Sunday 28 February 2016

70803 reported derailed and damaged, 27th February 2016

The incident appears to have occurred in the earlier hours of Saturday morning at Ivybridge in Devon, while in an engineering possession. One or two wagons and 70803 became derailed, and there are reports of collision damage to the locomotive.

"both drivers are ok, shaken but ok"

"rerailing equipment from Wigan is being sent to assist as local resources aren't sufficient"

"It would appear that 70803+6C24+70808 has hit the rear of 7Y75. 70803 has fortunately remained upright"

"it could take 12 hours just to get the loco back on as there are no rails left under it that you could get wheels onto atleast, they are both ripped from the pandrols, crippled and on their sides.
"There is also no buffing gear left on the loco (some of it on the floor, the rest of it broken) which wall also make onward movement to any where tricky until that's sorted."

Updated Mon 29th:
"The loco worked to Tavi(stock Junction) under its own power inside the possession last night but will need some repairs before onward movement."

Links and sources: one two three

Reported location: Old crossover location to west of viaduct - one two

Updated Wed 2nd:
Pictures at Tavistock Junction showing damage at each end, with a case of 'Class 31 droop' at one end, where the panel has now been removed: one (loco end facing Plymouth) two (facing Exeter)

Further picture from 2nd: three

Updated Sat 5th:

Further picture from 3rd: four

21st November 2015

Saturday 27 February 2016

Dowlow Briggs Stone Working, Saturday 27th February 2016

I think for the first time working on a Saturday. The working had come south from Dowlow Briggs Siding to Wembley on 26th with 66130.

6Z11 04:33 Wembley European Freight Operations Centre - Southampton Up Yard
6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Wembley European Freight Operations Centre

Passing Romsey in the morning, passing at 07:22 about 26 minutes after sunrise.
The train consist was of 14 JNA wagons, this 34xx batch being converted from 8xxxx series TEA bogie tank wagons by Marcroft in 1998 for Railtrack usage under CAIB ownership. The current owner is VTG and these appear to be in use in Tunstead and related diagrams. Leader of this batch 3400 is pictured. Some more details on the type in this accident report.
The last wagon was 3452.
The return working ran early on its first leg, and was approaching Eastleigh, on the new track, at 14: 48.
The subject here is 3411. with 3412 preceding.

Eastleigh Observations, 27th February 2016

66593 3MG MerseyMultimodal Gateway on 4O14  07:37 HamsHall - Maritime.
66199 shunting a container consist, which earlier was in the East Yard - arrived as 4O43 06:31 Birch Coppice - Eastleigh Yard.
66591 4O54 05:27 Leeds - Maritime.
66012 4O39 10:44 MorrisCowley - EasternDocks
66595 4O29 08:15 Basford Hall - Maritime
ZCA 'Sea Urchin' wagon 460224 - built upon the chassis of a SPA steel plate carrier wagon constructed at Shildon in 1979 to Lot 3939.

22nd - 27th February 2016

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER is back at Eastleigh Works, having been worked south via Tonbridge,
66770, delivered in December 2014, and into traffic in March 2015.

Monday 22nd February: 
Tuesday 23rd February: 66130 6Z11 10:00 (Mon) Dowlow Briggs Sdgs - Laverstock - Southampton Up Yard, 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Dowlow Briggs Sdgs one
Wednesday 24th February:
Thursday 25th February:
Friday 26th February: 70810 + 47739  6Y48 09:01 Eastleigh - Hoo one two three four; 08696 moved by road from Eastleigh Works to Wembley.
Saturday 27th February:  66133 6Z11 04:33 Wembley - Laverstock - Southampton Up Yard, 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Wembley

Sunday 21 February 2016

Eastleigh, 20th February 2016

66067 seen over the fence next to Lidl.
DRP81525 is a Plasser & Theurer heavy duty diesel hydraulic crane (number 5523 of 1981), originally operated by the BR Civil Engineer and designed to handle switch and crossing renewals as well as general permanent way functions.
158881 diverges for Romsey as 66955 approaches with 4O14 07:37 HamsHall-Maritime, which stopped in platform 3 for a crew change.
70007 passes through at speed with 4O27 0521 Garston-Maritime.
Now a real survivor, 08904 shunts in the yard. New as D4134 in June 1962 from Horwich, allocated to 14E Bedford.
DB980087 a YGB 40 tonne 'Seacow' ballast hopper built at BR Shildon to Lot 3966 in 1981-82. The earlier 'Sealion' of 1970 was developed from the SR 'Walrus', itself developed from an LSWR desig of 1903.
70019 departs with 4O54 05:27 Leeds-Maritime.
66540 Ruby passes in light rain with 4O29 08:15 BasfordHall-Maritime. The locomotive name was applied in January 2006 to mark the 40th anniversary of Freightliner.

Saturday 20 February 2016

15th - 20th February 2016

47739 Robin of Templecombe, at Eastleigh, 20th February.
The locomotive entered traffic as D1615 on 29th August 1964.

Monday 15th February: 66009 6Z11 10:00 Dowlow Briggs Sdgs -Southampton Up Yard
Tuesday 16th February: 66009 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Dowlow Briggs Sdgs one two
Wednesday 17th February: 47739 0Y68 07:17 Wimbledon - Eastleigh one
Thursday 18th February: 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh one
Friday 19th February: 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh one two
Saturday 20th February: 59202 5Z58 04:00 Eastleigh - Banbury one, 5Z60 22:45 Banbury- Eastleigh; 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 25Jan - 28Jan - 29Jan

'Caledonian Sleeper' livery 67010 has been in the area, it worked to the docks on Friday, but languished in the East Yard at Eastleigh on Saturday one two

EMU coach 70660, Eastleigh Works, 20th March 2005

Car 70660 was built and delivered in 4-CEP unit 7205 as a TSK (Trailer Second Corridor) in December 1962, as part of Lot 30710 from BR Eastleigh, on frames built at Ashford. Refurbished as a TSOL into 1620 November 1983. This became departmental 932620 in January 1993 and was used for central door locking trials, later equipped with overhead line pantograph as part of test of the Onyx drive system for the Juniper EMU fleet, but came out of use at least by 2001, latterly the coaches were used for trial liveries. Scrapped on site by Robert Nicholas Steels in November 2005.

Friday 19 February 2016

Watercress Line Spring Steam Gala, 14th February 2016

Four images from Ian Knight.

SR Maunsell Q 30541 at Ropley.
LSWR Drummond T9 30120 arrives at Ropley.
LMS Ivatt 2MT tank 41312 at Ropley.
LMS Stanier 5MT 45379 at Alresford.

Saturday 13 February 2016

37603 returns test train to Derby, Eastleigh, 13th February 2016

3Z09 10:49 Eastleigh Arlington - Derby, following 3Q05 22:29 (Fri) Eastleigh - Wimbledon - Portsmouth - Wimbledon - Eastleigh

37603 was completed new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6739 on 18th May 1962, and allocated to 50B Hull Dairycoates. Air brakes were fitted in August 1971. It was renumbered 37039 in February 1974. Entered Crewe Works for Heavy General Overhaul in September 1985, and emerged as 37504  in March 1986. Renumbered 37603 in May 1996 and transferred to European Passenger Services, then to DRS  between November 2007 and February 2008.
BSO 9523, from BR Derby Lot 30861, entering traffic in June 1974. Since January 2013 operating for Network Rail as a Staff Coach /Brake Force Runner.
Ultrasonic Test Train coach 999605 has been through repairs and repaint since last seen in June 2013. Built in 1974 as 62482 and saw service in last build 4-REP 3015.
37603 is pushing through the works towards the exit. Since 37601, 37603 and 37604 spent more time idle with EPS, they have the lowest engine hours in the DRS fleet, and in early January this was 6251 hours, which compares with more than twice that number for locomotives now being disposed of.
Driving Trailer Coach (formerly DBSO) 9701.
37603 lays down some smoke as it moves the train slowly towards the station.
Approaching the platform. Rather unusually, one marker light was on while red lights were displayed as expected - this was resolved before Reading: one two.
The departure from Eastleigh station was 40 minutes early.

Further pictures: one two three

CE workings at Romsey, 13th February 2016

66088 draws into Romsey with 07:16 Eastleigh - Romsey, which, after a short break, proceeded into the section.
MLA 503518 (Wagony Swidnica, 2008) loaded with fresh ballast.
JNA NLU29381 (Astra Vagoane, Romania, 2003-05).
Nominally running one hour later, 66559 passes the station with track panels 6Y81 08:17 Eastleigh East Yard - Romsey, moving onwards directly. This locomotive worked from Crewe to Stoke Gifford on Thursday, and onward to Eastleigh on Friday.

40 minutes in the dark at Romsey, 11th February 2016

66507 leads  6Y19 17:50 Fairwater Yard - Micheldever
66951 on the rear.
70808 with 6V31 20:13Eastleigh - Westbury.
66067 leads 6E15 20:09 Eastleigh - Scunthorpe, slowly approaching a red signal. It also worked the earlier southbound working: one two
Perch YEA 979131 (Lot 4055 BR Doncaster 1985) in the consist. References: one two

8th - 13th February 2016

Sunday 7th February: 60039 0Vxx 20:05 Eastleigh - Reading - Westbury one two
Monday 8th February:
Tuesday 9th February: 66165 worked 6Z11 20:32 Dowlow Briggs Sdgs - Laverstock - Southampton Up Yard one
Wednesday 10th February: 66431 6Z70 01:27 Crewe - Eastleigh one two; 37603 3Z04 10:27 Hither Green - Eastleigh one two three; 66165 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Dowlow Briggs Sdgs one two three
Thursday 11th February: 73107 + 73138 1Q85 05:56 Woking  - Southampton GL - Southampton - Southampton DGL - Hither Green one two; 31452 0Y57 09:00 Derby - Eastleigh one two three; 37603 3Q15 21:45 Eastleigh - Brighton - Eastleigh one
Friday 12th February: 31452 Eastleigh - Crewe one two three; 37603 3Q05 22:29 Eastleigh - Wimbledon - Portsmouth - Wimbledon - Eastleigh
Saturday 13th February: 37603 3Z09 10:49 Eastleigh - Derby

60039 is now at Westbury one two three four five six

Eastleigh Works: 19Jan -20Jan - 21Jan

Sunday 7 February 2016

Miscellaneous Notes, 7th February 2016

Coal fired power station closures

This week's news brought news of an earlier than expected closure for most of Fiddler's Ferry Power Station. Updated: 11Feb to reflect Rugeley closure.

Not intended as a definitive list, but to give scope to the downsizing of merry-go-round operations which we have seen over the last 50 years. A transition to gas will reduce railway traffic, and we already hear of modern coal hoppers being sent for scrap, Unfortunately this can only be expected to continue, as more than half of our recent historical coal fuelled capacity will be closed by April.

Name County Operator Units Capacity Closure Notes
Aberthaw S Glamorgan RWE 3 @ 520MW 1.6GW by 2023 Also burning biomass
Cottam Notts EDF 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025
Drax N Yorks Drax Group 6@ 660MW 4GW 3 units burning biomass
Eggborough N Yorks Eggborough Power 4@ 500MW 2GW Mar-16 773MW retained in reserve to Mar -17
Ferrybridge C W Yorks SSE 4@ 500MW 2GW Mar-16 Latterly only 1 unit
Fiddler's Ferry Cheshire SSE 4@ 500MW 2GW Apr-16 Was contracted to 2019, 1 unit to continue derated 
Ironbridge Shropshire E.ON 2@ 500MW 1GW Nov-15
Longannet Fife Scottish Power (Iberdrola) 4@ 600MW 2.4GW Mar-16
Ratcliffe-on-Soar Notts E.ON 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025
Rugeley Staffs Engie 2@ 500MW 1GW summer 2016
West Burton Lincs EDF 4@ 500MW 2GW by 2025

Of the total of 20.5GW nominally available, going into winter 2015-16, 9.9GW will close by April - 48%, although 0.8GW is to be kept in reserve at Eggborough. This equates to about 20% of typical UK demand, which can be monitored here.

As I write this on a Sunday afternoon, with comfortable temperature for February, coal is providing 5.4GW into the National Grid, this has however peaked at 14 to 15GW during the recent coal snap - and we will only have 10GW nominal total capacity next year.

With the announced closure of much of Fiddler's Ferry, and that at Longannet, the future of Hunterston deep water facility again appears challenging. Originally constructed as an importation location for iron ore for Ravenscraig, this has dispatched coal to both Longannet, Fiddler's Ferry and Drax, the latter generating 2 trains a day in each direction over the Settle & Carlisle route. Fiddlers's Ferry also has gypsum traffic from Newbiggin on the S&C.

FT article 7th February

New Class 66s - the last of the line.

Given the above item, I suspect that more Class 66 may be exported within Europe, as some operators may have excess capacity.

DRS Tender List & disposala

20312 has been withdrawn from the list - so that it can be used for spares for repairs on the remaining fleet, currently at Barrow Hill.

47805 + 20312 + 47790 were dragged to Crewe by 68003 on 5th February: one two three four five six seven eight nine

The 47s are due to transfer to Locomotive Services, where already resident 47501 is understood to have been repainted for further usage.

66519 at the virtual quarry, Eastleigh, 6th February 2016

66519 had arrived at the East Yard with 6O26 from Hinksey, including 60039 in consist (not that I was aware at the time!). It then proceeded to the virtual quarry to collect a train of ballast, seen here hooked up while the train was being checked and counted.
Now edging forward. 66519 is EMD 998145-14 / 2000 and is leased to Freightliner from Eversholt.
MHA 394239 an open box wagon, running on the former underframe of a HAA merry-go-round coal hoppers of 1964 - 77 construction. The conversion was made in 1998 at 'RFS(E) Doncaster' marked by the plate on the underframe, also marked with a disk 'Genly Repaired 1001 1 1998'.
MTA 395066 is an open box wagon, converted at RFS, Doncaster in 1999-2000 and running on the former underframe of TTA tank wagon SUKO 65518.
Similar MTA 395090 was TTA SUKO 65717.
MHA 396153, similar to 394239 in being re-built on the underframe of an HAA, this time at Marcroft, Stoke in 2007, but with some visible detail differences.