Sunday, 11 November 2018

Diverts at Dunbridge, 10th November 2018

A bit of a damp day.

66524 4O14 07:29 Lawley Street - Maritime. Also seen by Mike Lalley.

70006 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. Again also seen by Mike Lalley. 70006 had worked north on 4M98 on the day before, arriving at Garston at 00:35.

66558 0Z26 10:20 Hinksey - Swindon -Melksham - Westbury - Maritime. A 6O26 Hinksey - Eastleigh was in the timetable, running vi Petersfield, and the light engine was then to route via Fareham to Maritime. This working became the alternative with no load. So wet and dark at this time that I had taken to the protection of the platform shelter.

70015 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime. This locomotive was reinstated from storage last week.

66221 6N01 14: 25 St Denys - Laverstock - Woking - Petersfield - Eastleigh East Yard. Seen earlier at St Denys. 66221 had worked light engine 0N01 from Westbury to Eastleigh on Friday evening.

No Leeds, Margam or Mountfield services, although these were in the timetable.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

5th - 10th November 2018

70006 passes Romsey with 4M98 17:30 Maritime - Garston, 9th November.

Monday 5th November: 60062 7O43 21:12 Westbury - Eastleigh
Tuesday 6th November: 60062 7V98 03:28 Eastleigh - Merehead, 7O44 21:12 Westbury - Botley one; 37219 23:11 Reading - Portsmouth - Woking - Eastleigh; 442404 + 442414 5Q42 16:50 Fratton - Southampton - Woking - Southampton - Fratton one two three
Wednesday 7th November: 60062 7V97 02:59 Botley - Merehead; 59003 0Z60 09:42 Doncaster - Eastleigh (but went to Westbury before going to Eastleigh) one two three; 442404 + 442414 4Q30 10:25 Fratton - Bournemouth, 5Q31 14:09 Bournemouth - Fratton one; 37219 at Eastleigh one
Thursday 8th November: 180112 5Q86 08:45 Crofton - Eastleigh one two; 60062 7O44 21:12 Westbury - Botley one two three four five six; 37219 23:44 Eastleigh - Romsey- Bristol; 
Friday 9th November: 60062 7V97 02:59 Botley - Merehead; 180102 5Q12 10:21 Eastleigh - Heaton one two
Saturday 10th November: 395017 + 395018 1Z85 12:48 Portsmouth Harbour - Southampton one two three four, 1Z86 14:10 Southampton - Portsmouth Harbour one two three

It's possible that 60062 may have had other nocturnal workings.

47813 outside Eastleigh Works

66413 named Lest We Forget at Southampton on 5th November. A further Tweet. At work this week one two three four five

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Diesels at the Churnet Valley Railway, 20th October 2018

In addition to 33021.

20057 (D8057 delivered in May 1961 to Sheffield Darnall, withdrawn 1994) has had a nomadic retirement, where I have previously seen it at Long Marston and Butterley, and it was at Barrow Hill as well. The engine is currently removed for overhaul and repair, in the adjacent shed, but it it appears that this will be a challenging restoration.

Former Eastleigh allocated 33102. I recall this working with the "Swedish Scrubber" at Salisbury in the early 1990s, for which it was dedicated locomotive, with smoke emerging from the bogies / underframe which did not look encouraging. I don't recall a train consist like that once seen at Grateley. Withdrawn 6th November 1992, and now preserved at the Churnet Valley Railway for 25 years. When seen it was poorly, but was revived by the middle of the day.

6 Roger H Bennett is a Yorkshire Engine 'Janus' (works no. 2748 of 1959), which arrived at the Churnet Valley in 2008.

D3800 (BR Derby, December 1959) is the former 08633. Latterly it was shunter at Axiom Rail in Stoke. The vacuum brake has been reinstated in preservation.

PAA 4 wheel open sand hopper wagon WBB 30025 (formerly BIS 7954) was part of orders split between Standard Wagon and WH Davis in 1981-83 (this example appears to be from WH Davis). This type of wagon was the last to carry sand from Oakamoor in 1988 when the traffic ceased to go by rail. 

Monday, 5 November 2018

Three Class 70s, Eastleigh, 3rd November 2018

 Two shots of 70008 starting away with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime.

70008 returned to traffic in June with clean bogies.

This is believed to be 70010's first working 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime after return to service from storage, into which it was placed in May. The bogies are not clean.

G&W report "Return of remaining excess equipment now less likely due to strong commercial demand" & "Hiring and training of new U.K. locomotive drivers top priority for new and existing business".

70006 trundles in with 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime. Again this locomotive was stored in May, and reinstated in September.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Eastleigh Works, 3rd November 2018

73101 formerly The Royal Alex, new in October 1965 and withdrawn in May 2002. 

The Freightliner HTAs seen last week appear to be gone, apart from their bogies. The IIAs from GBRf traffic appear now to belong to Touax, the logos are newly applied. This is 37 70 6791 045-7 built by IRS in Romania in 2008. Returning to traffic for the winter?

Similar 37 70 6791 066-3.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Science & Industry Museum, Manchester, 16th October

The Science & Industry Museum, formerly MOSI (Museum of Science of Industry), at the Liverpool Road Station. I had visited the location once before, for The Great Railway Exposition in 1980.

Rocket of 1829, on tour, having already visited Newcastle, eventually headed for York.

Novelty replica of 1929, incorporating wheels and one cylinder of the original from 1829. The 1980 replica is now at the Swedish Railway Museum, Gävle,

Planet replica of 1992.

EM2 (Class 77) NS 1505 (27001) ARIADNE built by BR at Gorton Works, new to traffic in March 1954.

Cab of EM1 76039 HECTOR (26048, 76048 ) built at Gorton Works, entering traffic in October 1952. Seen here in BR traffic at Penistone.

This locomotive latterly ran in an air brake only configuration.

Yes, I do know that Manchester was historically in Lancashire.

Campbell Road Bridge - to be strengthened and refurbished, 3rd November 2018

Daily Echo: 'More needs to be done' - reaction as railways get a £2bn funding boost

"Network Rail will deliver track renewals at Shawford and Eastleigh, as well strengthening and refurbishing the railway bridge at Campbell Road, Eastleigh."

Today, 3rd November

Meanwhile, daytime closures in week of 12th November.