Monday 29 August 2022

Eastleigh in the morning, 27th August 2022



70004 The Coal Industry Society  4O22 00:47 Trafford Park - Maritime.

At the Works, 73962 Dick Mabbutt appears to have been completed for wheelset repairs. It departed to Tonbridge on 29th, along with 73213.

No obvious sign of change for this coach of 800026.

The trailer coaches of 442412.

Sunday 28 August 2022

Stock move for Transport for Wales, Crampmoor, 27th August 2022

37611 (+ 'GC04' 82230 + 11322 + 10301 + 12316 + 12452 + 12210) 5Q79 17:19 Eastleigh - Landore.

37611 Pegasus.

DVT 82230.

Kitchen Buffet Standard 10301.

Open Standard (End) 12210.

Saturday 27 August 2022

'Midland Pullman' at Eastleigh, 27th August 2022


43047 5Z44 06:52 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) -Eastleigh

A closer view of the recently repainted power car, ready for 1Z44 07:01 Eastleigh - Scarborough.

40802 which was converted to a kitchen car at Eastleigh.

TF 41183, which was repainted in 2021, at Eastleigh, as an additional trailer.

43046 Geoff Drury 1930-1999 on the rear.

Intermodals at Millbrook, 25th August 2022

66082 makes an early start with 4E68 16:15 Soton W Docks Berth 109 - Wakefield Europort.

66539 arriving with 4O35 09:31 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. - Southampton M.C.T.

70011 powers away with 4M99 16:17 Maritime - Basford Hall.

And onwards to the Midlands.

22nd - 27th August 2022


One of the lesser seen of the class, in these parts, 165123 at Millbrook, 25th August.

701046 (arr 25Aug), 701049 (arr 08Aug), and 701050 (arr 17Aug), at Eastleigh 27th August. The Yellow Buses in the airport car park would appear to be from Bournemouth, where the bus company ceased service on 4th August. Xelabus has acquired the Yellow Coaches brand. There was an auction on 10th August. Dealer Ensignbus has acquired many of the buses, and they are being placed across the country now, but do not know why this group are where they are today..

69002 running through St Denys with 4Y19 12:30 Mountfield - Western Docks, 26th August. Image by Ian Knight.

Sunday 21st August: 66021 + 67010 0Z27 14:00 Eastleigh - Wembley one two
Monday 22nd August:
Tuesday 23rd August:

Wednesday 24th August: 
Thursday 25th August: 47727 (+ 701046) 5Q09 08:59 Worksop - Eastleigh one two three four five, 47727 0M10 1743 Eastleigh - Leicester one; 43274 + 43299 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury one
Friday 26th August: 43046 + 43047 5Z20 10:00 Crewe - Eastleigh one two Flick for the day
Saturday 27th August: 43046 + 43047 1Z44 07:01 Eastleigh - Scarborough, 1Z45 16:52 Scarborough - Eastleigh Flickr for the day; 37611 0O86 13:33 Westbury - Eastleigh, 37611 (+ GC04 82230) 5Q79 17:19 Eastleigh - Landore Flickr for the day
Sunday 28th August: 43046 + 43047 5Z21 12:59 Eastleigh - Crewe Flickr for the day

The DRS sale and lease back plan has been cancelled, for reasons not reported. The deadline for interests to be expressed was 29th July. 37602 at Eastleigh is reported as sold to Harry Needle Railroad Company.

Thursday 25 August 2022

New Measurement Train at Millbrook, 25th August 2022

43274 + 975984 + 977994 + 977993 + 975814 + 977984 + 43299 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury

Running slowly through Millbrook, the formation is led by 43274, in its unique EMR based scheme.

A closer view of 43274 (originally 43074, of December 1977).

977995, noted in recent -car formations, had been swapped out for 977984 Staff Coach (HST catering vehicle 40501, as a TRUK once part of 253001 from November 1976).

Returning from the loop, using the bidirectional line, 43299 (originally 43099 of August 1978) leads to Salisbury.

Quick Stop at Aberdour, 26th July 2022


43139 1B80 12:07 Aberdeen - Edinburgh.

43032 on rear of 1B80 12:07 Aberdeen - Edinburgh.

Two pictures of 66746 with 1H79 13:45 Edinburgh - Keith Branch Platform Gbrf.

With Wednesday 27th as a strike day, the Royal Scotsman made a 2 night layover at Kyle of Lochalsh.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

GBRf operated activities at Eastleigh, 19th August 2022


Saying hello to 08629, in a paint scheme from its former duties at Wolverton Works, where it became a works shunter in the 1987 period. New as D3796 in November 1959.

701006 arrived with 5Q61 13:34 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D - Eastleigh Trsmd. All of the 701 workings are currently operated by GBRf. The fairing at the lower front of the train is missing, and is similarly so at the other end, having gone from Feltham to Bournemouth on 21st Feb in this state.

Aesthetically unsatisfactory. Nor is it unique, 701005 was noted in August 2020, again both ends.

66704 Colchester Power Signalbox heading 4M19 11:50 Southampton W Docks (Gbrf) - East Mids Gateway Tml Gbrf

66730 Whitemoor 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury. The crane was DRK 81611.

69004 4Y19 1230 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf)- Southampton W Docks (Gbrf)

Monday 22 August 2022

Freightliner at Eastleigh, 19th August 2022


70004 The Coal Industry Society arriving with 4M61 12:24 Southampton M.C.T. - Trafford Park F.L.T.  The Up Slow from Eastleigh - Shawford is currently unavailable, and this is causing some longer waits in the station.

66587 AS ONE WE CAN approaches with 4Z99 0824 Garston F.L.T. - Southampton M.C.T.

The upper door handle has been subject to a modification, which appears to have been applied across the Freightliner Class 66 fleet since last winter, and seems to be Health and Safety orientated, to prevent fingers being injured by the door.

66599 laying over in the yard, also has the modification.

Sunday 21 August 2022

47739 moving Class 360s, Eastleigh,19th August 2022


47739 (+ 360106) 5Q80 10:00 Cricklewood South Sidings - Eastleigh Works Gbrf.

Approaching the station area.

A glimpse of a cab of 360106, which will now be in Eastleigh Works for about 4 weeks.

47739 (+ 360105) 5Q81 15:10 Eastleigh Works Gbrf - Cricklewood Depot.

A closer view of 47739, which was completed as D1615 at BR Crewe, in August 1964.

Newly re-covered 360105 had entered the Works on 22nd July.

Saturday 20 August 2022

66526 rescues Touax HOA wagon from Botley to Eastleigh, 19th August 2022

Touax HOA wagon 81.70.6774.058-6, delivered in 2020, was stranded at the Foster Yeoman terminal at Botley since 23rd February, after a derailment, which is reported assalso damaging part of the hopper doors, preventing it from being fully unloaded. 47830 shunted the wagon at Botley on 8th.

66526 ran to Botley to recover the wagon as a Class 8 working, with a reversal in Eastleigh East Yard.

8Z10 12:10 Botley Foster Yeoman Flhh to Eastleigh Arlington (Zg), although in practice it ran almost an hour later.

Running through platform 3 at Eastleigh, upon arrival from Botley.

The wagon has been sprayed in graffiti.

Running through platform 2, following the run around.

81.70.6774.058-6 on its final leg into the Works.