Wednesday 17 July 2024

Notes from Eastleigh, 15th July 2024


458427 5Q94 11:18 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D - Wimbledon Park Depot Sdgs. - possibly heading to join the working fleet.

73141 Spa Valley Railway arrives as 0Y72 08:42 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf - Eastleigh Works Gbrf. 73961 later came off the Works, but just after I gave up waiting.

47810 Crewe Diesel Depot 0Z45 10:25 Southall Loco Services Ltd - Poole S. S.

The locomotive was paused in platform 3, before working onward to recover Mk 3 coach 11082.

802007 5X83 12:29 Royal Oak Sidings - Eastleigh Works Gbrf, for work by Hitachi.

The final coach was PDTRBF 835007.

56094 arrived light engine from Hinksey.

Sunday 14 July 2024

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 14th July 2024


A clearer view of PDTS 811105 of 800105, with completed yaw damper mount repairs, but still awaiting numbers.

50026 Indomitable.

50007 Hercules has been sanded down as part of its repaint.

701046, retrieved from Marchwood on11th, 701006 and 701510. 

Miscellaneous Notes at Eastleigh, 11th July 2024


PDTS 811105 of 800105, showing the completed repair at the yaw damper mount. This IEP entered the Works on 11th December 2023.

Completed repairs on MS 813105. The numbers were not re-applied to all of the coaches, but that has previously been seen as a last day task.

220005 has a recently applied 'Pride' Cross-Country logo.

221115 recently transferred to the Cross Country fleet from Avanti West Coast.

66301 entered the Works, purpose not known, 0Z66 12:32 Eastleigh East Yard - Eastleigh Works.

'Hawk JNA-Y wagon 81.70.5831.257-7 comes from an extension of the conversion activity beyond the earlier 250 examples, now raised to 320. recorded as new on 18th April.

Saturday 13 July 2024

69008 extracts 701046 from Marchwood, 11th July 2024

The narrative appears to have been that 69008 Richard Howe came down from Wimbledon on Monday 8th, but something prevented it from going to Marchwood to collect 701046. 69010 came down from Leicester on 9th, but failed to couple up to 701046, so returned light engine to Wimbledon and onward to Leicester. 69008 moved to the Works on the 9th, and was able to work to Marchwood from there on 11th. 701046 was extracted to schedule on this day, where the train entered Eastleigh East Yard as scheduled for a planned wait, but it became 'game over' for the day, and 69008 returned light engine to Leicester.

UPDATE: By Sunday 14th, 701046 was in the T&RSMD sidings, close to the airport.

69008 started and running at Eastleigh Works.

69008 then ran through platform 3 and reversed at this location to run through platform 2. There were public addresses to say that there was a points problem, and it appeared to be stopping traffic from Down Slow into platform 3.

Departing for Marchwood, 0Z84 11:11 Eastleigh East Yard - Marchwood Mod Gbrf

Returning over two hours later, 69008 + 701046 5Q84 13:15 Marchwood M.O.D. - Eastleigh.

Running through platform 2.

One end of 701046, which went into storage on 22nd March 2023.

69008 + 701046 paused before entering the yard, where the forward working was cancelled.

Class 50 move to Alton, Eastleigh, 11th July 2024

50008 Thunderer + 50021 Rodney + 4-TC
3Z50 11:33 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) - Eastleigh
1Z50 12:05 Eastleigh - Alton

The 4-TC leads in the reverse move from the Works into platform 3.

50008 + 50021 in platform 3.

50021 + 50008 prepared for the off - an early departure was made.

8th - 13th July 2024

35028 Clan Line passes Southampton Maritime with 'The End of Southern Steam' on 9th July. Image by Ian Knight.

5902 passes Millbrook as 5B39 10:01 Wimbledon Park - Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D, 9th July. This unit was new from BREL York in February 1985.

458426 on test as 5Q90 11:19 Bournemouth - Basingstoke, Millbrook, 9th July. This unit, built by Alstom, at Washford Heath, was delivered in April 2001, and most recently redelivered from Alstom, Widnes, one week previously

458412, new in May 2000, was moved to Widnes on 14th  May as 458512, then returned as 458412 on 11th June.

701008 was running as 5Q51 11:14 Waterloo - Staines Up Loop. Originally delivered on 1st September 2020, then sent to Widnes on 26th May 2021, taken out of storage at Worksop in April, and redelivered from Derby to Wimbledon on 17th June.

Monday 8th July: 69008 0Z26 17:51 Wimbledon Park (earlier re-delivered 701010) - Eastleigh Flickr for the day
Tuesday 9th July: 69010 0Z10 06:00 Leicester - Marchwood (was planned to extract 701046 after 15 months of storage), 0Q84 / 0Z84 13:15 Marchwood - Wimbledon Park (to return to Leicester - an apparent waste of time and energy) Flickr for the day; 35028 + 47812 1Z96 17:36 Weymouth - Waterloo Flickr for the day
Wednesday 10th July:
Thursday 11th July: 50008 + 50021  (+ 4-TC) 1Z50 12:05 Eastleigh - Alton Flickr for the day; 69008 0Z84 11:11 Eastleigh - Marchwood, 69008 (+ 701046) 5Q84 13:15 Marchwood - Eastleigh - Wimbledon Park; 69008 0Z09 14:44 Eastleigh - Leicester one; 59104 0O59 18:17 Westbury -Maritime, 0W66 19:45 Maritime - Alton Flickr for the day
Friday 12th July: 802014 5X80 11:31 Eastleigh - Reading one; 69012 0Z12 12:59 Eastleigh Works - Tonbridge Flickr for the day; 43059 0Z44 08:15 Crewe - Eastleigh one two Flickr for the day
Saturday 13th July:

69012 is named FALCON 2, and carries the second version of the two-tone green livery once worn by D0280. one two three 

"DB Cargo now runs a new flow from East Midlands Gateway to Southampton and return 5 days a week , 4M55 and 4O55." It seems that the Maritime Transport traffic was taken from GBRf, and the flow operates to and from the Maritime terminal given capacity issues at Western Docks. 4M54 seems to be the actual working rather than 4M55. 
  • 4O55 21:51 East Mids Gateway Tml Dbc to Southampton M.C.T. Ews
  • 4M54 09:29 Southampton M.C.T. Ews to East Mids Gateway Tml Dbc
The lunchtime GBRf 4M19 11:47 Western Docks - East Midlands Gateway does not appear to be running, possibly in consequence.

Friday 12 July 2024

Freight at Millbrook, 9th July 2024


66753 EMD Roberts Road 0B44 12:18 Marchwood - Eastleigh East Yard.

70016 4O14 06:39 Basford Hall - Maritime.

66078 4O43 04:28 Wakefield Europort - Soton W Docks Berth 109.

66585 4M61 12:56 Maritime - Trafford Park.

70002 4M65 13:12 Maritime - Lawley Street.

70008 + 66532 P&O Nedlloyd Atlas 4O90 06:04 Leeds - Maritime. There were 6 KTA wagons in the rake, including two noted on the preceding Saturday.

66775 HMS Argyll 4M46 14:21 Western Docks - Trafford Pk Euro Tml Gbrf.