Saturday 20 August 2022

66526 rescues Touax HOA wagon from Botley to Eastleigh, 19th August 2022

Touax HOA wagon 81.70.6774.058-6, delivered in 2020, was stranded at the Foster Yeoman terminal at Botley since 23rd February, after a derailment, which is reported assalso damaging part of the hopper doors, preventing it from being fully unloaded. 47830 shunted the wagon at Botley on 8th.

66526 ran to Botley to recover the wagon as a Class 8 working, with a reversal in Eastleigh East Yard.

8Z10 12:10 Botley Foster Yeoman Flhh to Eastleigh Arlington (Zg), although in practice it ran almost an hour later.

Running through platform 3 at Eastleigh, upon arrival from Botley.

The wagon has been sprayed in graffiti.

Running through platform 2, following the run around.

81.70.6774.058-6 on its final leg into the Works.