Sunday, 6 May 2012

English Electric DRS Fest, 5th May 2012

37608 + 37601 Class 37 'Fifty' power 'Cruise Saver Express' 1Z76 10:35 Eastern Docks - Edinburgh past Shawford in the morning, with 47810 idling on the rear. Both leading 37s have seen their 50th burthdays. 37608 was new in July 1961 as D6722 later 37022 and refurbished to 37512 in 1987. Refurbished to 37608 in July 1995, and to DRS in July 1997. 37601 was new in January 1961 as D6705 later 37005 and refurbished to 37501 in 1986, named Teesside Steelmaster in 1987. Refurbished to 37601 in 1995, and to DRS in 2007. This locomotive was also involved in the Cruise Saver rescue on 26th April, with 37409 also again in Southampton area on 5th May.
20312 + 20308 lead the Pathfinder Tours 'Hampshire Hotchpotch' 1Z61 06:23 Crewe - Eastleigh into Romsey. 20312 was new as D8042 in November 1959, later 20042. Preserved  at the East Lancashire Railway after withdrawal in June 1991, but returned to traffic usage in 1998 by DRS. More recently spent time in storage, including time at Eastleigh and Carnforth from 2008 to 2012, being returned to traffic in March this year.
Passing Redbridge a few minutes later. Image by Ian Knight. The second loco 20308 was new as D8187 in January 1967, later 20187 which for a while was in British Rail Telecommunications colours. It became 20308 in 1998 through overhaul at RFS(E) in Doncaster and it also spent time in 2009-10 in storage at  Eastleigh and Carnforth.
Not really DRS, as now hired from Porterbrook to Freightliner pool DFIN, 66418 passes St Denys with 4O29 08:14 Basford Hall - Maritime
Delayed after having not been routed through the platform road at Eastleigh, and setting back, 37409 Lord Hinton is now leading 1Z62 14:08 Eastleigh Works - Eastern Docks - Western Docks through St Denys. 37409 was new as D6970 in March 1965 and was later 37270. In 1985 it was converted with ETH to 37409 at Crewe, and sent to Scotland where it operated on the West Highland lines. Eventually EWS stored it serviceable in March 2003, and it was sold to EMR in January 2008. Shortly after it was bought by BRE for preservation and moved by road from Motherwell to SRPS Bo'ness in March 2008. Following BRE's failure, the SRPS attempted to preserve it, but it was sold to DRS and removed to Barrow Hill in September that year, returning to traffic in June 2010 and named Lord Hinton later that year.
After visiting Eastern Docks 37409 is on the approach to Western Docks passing Millbrook. This loco was the other 37 involved in the recent rescue of the Cruise Saver.
20312 + 20308 lead 1Z63 16:20 Western Docks - Crewe out of the Docks past Millbrook.
A few minutes later passing St Denys heading for Fareham. Image by Ian Knight.

More pictures from the tour (includes 57009 receiving its numbers after repair).