Sunday 31 March 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 31st March 2019

A last look at 66419 in the vestiges of DRS 'Compass' colours. 66415 appears to be the last in traffic with Freightliner in this scheme.

After their busy weekend a week ago, 50049 and 50007 were having a quieter break at the works.

47739 is almost hidden at the left, 47812 and 50049.

47812 which arrived at the works on the 19th February (with 47815).

07007 is parked close to 442414.

At the T&RSMD the IEP trains are 802202 (left) with a Class 08, and 802201 (right, with more livery and logo) for Trans-Pennine Express.

442405 remains in its position.

442424 is marked for 'Cold Storage' in its windscreen.

Saturday 30 March 2019

Diverts at Romsey and Dunbridge, 30th March 2019

On a rather sunny day, good for late March.

66056 6M48 09:28 Eastern Docks - Halewood, passing Romsey. A further view, at Andover.

66591 4O05 07:05 Birch Coppice - Eastleigh East Yard, passing Dunbridge .... (also seen at Whitchurch)

.... with 66542 on the rear, for the reverse move at Eastleigh, this train arriving via Chandler's Ford.

66525 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. Seen earlier at Overton.

70007 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime, runinng early, as it missed a timetabled hold near Basingstoke. Seen earlier at Swinton and Toton.

66044 4O40 1044 Morris Cowley M.A.T. - Southampton Eastern Docks. Earlier it passed Battledown.

66547 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, which also earlier had passed Battledown.

The plan for next Saturday appears to be similar, and the weather adequate.

25th - 30th March 2019

Monday 25th March: 66518 6O66 21:01 (Sun) Guide Bridge Yard - Maritime one, 6M67 14:32 Maritime - Barrow Hill Up Sidings one two three (box wagons to pass Swaythling)
Tuesday 26th March: 800202 + 801104 5X82 Eastleigh - Acton one two three
Wednesday 27th March: 800110 + 801106 5X82 Eastleigh - Acton one two three four
Thursday 28th March: 08460 arrived at Eastleigh for GBRf yard shunting from 1st April one two three four; 66603 4O53 Stewarts Lane - Millbrook one two three (box wagons, next move to Guide Bridge was cancelled - wagons still waiting at Millbrook to run a 4M57 as of Friday)
Friday 29th March: 66623 emerged at Eastleigh Works in G&W colours one two - moved on to Maritime area, then 4M46 northwards, was at Basford Hall on Saturday middle of day, 66419 is now at the works for repaint; 70807 headed the last Colas operated 6V31 one
Saturday 30th March: 73109 + 73128 5Z71 04:20 Eastleigh - Blackfriars (73128 failed with camshaft problem in the afternoon, still on train, controlling rear loco through 4TC connection) pictures for day

In addition to 08460 at the yard, 08738 is reported at Eastleigh T&RSMD.

60065 is back in a pool, WCAT (DBC Class 60 Standard Fuel Range), and has worked to Bow on Monday 25th, after which it has apparently been resident at Acton.

70003 was reactivated from storage on 21st, 66523(+70003 DIT)4O31 Leeds - Maritime on Monday 25th, then failed after 4M95 at Trafford Park on the morning of 26th, after which it was returned to Southampton for attention.

DB Supervisory Board instructs Management Board to explore options for sale of Arriva

Genesee & Wyoming February earnings call - covers aggregate traffic growth

Saturday 23 March 2019

18th - 23rd March 2019

70005 4M98 17:24 Maritime - Garston passing Romsey, 20th March.

66848 6O31 17:30 Westbury - Eastleigh, Romsey, 20th March. This is expected to be a GBRf turn in about a month, if it continues to run in this pattern.

Sunday 17th March: 57305 5O86 16:58 Leicester - Eastleigh
Monday 18th March: 66553 4Y69 02:30 Tonbridge - Maritime, 4M69 07:13 Maritime - Tunstead one two three four five six
Tuesday 19th March: 47749 0Z47 08:13 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three four five six seven eight nine; 60103 5Z75 10:34 Southall - Swanage Flickr for the day; 50007 broke cover in GBRf colours one; 37099 3Q01 23:36 Woking - various locations - Woking - Southampton Up Yard - Winchester Baltic Siding - Eastleigh one two three four five six
Wednesday 20th March: 50049 0R45 Eastleigh - Romsey - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh one two three four; 50007 + 50049 0W46 20:07 Eastleigh - Waterloo one two three four, ... five six, 0Z50 00:30 Kingston - Eastleigh; 37099 3Q02 21:37 Eastleigh - Weymouth - St Denys - Fratton - Southampton - Eastleigh one two three
Thursday 21st March: Southampton Tunnel flooded until about 11:00: "Network Rail engineers are aware and on site working to stop the water running onto the track. The water is coming from the bridge over Southampton Tunnel which has rendered one line unavailable for use, meaning all trains will use the other line. Trains may be delayed if their timings clash, and alterations made to ease delays and congestion.
Your journey time may be longer and we advise you to check before you travel, as the train you usually take may not be running.
There will be a reduced service on the route between Portsmouth and Southampton via Netley, and between Southampton and Salisbury via Romsey. 
Replacement buses are operating between Salisbury and Romsey.
For further information or onward travel advice please speak to a member of staff or use a station help point.
We are very sorry for any delay that this may cause to your journey."; 37099 3Q04 20:35 Eastleigh - Bournemouth - Reading Triangle one two
Friday 22nd March: 66789 at Eastleigh one, 50007 + 50049 ready for the tour one
Saturday 23rd March: 67013 5Z62 01.42 Eastleigh - Manchester Piccadilly one two three; 50007 + 50049 & 66789 5Z49 04:15 Eastleigh - Paddington one two,  66789 5Z54 23:31 Waterloo - Eastleigh one two, 50007 + 50049 0Z55 23:34 Waterloo -Eastleigh one two three four; 802201 + 802202 5X41 03.08 Acton ML – Eastleigh; 180105 5Q17 11:06 Eastleigh - Heaton one
Sunday 24th March: 57305 5M59 09:08 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three; 180101 5Q89 09:40 Heaton - Eastleigh one two; 67013 5Z68 12:53 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three

47739 + 47749 livery reveal at Eastleigh on 19th - note that 47739 is riding on Class 57 bogies with sandboxes.

50007 + 50049 livery reveal at Eastleigh on 20th, also one two

60065 continues to shunt at Westbury, but may appear to have slipped back into a storage status

Friday 22 March 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 21st March 2019

47739 was part of this week's GBRf liveries reveal, and is seen with an unidentified Class 442. This Class 47 is currently mounted on sandbox fitted Class 57 bogies.

Super BG NQA  (110 mph Hign Security Brake Van, fittted for use with Class 90/2) 94515 is understood to have been a resident of Eastleigh East Yard for much of the past decade, being converted to current configuration in December 1998 for usage with EWS. It, and 94538, did see some limited usage on the EWS operated boat trains, 94515 was in set EH11 from 2010, - I have not recorded which of these is in the linked picture. Built by Pressed Steel as M80916 in July 1957 to Lot 30162 as a BG Full Brake. Converted in November 1983 to 92013 (NEX 100mph dual- heat dual-brake), then 92913 in August 1992 (110 mph) and NFX 92513 in March 1993 with removal of the guard's emergency equipment, coming out of use in September 1996 before further conversion. What is next for it - parts recovery or conversion to a support coach?

37099 was in the works yard with the structure gauging test train.

Brake Force Runner 96606 (built by Marcroft in 1998-88 as a Motorail van on the frame of GUV 86324, later 96213, built by Pressed Steel to Lot 30417 in 1958-59).

99666 is nominally a Structure Gauging coach, but it understood to be a 'runner' with no content inside, Originally Mk IIe FO W3250 built to Lot 30843 at Derby completed in December 1972. Converted to exhibition van 99666 from May 1996, then became a brake force runner for test trains from April 2008.
72630 is a Structure Gauging Train Support Coach, also to Lot 30860 from Derby, entering traffic as W6094 from February 1974, converted to TSOLH as 72630 in 1984. Joined the test trains fleet in Ultrasonic Test Train use from July 2002, then converted to current role from late 2013.

801104 and 801106 but order is not determined.

Thursday 21 March 2019

GBRf Class 50s at Eastleigh Works, 21st March 2019

50007 Hercules with similarly liveried 50049 Defiance beyond.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

50049 on a test run under darkness, Romsey, 20th March 2019

50049 Defiance 0R45 Eastleigh - Romsey (reverse) - Redbridge - Southampton - Eastleigh.

This followed the GBRf livery reveal ceremony earlier in the day. 50007 + 50049 are due to run to Penzance and back with "The Class 50 Terminator Phoenixed" on Saturday 23rd.

Sunday 17 March 2019

'The Statesman' returns past Crampmoor, 16th March 2019

D1924 (47810) + 47614 (47853) 1Z62 16:32 Portsmouth - Eastleigh. The dregs of light in the remains of the damp day.

Approaching from Chandler's Ford direction.

The first coach is TSO 5912 built to Lot 30846 at Derby in 1973.

D1924 (47810) on the rear.

Saturday 16 March 2019

"The Statesman" at Dunbridge, 16th March 2019

D1924 (47810) + 47614 (47853) 1Z60 06:07 Crewe - Salisbury - Eastleigh - Portsmouth

The outward run was led by D1924 Crewe Diesel Depot (later 47247, 47655 and 47810)

A closer view.

47614 was on the rear, this being 47853 (D1733, 47141, then 47614)

11th- 16th March 2019

Sunday 10th March: 66726 5S66 09:53 Eastleigh - Hamilton E.G. Steele & Co (Royal Scotsman set, new base for 2019 season) one two three four five six seven eight nine
Monday 11th March: 800202 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one; 47813 0M60 12:00 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three four five; 66505 4O53 13:51 Wembley - Millbrook one, 4E67 17:40 Millbrook - York Holgate Sidings (new MWA wagons to pass the acoustic equipment at Swaythling) one two
Tuesday 12th March: 800202 + 801106 5X41 03:08 Acton - Eastleigh one; 800108 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one (and to Doncaster two)
Wednesday 13th March:
Thursday 14th March:
Friday 15th March: 66720 4Z84 12:30 Wellingborogh - Eastleigh (GBRf hoppers) one two three
Saturday 16th March: 47810 + 47853 1Z60 06:07 Crewe - Salisbury - Eastleigh - Portsmouth one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen 1Z62 16:32 Portsmouth - Eastleigh one two

70003 was returned to storage on Tuesday, leaving only eight in traffic. Last worked in traffic 1st - 2nd March Southampton - Leeds.

Railroad Owner Genesee & Wyoming Is Exploring a Stake Sale (the owning company for Freightliner).

314204 believed to be on the road to Eastleigh, currently in haulier's yard at Wishaw, while delivery location at Eastleigh is finalised. Understood to be for eventual re-use in London, it seems in an emergency training role, possibly with FGW.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Shunting and wagons at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

DBC 66050 was shunting the yard, this could be a GBRf job sometime in April.

1110102 is a OBA wagon, built at BREL Ashford about 1977 to Lot 3909.

112273 is an OCA built at BREL Swindon in 1981-82

112307 is another OCA of similar background.

DC 967636 is YLA MULLET Bogie Borail Flat wagon rebuilt as a BRA at BREL Shildon to Lot 4012 in 1981-82  from an earlier 1959-60 wagon.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Freightliner at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

70002 4O05 07:03 Birch Coppice - Maritime.

66566 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime, which started from Crewe and may have been running as 4Z22 06:51 from Basford Hall.

66555 was running as 0W26 from East Yard to Maritime.

66542 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, running late following a fallen tree near Micheldever.

Monday 11 March 2019

Colas Kirow 125 tonne crane at Eastleigh, 9th March 2019

Previously seen passing Romsey on 4th May 2018. Presented here as seen, left to right, from the Lidl fence. 66850 was on the train, beyond the switch and crossing wagons,

KFA wagon CN 97418 and crane DRK 81612, coded as a ZOA.

KFA wagon CN 97416.

Storage on board KFA wagon CN 97417.

"Worksite: Shawford 67M 61CH- 71M 16CH

66, 1 Loaded Modular Support Bass, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Tilting Wagon, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Support Beam, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Loaded Modular Tilting Wagon, 1 Empty Modular Support Wagon, 1 Kirow Crane Lifting Beam, 1 Colas Rail Kirow Crane, 1 Kirow Crane Counter Weight KFA, 1 Kirow Crane Support Wagon."

Sunday 10 March 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 9th March 2019

47813, now named Jack Frost, sports newly attached miniature snowploughs, and appears to await collection and return to traffic. Some interesting new pipework on the buffer beam.

The same image, but pulled back to include 07007 and stored 313121.

66770, Azuma vinyled 801104 + 08511 in the sidings. It was reported that 800202 worked in with 801104, but I could not identify or locate the second unit.

801104 + 08511 with 800110 (C9) at the staging platform. Part of 442405 seen on the right.