Saturday, 19 May 2012

Final Glimpse at the Gala (Swanage Gala 12th May 2012 - part 3)

Reminding me of a 1980s 'Modern Railways' cover, 50026 Indomitable prepares to leave Swanage with 1S08 14:58 to Norden
Earlier, 50026 arrives at Swanage with 2S13 13:45 from Norden
Having failed for its booked turn, 50026 was resuscitated (from a relay fault) and departs Norden with 2H11 17:05 to Harman's Cross
57312 + 73136 Perseverance depart from Corfe Castle with 2N22 16:45 from Swanage
D5401 between Norden and Corfe Castle with 2S23 17:30 from Norden to Swanage
As 27111 I saw this locomotive many times at the buffer stops in Edinburgh Waverley when on push-pulls to and from Glasgow. 33 years later the locomotive rests at the buffer stops in Swanage.

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