Saturday, 16 October 2021

11th - 16th October 2021

Monday 11th October:
Tuesday 12th October:
Wednesday 13th October:
43468 in base for H+H / RailAdventure outside at Eastleigh Works
Thursday 14th October:
Friday 15th October: 769946 5Q09 13:18 Oxford - Eastleigh one, 769959 5Q10 15:45 Eastleigh - Reading
Saturday 16th October:

is within the Eastleigh Works compound

Class 442: It seems that all four remaining coaches of 442412, and also some TS vehicles from units recently noted in the scrap line, are being retained meantime in Arlington ownership.

H+H RailAdventure power cars at Munich on 5th October: one two three four

Container ports crisis now in mainstream media - Southampton Container Port Status

Elsewhere, Freightliner are parking all of their Class 90 fleet, and DRS the Class 88, in response to energy pricing. A position from the RMT, and from The Railfreight Group.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Fife Circle coaches for Network Rail

On 26th August, there was a 5V22 08:55 Motherwell Tmd (Drs) to Canton Sidings , where 37716 hauled Mk2f TSO coaches 5971, 6001, 6117, 6122, 5995 and 6008 for delivery from DRS to Network Rail for test train usage. These coaches are fitted with retention tank toilets, and are expected to replace those currently hired by Network Rail from ERS.

All pictures at Aberdour on the Fife Circle, unless shown.

All of these coaches were built to Lot 30860 in 1973-74. Before DRS these were in the Cargo-D fleet.

5971, 29th August 2019. Earlier seen on the Cumbrian Coast on 17th October 2016.

6001, 15th April 2015.

6117, 18th April 2019. This coach once ran in the Wessex Trains pink set.

6122, 17th April 2019.

5995, at Workington, 17th October 2016.

6008, 29th August 2019.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 12th October 2021

769928 arrived on 29th September.

442412 is the last MBS-less set remaining at the works. TEA wagon GERS 89014 is one of four in a line.

57302 Chad Varah remains in storage in the works, having arrived in December 2017.

59003 is back on the works as a black sheep.

62682 of 317722, which has otherwise been scrapped. This coach has ac traction equipment.

57002 Rail Express in the doors of the works, having arrived on 20th September. It is in to swap bogies with 57303.

08507 came to move 57002, but it pushed it further into the works.

Repainted 41183 for Locomotive Services, and 701025 receiving remedial attention. The scaffolding is used for overhaul of TEA wagons.

701032, 701019 and 701022 in the T&RSMD area.

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Freight at Dunbridge and Romsey, 7th October 2021


66617 6V62 13:21 Up Yard - Whatley. The KEA after the locomotive was VTG 3196.

       66571 4M65 13:45 Maritime - Lawley Street, in which the KTA was GERS 97733. Only the leading end of the train was loaded.

Covering for 59003, was 66781 (the former 66016) 0V40 14:05 Eastleigh - Westbury.

66415 You are Never Alone 7V09 13:41 Chichester - Merehead.

    Two pictures, at Romsey, of 70020 with 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime.

The same 22 KTA wagons as on Friday 1st, but shuffled somewhat. GERS 97716 seen here as the last wagon.

Saturday, 9 October 2021

4th - 9th October 2021


DR 98964 + DR98914 approach Dunbridge with 06:11 Totton - Salisbury - Basingstoke - Yeovil - Southampton - Basingstoke - Totton RHTT working, 7th October.

Monday 4th October:
Tuesday 5th October:
37419 noted outside at Eastleigh Works
Wednesday 6th October:
Thursday 7th October:
37099 one two 3Q39 22:48 Westbury - Romsey - Eastleigh - Fawley - Totton - Lymington Pier - Eastleigh - Romsey - Westbury
Friday 8th October: 360121 outside at Eastleigh Works
Saturday 9th October: 57310 5Q86 10:37 Doncaster West Yard - Eastleigh (ex Grand Central Mk 4 coaches set GC01/WB01 for TfW 82201 + 11319 + 10318 + 12310 + 12434 + 12211, as taken to Worksop on 26th February by 47812) one two three, 0M57 17:48 Eastleigh - Derby    

Container problems at the ports, where UK ports are congested and containers are being offloaded into Europe for forwarding. "The UK’s main container ports are overwhelmed with unclaimed imports and starting to refuse the restitution of empty boxes urgently needed back in Asia.", "prime minister Boris Johnson yesterday denied there was a crisis, but also said that the UK’s “world leading” logistics industry could fix it. But one UK forwarder said the prime minster was “deranged”. “Bob the builder, I am not,” he added."      

A third rake of the new FFA-G wagons has arrived, and was sent to Crewe. 1½ rakes, or their equivalents are understood to be in traffic, and have now also been noted on 4O29 Basford Hall - Maritime.

59003 was in use on Tuesday, but seems to have been stopped at Eastleigh after 6O41 on Wednesday, and is heading back into the Works.

34067 Tangmere out on a test run.

60009 Union of South Africa has steamed for the last time. On the day of the return to the main line on 5th May 1973, I witnessed it complete the first climb to Dalgety summit from Inverkeithing, on its way to Dundee. Here is a memory from an earlier period, on the stops at Aberdeen, having arrived 1Z10 from Edinbirgh via Stirling and Perth, 1st September 1979. A line of GUVs on right.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Loco hauled at Romsey, 1st October 2021


66534 OOCL Express + 66594 NYK Spirit of Kyoto 0O80 13:05 Stoke Gifford - Eastleigh.

Departing view of 66594.

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER + 66728 Institution of Railway Operators + 66181 running as 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury, which was formed of MHA and MPA wagons.

59102 Village of Chantry leading 7V07 13:41 Chichester - Merehead.

Needing a wash, 66416 was at the front of 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime.

The first KTA wagon was GERS 97771. There were 22 KTA wagons in the rake, a mix of those in the earlier 'KTA Liner' rakes, with some others mixed in.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Freight at Romsey, 30th September.

A brief snapshot, two freights in half an hour.

66524 (again) with 6V62 13:21 Up Yard - Whatley.

70007 leading 4M65 13:45 Maritime - Lawley Street, which was rather sparse of containers, only about six, and mainly at the end of the rake.

KFA wagon TIPH 93422 was one of two leading in the formation.

One of the rarer wagons as used by Freightliner is the IKA 'Megafret' pair, here represented by 33.68.4909.407-1 built by Arbel Fauvet between 1990 and 2004.