Sunday, 7 February 2016

66519 at the virtual quarry, Eastleigh, 6th February 2016

66519 had arrived at the East Yard with 6O26 from Hinksey, including 60039 in consist (not that I was aware at the time!). It then proceeded to the virtual quarry to collect a train of ballast, seen here hooked up while the train was being checked and counted.
Now edging forward. 66519 is EMD 998145-14 / 2000 and is leased to Freightliner from Eversholt.
MHA 394239 an open box wagon, running on the former underframe of a HAA merry-go-round coal hoppers of 1964 - 77 construction. The conversion was made in 1998 at 'RFS(E) Doncaster' marked by the plate on the underframe, also marked with a disk 'Genly Repaired 1001 1 1998'.
MTA 395066 is an open box wagon, converted at RFS, Doncaster in 1999-2000 and running on the former underframe of TTA tank wagon SUKO 65518.
Similar MTA 395090 was TTA SUKO 65717.
MHA 396153, similar to 394239 in being re-built on the underframe of an HAA, this time at Marcroft, Stoke in 2007, but with some visible detail differences.