Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Bath & Bristol at Crampmoor, 29th June 2013

Bulleid BB 34067 Tangmere (Brighton, September 1947)
A few yards on.
99127 CHRISTINA built as M3117 as part of Lot 30697 at Swindon in  January 1963. Withdrawn November 1984 and into private use with Pullman Rail.
99122 ALEXANDRA built as 3106 as part the same lot in  January 1963 and into private use since 1984, also initially with Pullman Rail, later running on the Severn Valley and North Norfolk Railways before returning to the main line in 2009.
99350, delivered from Metro Cammell in 1960 as a Pullman Parlour Second 350, later changed to an Open First (FO) E350E  by 1972. To SLOA/Pullman Rail ownership in 1981.
99348 also built bu Metro-Cammell in 1960, and running with its original table lights. Changed to FO E348E also by 1972, and similar subsequent ownership to 99350.