Saturday, 19 December 2015

Eastleigh, 19th December 2015

58008 is now in the disposal location at Eastleigh Works, and is surrounded by fencing for safety. New in December 1983 from BR Doncaster, and placed into storage in November 1999 at Toton, a working life of just under 16 years. It was transferred from Toton to Eastleigh, via a road move to Southampton Docks in January 2010. I first spotted this one on 23rd June 1984, while travelling on the "Ffestiniog Pullman" (hauled by 47361 (which failed at Reading),47230, 85036, 47407, 25282, 85026 & 47538)
Vossloh Kiepe are to start to install new traction packages in the Class 455 emu's at Eastleigh depot from January 2016, with plenty of new signage on the building. 5870 is present at the depot, no doubt related to the programme, as it was the second conversion, already performed at Wimbledon, and may still be on test. Some Class 455s have traction motors which previously ran under Class 405 4-SUB units, and are over 60 years old.
This scene seems rather 1970's, rather than the present day. 07007 is back in use at Eastleigh, following its recent repairs, and is seen shunting Dogfish DB993345 (Metro-Cammell, Lot No. 2823, 1957), with a load of ballast. This does deserve a double take as you have not seen these out and about since 2006, this example was at the Watercress Line, but has been at the Works since 2014.
The line up is 66752 The Hoosier State, 66742 BAP Port of Immingham Centenary, 70801,70804 and 70014 departing with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. 70810 in far distance on the Works.