Sunday 27 May 2012

21st - 26th May 2012

66568 receives engine attention at Maritime, 26th May. 70020 arrived at Maritime on Thursday.
Surprise! 70009 had one return trip to Garston on Friday to Saturday, seen returning here at Millbrook on 26th.
66418 light engine at Maritime, 26th May.
Three hours later, and the hood is back in 66568.

Monday 21st May: 67026 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh
Tuesday 22nd May:
Wednesday 23rd May:  57003 0Z75 06:00 Crewe - Eastleigh, 57003 + 50026 0Z76 12:28 Eastleigh -Salisbury - Lydney - Burton one two three four five six
Thursday 24th May: 67026 5M61 21:26 Eastleigh - Wembley
Friday 25th May: 67026 22:24 5Z68 Euston - Eastleigh
Saturday 26th May:

Class 70 - the recovery?

70001 released from Eastleigh, moved to Maritime 25th, moved DIT behind 66571 on 4M28 09:32 Maritime - Ditton (and on to Basford Hall), suggests may be going to Brush Loughborough

70009 released from Eastleigh, moved to Maritime 25th, then 4M98 18:00 Maritime - Garston, 4O27 05:26 Garston - Maritime on 26th. This may now be returned to traffic.

70017 was working a week ago, was at Maritime over weekend, and into Monday 21st, moved north during the week, now working on Felixstowe / Ipswich diagrams

70020 was working on Felixstowe / Ipswich diagrams, moved to Maritime 24th and may be out of traffic.

Progress at Ashfield Bridge - 26th May 2012

The bridge parapet is now completed, following the addition of the pre-fabricated side parapet sections. Brickwork will be under way behind the sheeting of the scaffolds.
At deck level the bridge is seen to be close to completion, however the ramps have some way to go , and fencing on the side of the A27 will need replacing. Behind me there is a pedestrian / cyclist island being built adjacent to the Ashfield 'Sunflower' Lodge.

08785 now on duties at Southampton

08785 is understood to be the only Freightliner Class 08 which has not previously worked in Southampton, being delivered on 15th May from LH Group at Barton under Needwood. Seen here on a Maritime - Millbrook transfer of flats on 26th May.

This locomotive was new as D3953 in April 1960 from Derby Works, initially allocated to 81A (Old Oak Common) and moved to 81D (Reading) by the mid 60's. By the mid 70's it was working from OC (Old Oak Common) again and by the mid 80's was at CF (Cardiff), fitted with a buckeye coupling.

More recent history at Shunterspot (requires registration).

In related news, 08745 has recently been removed from Maritime after more than a decade of storage, and is now at Booth, Rotherham for scrap.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Progress at Ashfield Bridge - 13th May 2012

Two pictures taken last weekend in the sunshine, showing the works at Ashfield Bridge. The side wall sections, seen on trailers, appear to have been lifted in since these pictures were taken.

14th - 19th May 2012

Monday 14th May: 57312 + 50026 + 73136 0Z26 10:16 Motala - Eastleigh one two three, 73136 0Z73 13:30 Eastleigh - Tonbridge, 67029 5Z36 10:27 Southall - Eastleigh
Tuesday 15th May:
Wednesday 16th May: 57009 0Z31 10:31 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent
Thursday 17th May: (47805 + 47818) + 47802 5Z78 08:30 Crewe - Eastleigh one two, first DRS run for 47805, 70017 resumed Class 70 service to Southampton with 4O14 07:00 Birch Coppice - Maritime
Friday 18th May: (47805 + 47818) + 47802 T+T 5Z78 06:07 Eastleigh - Eastern Docks, 1Z78 10:54 Eastern Docks - Edinburgh (where it arrived close to schedule) one two three four five six seven, 67026 5M61 21:26 Eastleigh - Wembley, 66502 + 70019 4M28 11:48 Maritime - Basford Hall one two
Saturday 19th May:

Final Glimpse at the Gala (Swanage Gala 12th May 2012 - part 3)

Reminding me of a 1980s 'Modern Railways' cover, 50026 Indomitable prepares to leave Swanage with 1S08 14:58 to Norden
Earlier, 50026 arrives at Swanage with 2S13 13:45 from Norden
Having failed for its booked turn, 50026 was resuscitated (from a relay fault) and departs Norden with 2H11 17:05 to Harman's Cross
57312 + 73136 Perseverance depart from Corfe Castle with 2N22 16:45 from Swanage
D5401 between Norden and Corfe Castle with 2S23 17:30 from Norden to Swanage
As 27111 I saw this locomotive many times at the buffer stops in Edinburgh Waverley when on push-pulls to and from Glasgow. 33 years later the locomotive rests at the buffer stops in Swanage.

Further looks at Swanage

Thursday 17 May 2012

From 08436 to 57312 (Swanage Gala 12th May 2012 - part 2)

08436 (D3551, Derby 1958 and D3591 (08476, Crewe 1958) prepare at Norden for brake van duties to Motala
33111 (D6528, BRCW, October 1960) departs Harman's Cross with 1S01 09:35 Norden - Swanage
57312 (D1811, 47330, Brush, February 1965) + 73136 (E6043 English Electric, September 1966) depart Harman's Cross with 2S05 10:45 Norden - Swanage
D5401 (27112, 27056, BRCW, July 1962) arriving at Harman's Cross with 2N08 11:58 Swanage - Norden

Tuesday 15 May 2012

50026 Indomitable Smokes Around Swanage (Swanage Gala 12th May 2012 - part 1)

50026 departs Harman's Cross with 1S03 11:05 Norden - Swanage. 50026 was new as D426 in June 1968 and withdrawn in December 1990, being sold to Booth at Rotherham, from where it was purchased for preservation in 1993, initially in storage on the Mid-Hants Railway.
Approaching Harman's Cross with 2N04 10:00 Swanage - Norden
Between turns at Swanage
Backing onto 2N10 12:15 Swanage to Norden
Laying down smoke 50 style when departing Swanage with 2N10.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Cruise Saver Express, 13th May 2012

47819 + 37259 + 37602 T+T 5Z77 08:50 Eastleigh T&RSMD - Romsey branch - Eastleigh
37602 + 37259 + 47810 T+T 1Z77 10:43 Eastleigh - Romsey branch - Eastleigh - Fareham - Havant - Edinburgh
The run encountered problems with 37259 around the Wakefield area, and was running 50 minutes late by Newcastle, however time was recovered to 36 minutes late at Dunbar and arrival has been made in Edinburgh.
47810 Peter Bath MBE clags nicely, having worked the ECS around the 'depot loop' and through platform 3 at Eastleigh before working onto the Romsey branch. 73141 and 73208 on the left.
A closer view of 47810.
37602 + 37259 work the ECS into platform 1. 37602 was new as D6782 in November 1962, later 37082 and rebuilt as 37502 in March 1986 then 37602 in February 1995. DRS took it over in May 2002. It spent 2010 in storage, returning to use in 2011.
47810 in platform 5, where it waited to lead out the train into the Romsey branch before reversing. ETH was being supplied from this locomotive.
37602 + 37259 are backed under the view of the William Tite designed Eastleigh station building of 1840.
37602 + 37259 depart through platform 2. 37259 was new in January 1965, and was taken on by DRS in September 2002. The locomotive was given an F-exam at Barrow Hill between March 2011 and February 2012.

May 7th - 13th 2012

D6515 (33012) passes St Denys as 0Z40 on Wednesday 9th. Image by Ian Knight.
57009 at Eastleigh Works following repair to side swipe to the cab (nearest to camera). 13th May.

Monday 7th May:
Tuesday 8th May:
Wednesday 9th May: 33012 0Z40 07:00 Swanage - Barrow Hill - Kidderminster (terminated at Nemesis Rail, Burton-on-Trent, appears to be related to hot axlebox) one two three four five
Thursday 10th May: 67006 5Z41 00:15 Eastleigh - Southall
Friday 11th May: 67006(?) 5Z43 04:20 Southall - Eastleigh, 73136 0Z73 St Leonards - Swanage
Saturday 12th May: 67006(??) 5Z30 03:36  Eastleigh - Southall, 37602 + 37259 + 47810 5Z77 09:55 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four five
Sunday 13th May: 37602 + 37259 + 47810 T+T 1Z77 10:43 Eastleigh - Fareham - Havant - Edinburgh one two three

Recent updates of Eastleigh Works coverage by Carl Watson

34053 Sir Keith Park was moved from Swanage to Kidderminster over Wednesday and Thursday. one two

Sunday 6 May 2012

English Electric DRS Fest, 5th May 2012

37608 + 37601 Class 37 'Fifty' power 'Cruise Saver Express' 1Z76 10:35 Eastern Docks - Edinburgh past Shawford in the morning, with 47810 idling on the rear. Both leading 37s have seen their 50th burthdays. 37608 was new in July 1961 as D6722 later 37022 and refurbished to 37512 in 1987. Refurbished to 37608 in July 1995, and to DRS in July 1997. 37601 was new in January 1961 as D6705 later 37005 and refurbished to 37501 in 1986, named Teesside Steelmaster in 1987. Refurbished to 37601 in 1995, and to DRS in 2007. This locomotive was also involved in the Cruise Saver rescue on 26th April, with 37409 also again in Southampton area on 5th May.
20312 + 20308 lead the Pathfinder Tours 'Hampshire Hotchpotch' 1Z61 06:23 Crewe - Eastleigh into Romsey. 20312 was new as D8042 in November 1959, later 20042. Preserved  at the East Lancashire Railway after withdrawal in June 1991, but returned to traffic usage in 1998 by DRS. More recently spent time in storage, including time at Eastleigh and Carnforth from 2008 to 2012, being returned to traffic in March this year.
Passing Redbridge a few minutes later. Image by Ian Knight. The second loco 20308 was new as D8187 in January 1967, later 20187 which for a while was in British Rail Telecommunications colours. It became 20308 in 1998 through overhaul at RFS(E) in Doncaster and it also spent time in 2009-10 in storage at  Eastleigh and Carnforth.
Not really DRS, as now hired from Porterbrook to Freightliner pool DFIN, 66418 passes St Denys with 4O29 08:14 Basford Hall - Maritime
Delayed after having not been routed through the platform road at Eastleigh, and setting back, 37409 Lord Hinton is now leading 1Z62 14:08 Eastleigh Works - Eastern Docks - Western Docks through St Denys. 37409 was new as D6970 in March 1965 and was later 37270. In 1985 it was converted with ETH to 37409 at Crewe, and sent to Scotland where it operated on the West Highland lines. Eventually EWS stored it serviceable in March 2003, and it was sold to EMR in January 2008. Shortly after it was bought by BRE for preservation and moved by road from Motherwell to SRPS Bo'ness in March 2008. Following BRE's failure, the SRPS attempted to preserve it, but it was sold to DRS and removed to Barrow Hill in September that year, returning to traffic in June 2010 and named Lord Hinton later that year.
After visiting Eastern Docks 37409 is on the approach to Western Docks passing Millbrook. This loco was the other 37 involved in the recent rescue of the Cruise Saver.
20312 + 20308 lead 1Z63 16:20 Western Docks - Crewe out of the Docks past Millbrook.
A few minutes later passing St Denys heading for Fareham. Image by Ian Knight.

More pictures from the tour (includes 57009 receiving its numbers after repair).

30th April - 5th May 2012

Prelude to the DRS Fest. 37423 with 1Q14 05:14 Derby - Eastleigh passing Redbridge, 1st May. Image by Ian Knight.
37608 + 37601 with 47810 on the rear, passing St Denys with 1Z75 05:51 Edinburgh - Eastern Docks, 2nd May. Image by Ian Knight.
67029 + 67005 T+T VSOE 5Z93 12:57 Southampton Airport Parkway - Southampton Up Yard, 2nd May. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 30th April: 31106 3Q01 3Q14 Hither Green - Eastleigh - Fareham - Eastleigh
Tuesday 1st May: 37423 1Q14 05:41 Derby - Westbury - Redbridge - Eastleigh, 66723 + 317723 5O17 19:18 Ilford - Eastleigh, 31106 3Q01 04:41 Eastleigh - Bournemouth - Eastleigh, 3Q02 20:45 Eastleigh - Weymouth - Hither Green
Wednesday 2nd May: 67029 + 67005 T+T 1Z93 09:44 Victoria - Southampton Airport Parkway, 5Z93 12:57 Southampton Airport Parkway - Southampton Up Yard - Eastleigh (depot loop), 5Z94 15:55 Eastleigh - Eastern Docks, 1Z94 17:25 Eastern Docks - Victoria,  37608 + 37601 + 47810 T+T 1Z75 05:51 Edinburgh - Eastern Docks one two three, 5Z75 16:24 Eastern Docks - Eastleigh, 66723 + 317709 5O17 19:18 Ilford - Eastleigh, 37087 + 47501 (withdrawn) + 47839 0Z30 05:53 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven, 37087 0Z31 14:45 Eastleigh - Willesden one two, 37423 1Q14 08:15 Eastleigh - Romsey - Yeovil Jct - Romsey - Eastleigh - Woking  Kensington Olympia - Guildford - Havant - Eastleigh one two three four
Thursday 3rd May: 37423 1Q14 09:10 Eastleigh - Havant - Guildford - Kensington Olympia - Salisbury - Westbury one
Friday 4th May: 57012 + 50026 0Z26 10:30 Eastleigh - Swanage one two three four five, 31106 3Z31 14:02 Tyseley - Eastleigh, 3Q06 22:00 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Yeovil - Redbridge - Eastleigh - Derby, 66147 + 60096 6O26 Hinksey - Eastleigh one two, 66061 + 60096 6V41 Eastleigh - Westbury one two three (60096 to St Blazey)
Saturday 5th May: 37608 + 37601 + 47810 T+T 5Z76 07:40 Eastleigh - Eastern Docks one two three four five, 1Z76 10:35 Eastern Docks - Edinburgh (arrived there on time!) one two three, 20312 + 20308 + 37409 T+T 1Z61 06:23 Crewe - Salisbury - Romsey - Redbridge - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven, 1Z62 14:08 Eastleigh - Eastern Docks - Northam - Western Docks one two three four five six seven eight, 1Z63 16:20 Western Docks - Fareham - Crewe one two, 57009 repaired panel with new cabside numbers,  one two three

Class 70s 'grounded', 1st - 5th May 2012

"Grounded" 70019 surrounded by Class 66s, Southampton Maritime, 5th May

After the events of the last month, it apppears that the Freightliner Intermodal Class 70s are effectively "grounded" from 2nd May,given recent reliability incidents, in particular those which have impacted the South Western Lines between Basingstoke area and Southampton. The problems are understood to be with the crankcase and injectors of the GE Powerhaul P616 engine (derived from Jenbacher J616).

Some 70s have been seen in use in the Midlands, but in general usage appears much reduced.

Notable events from a Southampton perspective:

3rd April: 70019 failed with train across all roads between Maritime and Millbrook (rescued by Cl 08)
5th April: 70018 fire at Wallers Ash
24th April: 70007 fire between Bramley and Basingstoke
30th April: 70001 failed near Battledown (rescued by 70019 from Maritime)
- all three of these workings were southbound, and on or soon after the Reading to Basingstoke section.
5th May:  70019 failed on 4O49 09:23 Basford Hall - Maritime on 2nd May, being brought south by 66543

70009 is in Eastleigh T&RSMD for engine repairs (A/100) - was worked south behind 70008 on 14th April.

70008 (powered working- assigned for Special Tests) + 70001 + 66534 were worked 0Y69 from Maritime to Eastleigh T&RSMD for attention on 5th May one two - the 66 was back on Maritime later in the day.

This leaves 70019 at Maritime, where it spent time on Saturday under the bridge, but was later moved as shown above. It appears to be waiting for an N/100 (engine repair).