Sunday, 6 May 2012

Class 70s 'grounded', 1st - 5th May 2012

"Grounded" 70019 surrounded by Class 66s, Southampton Maritime, 5th May

After the events of the last month, it apppears that the Freightliner Intermodal Class 70s are effectively "grounded" from 2nd May,given recent reliability incidents, in particular those which have impacted the South Western Lines between Basingstoke area and Southampton. The problems are understood to be with the crankcase and injectors of the GE Powerhaul P616 engine (derived from Jenbacher J616).

Some 70s have been seen in use in the Midlands, but in general usage appears much reduced.

Notable events from a Southampton perspective:

3rd April: 70019 failed with train across all roads between Maritime and Millbrook (rescued by Cl 08)
5th April: 70018 fire at Wallers Ash
24th April: 70007 fire between Bramley and Basingstoke
30th April: 70001 failed near Battledown (rescued by 70019 from Maritime)
- all three of these workings were southbound, and on or soon after the Reading to Basingstoke section.
5th May:  70019 failed on 4O49 09:23 Basford Hall - Maritime on 2nd May, being brought south by 66543

70009 is in Eastleigh T&RSMD for engine repairs (A/100) - was worked south behind 70008 on 14th April.

70008 (powered working- assigned for Special Tests) + 70001 + 66534 were worked 0Y69 from Maritime to Eastleigh T&RSMD for attention on 5th May one two - the 66 was back on Maritime later in the day.

This leaves 70019 at Maritime, where it spent time on Saturday under the bridge, but was later moved as shown above. It appears to be waiting for an N/100 (engine repair).