Tuesday 23 August 2022

GBRf operated activities at Eastleigh, 19th August 2022


Saying hello to 08629, in a paint scheme from its former duties at Wolverton Works, where it became a works shunter in the 1987 period. New as D3796 in November 1959.

701006 arrived with 5Q61 13:34 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D - Eastleigh Trsmd. All of the 701 workings are currently operated by GBRf. The fairing at the lower front of the train is missing, and is similarly so at the other end, having gone from Feltham to Bournemouth on 21st Feb in this state.

Aesthetically unsatisfactory. Nor is it unique, 701005 was noted in August 2020, again both ends.

66704 Colchester Power Signalbox heading 4M19 11:50 Southampton W Docks (Gbrf) - East Mids Gateway Tml Gbrf

66730 Whitemoor 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury. The crane was DRK 81611.

69004 4Y19 1230 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf)- Southampton W Docks (Gbrf)