Saturday 27 February 2016

Dowlow Briggs Stone Working, Saturday 27th February 2016

I think for the first time working on a Saturday. The working had come south from Dowlow Briggs Siding to Wembley on 26th with 66130.

6Z11 04:33 Wembley European Freight Operations Centre - Southampton Up Yard
6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Wembley European Freight Operations Centre

Passing Romsey in the morning, passing at 07:22 about 26 minutes after sunrise.
The train consist was of 14 JNA wagons, this 34xx batch being converted from 8xxxx series TEA bogie tank wagons by Marcroft in 1998 for Railtrack usage under CAIB ownership. The current owner is VTG and these appear to be in use in Tunstead and related diagrams. Leader of this batch 3400 is pictured. Some more details on the type in this accident report.
The last wagon was 3452.
The return working ran early on its first leg, and was approaching Eastleigh, on the new track, at 14: 48.
The subject here is 3411. with 3412 preceding.