Sunday 31 March 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 31st March 2019

A last look at 66419 in the vestiges of DRS 'Compass' colours. 66415 appears to be the last in traffic with Freightliner in this scheme.

After their busy weekend a week ago, 50049 and 50007 were having a quieter break at the works.

47739 is almost hidden at the left, 47812 and 50049.

47812 which arrived at the works on the 19th February (with 47815).

07007 is parked close to 442414.

At the T&RSMD the IEP trains are 802202 (left) with a Class 08, and 802201 (right, with more livery and logo) for Trans-Pennine Express.

442405 remains in its position.

442424 is marked for 'Cold Storage' in its windscreen.