Saturday 19 December 2015

Eastleigh, 19th December 2015

58008 is now in the disposal location at Eastleigh Works, and is surrounded by fencing for safety. New in December 1983 from BR Doncaster, and placed into storage in November 1999 at Toton, a working life of just under 16 years. It was transferred from Toton to Eastleigh, via a road move to Southampton Docks in January 2010. I first spotted this one on 23rd June 1984, while travelling on the "Ffestiniog Pullman" (hauled by 47361 (which failed at Reading),47230, 85036, 47407, 25282, 85026 & 47538)
Vossloh Kiepe are to start to install new traction packages in the Class 455 emu's at Eastleigh depot from January 2016, with plenty of new signage on the building. 5870 is present at the depot, no doubt related to the programme, as it was the second conversion, already performed at Wimbledon, and may still be on test. Some Class 455s have traction motors which previously ran under Class 405 4-SUB units, and are over 60 years old.
This scene seems rather 1970's, rather than the present day. 07007 is back in use at Eastleigh, following its recent repairs, and is seen shunting Dogfish DB993345 (Metro-Cammell, Lot No. 2823, 1957), with a load of ballast. This does deserve a double take as you have not seen these out and about since 2006, this example was at the Watercress Line, but has been at the Works since 2014.
The line up is 66752 The Hoosier State, 66742 BAP Port of Immingham Centenary, 70801,70804 and 70014 departing with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. 70810 in far distance on the Works.

Friday 18 December 2015

14th - 19th December 2015

66018 at Nursling with 6Z16 02:00 Dowlow Briggs Sidings - Southampton Up Yard. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 14th December: 67015 + 67018 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one two three, 66018 6Z16 02:00 Dowlow Briggs Sidings - Southampton Up Yard one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven, 6Z14 18:48 Southampton Up Yard - Wembley; 
Tuesday 15th December: 37219 0Z37 10:52 Derby - Eastleigh one
Wednesday 16th December: 37219 + 73951 0Z73 10:26 Eastleigh - Derby one two three four five
Thursday 17th December:
Friday 18th December: 20901 + 20905 0Y20 08:25 Tonbridge West - Eastleigh one two three four, 6Y20 12:15 Eastleigh Works - Tonbridge West one two three four five six seven
Saturday 19th December:

58008 has been moved from Eastleigh Depot to the Works on 17th, transfer taking place by road! A whole album covers this.

Eastleigh Works: 23Nov - 25Nov - 27Nov

Rumours suggest that all of the remaining DRS Class 47 fleet may be sold to Jeremy Hosking.

Wednesday 16 December 2015

DRS 47 status - a closed book, 15th December 2015

2015 is likely to bring significant change to the DRS 47 fleet, with the influx of Class 68, and Norwich backup services being transferred to Class 37/4.

17th September: 47813 stored. Back to three available locos.

2nd October: 47790 reinstated after bogie swap with 47841 at Eastleigh. Four locos available going into RHTT season.

15th November: 47805 and 47818 into storage at Kingmoor. 47790 out of traffic for repairs at Crewe, leaving 47828 in traffic on RHTT duties at Stowmarket. 

8th December: 47828 stored at Crewe, 47790 is the last DRS Class 47

15th December: 47790 stored at Crewe. DRS Class 47 era is over.

Number Name Pool 2014 Status Pool now New cooler group Most recent picture
47501 Craftsman XHNB stored Sep2014 wheelflats, understood for transfer to LNWR, transfer status 24Dec14 (at Derby) - moved under own power to Crewe 18Feb15 after attention to wheels. To Rail Services Ltd at Crewe Diesel shed late March 2015. XHSS 22nd August 2014
47790 Galloway Princess XHNB in traffic, Northern Belle, at DRS Crewe, Dec2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 - failed with engine problems in Norwich area June 2015, stored at Gresty Bridge ~01Jul15. To Eastleigh 13Jul15. Reinstated 02Oct15after bogie swap with 47841. Stored 15Dec15. XHSS 13th July 2015 (image by Ian Knight)
47802 Pride of Cumbria XHAC stored 24Jan14, at Carnforth - for WCRC. Test run ready 15Jul15, run took place 24Jul15, in traffic AWCA x 23rd August 2015
47805 John Scott 12.5.45-22.5.12 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, transfer status, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15,  stored Crewe by 09Jan15, reinstated 13Mar15. To Kingmoor 17Nov15 and stored. XHSS x 12th August 2015
47810 Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam (but getting a B exam?) - traction earth fault - repaired by Feb15; stored around 13Apr15 XHSS 22nd August 2014
47813 Solent XHNB in traffic, stored around 17Sep15 XHNB 17th June 2011 (image by Ian Knight)
47818   XHAC in traffic, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for B exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15. To Kingmoor 17Nov15 and stored. XHSS 17th September 2015
47828   XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec14, but transfer status 24Dec14, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15 (coolant leak) - towed to Eastleigh 02Mar15. Reinstated and moved from Eastleigh 13Jul15, arriving Kingmoor 17Jul15, then to Crewe 23Jul15. Stored 08Dec15 at Crewe XHSS 15th November 2015
47832 Solway Princess XHNB failed 14Jun14, sold to and repaired in traffic with  WCRC AWCA 5th September 2015
47841   XHAC stored 31Oct14, transfer status 24Dec14 - to Eastleigh 13Jul15 XHSS 19th July 2014
47853 RAIL EXPRESS XHAC in traffic, expected due soon for C exam - stored Crewe 18Feb XHSS 1st December 2012

Saturday 12 December 2015

7th - 12th December 2015

70020 at Maritime, 13th December.
08785, originally delivered as D3953 from BR Derby on 23rd April 1960, and allocated to 81A Old Oak Common.

Monday 7th December:
Tuesday 8th December: 66023 + 66088 T+T 5Z16 05:15 Eastleigh - Victoria, 1Z16 09:43 "The Swaythling Bands" Victoria - Fawley one two three four five six seven eight nine, 1Z17 12:43 Fawley - Eastleigh - Romsey - Laverstock - Victoria one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, 5Z16 16:55 Victoria - Eastleigh;  73141 + 73201 1Q03 05:11 Tonbridge - Totton - (Fawley) - Eastleigh one two three four five six (nice arc!); 20901 + 20905 3W35 11:10 Tonbridge - Eastleigh one two three four five six, 20905 + 20901 + 73136 0Z20 15:27 Eastleigh - Tonbridge one two
Wednesday 9th December: 73141 + 73201 1Q03 05:19 Eastleigh - Weymouth - Eastleigh - Fareham - Fratton - Eastleigh one two three; 66023 + 66088 5Z82 07:55 Eastleigh - Victoria one (for "The Fifth Continent" one two three), 5Z84 16:55 Victoria - Eastleigh; 67015 + 67018 1Y43 09:43 Victoria - Winchester one two three four, 5Y93 12:42 Winchester - Eastleigh, 5Y94 16:03 Eastleigh - Winchester, 1Y94 Eastleigh - Victoria
Thursday 10th December: 73141 + 73201 1Q03 04:43 Eastleigh - Lymington Pier - Hither Green
Friday 11th December: 67018 5M61 21:26 Eastleigh - Wembley;
Saturday 12th December: 67018 1Z37 06:50 Cambridge - Winchester one, 5Z38 10:45 Winchester - Eastleigh, 5Z39 16:42 Eastleigh - Winchester, 1Z39 17:08 Winchester - Cambridge

Eastleigh Works: 16Nov - 18Nov - 19Nov - 20Nov

66530 for Freightliner Poland

66530 has been reallocated from pool DFHH (Freightliner Class 66 Heavy Haul) to pool DFEP (Freightliner Class 66 Poland). On 12th December 2009 it was hauling a diverted 4O29 Crewe Basford Hall - Maritime through Romsey, at which time I believe it was in pool DFGM (Freightliner Class 66 Intermodal). The locomotive, GM EMD builders number 20008269-5 was delivered in July 2001.

ORR prosecutes West Coast Railway Company and train driver over signal incident

The press release from ORR.

Rail magazine

Rail Technology


Sunday 6 December 2015

30th November - 5th December 2015

47832 returns "The Bath Christmas Market" through Romsey, 5th December, standing in for Tangmere.

Monday 30th November: 37602 + 37605 0Z38 12:29 Eastleigh - Crewe Gresty Bridge one two three
Tuesday 1st December; 08721 leaves Eastleigh by road to Wembley one two
Wednesday 2nd December:
Thursday 3rd December: 08567 arrives at Eastleigh by road from Crewe - reported sold to Arlington for use at the works
Friday 4th December:
Saturday 5th December: 34067 + 47832 1Z80 07:54 Three Bridges - Bristol one two three four five six, 47832 1Z81 16:35 Bristol - Three Bridges one; 1001 1Z84 07:36 Hastings - Salisbury one two three, 1Z85 17:10 Salisbury - Hastings one
Sunday 6th December: 66076 5Z45 12:08 Fairwater Yard - Eastleigh (from Westbury)

Eastleigh Works: 09Nov - 10Nov - 12Nov - 13Nov

Saturday 5 December 2015

"The Bath Christmas Market", Romsey, 5th December 2015

1Z80 07:54 Three Bridges - Bristol, 1Z81 16:35 Bristol - Three Bridges (47832 on return after 34067 was failed at Bristol St Philips Marsh - understood to be OTMR failure).

34067 Tangmere makes a return to steam after some weeks of maintenance.
At speed through Romsey.
47832 on the rear.

The Salisbury Star 2, 5th December 2015

1Z84 07:36 Hastings - Salisbury, 1Z85 17:10 Salisbury - Hastings

Arriving at Romsey, with 60116 Mountfield leading, which was built to Lot 30395 at Eastleigh in 1957, and with a long frame, was later Class 202.
60501 (Lot 30331, Eastleigh 1957) is built on a short frame.
60118 Tunbridge Wells, to same lot as 60116, tails unit 1001.
A few minutes earlier at Redbridge. Image by Ian Knight.

The return train at Romsey.

Freightliner HH Crew Change, Romsey, 2nd December 2015

Again 6Oxx 16:37 Fairwater Yard - Petersfield, this time with a heavier consist, the MOBC (Medium Output Ballast Cleaner) and the BDT (Plasser NFS-D Ballast Distribution System Train), the latter being in the train last week.

66523 led the train into Romsey.
DR76324  is part of the MOBC.
6 minutes later, 66555 was on the rear, as it was last time I saw the working.