Saturday, 20 February 2016

15th - 20th February 2016

47739 Robin of Templecombe, at Eastleigh, 20th February.
The locomotive entered traffic as D1615 on 29th August 1964.

Monday 15th February: 66009 6Z11 10:00 Dowlow Briggs Sdgs -Southampton Up Yard
Tuesday 16th February: 66009 6Z14 14:48 Southampton Up Yard - Dowlow Briggs Sdgs one two
Wednesday 17th February: 47739 0Y68 07:17 Wimbledon - Eastleigh one
Thursday 18th February: 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh one
Friday 19th February: 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh one two
Saturday 20th February: 59202 5Z58 04:00 Eastleigh - Banbury one, 5Z60 22:45 Banbury- Eastleigh; 47739 in sidings at Eastleigh

Eastleigh Works: 25Jan - 28Jan - 29Jan

'Caledonian Sleeper' livery 67010 has been in the area, it worked to the docks on Friday, but languished in the East Yard at Eastleigh on Saturday one two