted to Gatwick Express 72612 in unit 8307, now used as a Brake Force Runner
Ultrasonic Test Car 999605 was built in 1974 as 62482 and saw service in last build 4-REP 3015, withdrawn in the late 1980s after usage on Waterloo - Bournemouth route.
DBSO 9701 was rebuilt from Mk2f BSO 9528 in 1979 for use on the Edinburgh - Glasgow route, later used on the Norwich line, and now in departmental service.
9701 at rest in Eastleigh Works.