Wednesday 10 August 2022

An hour at Aberdour, 14th July 2022

 Still then on the temporary timetable, which included a stopping HST at Aberdour.

43021 (+ 43126) 1A91 17:30 Edinburgh - Aberdeen.

43144 1L25 17:50 Edinburgh - Dundee, stopping train. This last operated on 19th July, after which the full timetable was resumed.

TS 42208 of set HA06.

43183 on the rear.

800107 1W20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen.

LNER ran a series of hastily organised Open Golf specials from Edinburgh to Leuchars and Dundee. 800113 seemed to be the assigned train for all workings, here with 1Z06 1826 Leuchars - Edinburgh.