Monday 27 August 2012

WTT now in public domain

Network Rail have placed the Working Time Tables for freight and departmental services into the public domain.

& then select region WK for those of interest to us. The format is PDF.

Of course not all of these trains run!

Saturday 25 August 2012

Bluebell Railway, 20th August 2012

Ian Knight was allowed out for the day, and went to the Bluebell Railway.
SR Class U 2-6-0 1638, built at Ashford in 1931, seen at Sheffield Park.
SECR Class C 0-6-0 592, built Ashford in 1902, at Kingscote
LBSCR Terrier A1 number 672 Fenchurch (Brighton 1872). As 32636 this was a Hayling Island branch locomotive.
BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80064 (Brighton 1953) and SR WC 4-6-2 21C123 Blackmoor Vale (Brighton 1946) on display
592 at Sheffield Park

20th - 25th August 2012

Sunday 19th August: 67026 5Z45 11:10 Southall - Eastleigh
Monday 20th August:
Tuesday 21st August: 67712 + 317719 5O56 19:15 Ilford - Eastleigh
Wednesday 22nd August: 67026 + 60045 at Eastleigh
Thursday 23rd August:
Friday 24th August: 
Saturday 25th August:

71000 Duke of Gloucester now unavailable for Swanage Gala, which will now host 78019.
777 Sir Lamiel now unavailable for Mid-Hants Gala, which will now host 5322.

A very quiet week.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Fife Circle Loco Hauled, August 2012

Some pictures of the remaining Fife Circle loco hauled, a service which may vanish at a future timetable change.

67007 working 2G13 17:08 Edinburgh - Edinburgh via Fife Circle, approaching Aberdour. 2nd August.
67007 passes the listed signalbox, opened 1890 and closed on 20th December 1979, and for which there are great plans.
The following evening, 3rd August, 67009 was in charge of 2G13, and the same carriage stock, seen here at Burntisland.
67009 approaches Aberdour with 2G13, 8th August.
67017 Arrow approaches Aberdour with 2G13 on 10th August.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Clearance work at Belvers Bridge, 19th August 2012

Clearance work has commenced at Belvers Bridge on Weston Lane, between Redbridge and Nursling.  The intention here is to build a new bridge to the south of that existing, on the site of former crossing seen here. The contractor is again Carillion, who recently rebuilt the Ashfield Bridge closer to Romsey.

Saturday 18 August 2012

13th - 18th August 2012

 34067 Tangmere approaches Beaulieu Road, 15th August with the 'Dorset Coast Express'. Image by Ian Knight.
34067 is watered. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 13th August: 67026 5Z73 03:16 Eastleigh - Southall, 66115 + 71000 5Z70 11:05 Bristol Barton Hill - Eastleigh
Tuesday 14th August: 73141 + 73206 + 
508212 + 73205 + 73119 7Y08 07:49 Eastleigh - Western Docks (508 to Moreton-in-Marsh for fire service training), 73141+73206+508212+73205+731195Y08 13:00 Western Docks - Eastleigh (ran late)
Wednesday 15th August: 71000 5Z92 05:00 Eastleigh - Poole, 1Z92 08:05 Poole - Oxford one two three four (failed at Eastleigh, 66001 onwards), 66001 1Z93 17:22 Oxford - Westbury - Poole, 5Z93 22:10 Poole - Eastleigh, 34067 1Z94 08:44 Victoria - Weymouth one two, 70013 1Z95 16:35 Weymouth - Waterloo one two, 47832 0Z47 09:30 Eastleigh - Gresty Bridge one two three, 60045 shunting at Eastleigh
Thursday 16th August:
Friday 17th August:
Saturday 18th August: 67026 5Z42 02:45 Eastleigh - Southall

47813 named Solent seen at Eastleigh

Container storage in Totton Yard? 

The Royal Scotsman, 9th August 2012

47804 leads 1H79 13:41 Edinburgh - Keith between Jamestown and the tunnel at Inverkeithing.
A rather closer shot of 47804, one of only two of the class running in the country that day. 47237 has now taken over the Royal Scotsman duties.

The Royal Scotsman, 5th August 2012

Operating as 1Z89 13:44 Edinburgh - Dalwhinnie, 47804 leads the Royal Scotsman through Dunfermline Town station ...
... with some clag!

The Royal Scotsman, 30th July 2012

47804 passes Inverkeithing with 1H79 13:41 Edinburgh - Keith, via Dunfermline, Perth and Dundee.
47804 clags as the power is put back on. This was D1965 delivered in October 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton.

Saturday 11 August 2012

6th - 11th August 2012

47501, previously hit-listed, now has flush front ends and a Class 57 style cooler group, seen at Eastleigh Works, 11th August. Image by Chris Finch.

Monday 6th August:
Tuesday 7th August: 47818 5Z47 08:38 Gresty Bridge - Eastleigh
Wednesday 8th August: 73107 + 73138 1Q85 06:08 Woking - Southampton DGL - Waterloo - Woking one two47818 0Z48 10:30 Eastleigh - Gresty Bridge one two three, 66187 + 66138 + 60011 + 67026 0V27 13:28 Eastleigh - Hinksey
Thursday 9th August: 31285 3Z80 08:52 Derby - Eastleigh one two three four five
Friday 10th August: 31285 3Q15 22:01 Eastleigh - Brighton - Eastbourne - Brighton - Bognor - Eastleigh - Hither Green
Saturday 11th August: 66155 + 66213 5Z40 04:48 Eastleigh - Basingstoke, 5Z43 23:44 Basingstoke - Eastleigh (tour to Buxton)

SRPS Diesel Gala, 29th July 2012 - Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway

The full set of pictures is here. For more information: SRPS Diesel Group.
D1970 and D1971 new to 64B Haymarket in October 1965. Now preserved 47643 and semi-preserved and main line working 47270 SWIFT of West Coast.
47270 creates that 1970s ScR feel while waiting to depart from Bo'ness
26038 on its first visit to Scotland in 20 years. New in August 1959, HGR overhaul April 1986, withdrawn October 1992.
20020 and 37175 W S Sellar run round at Birkhill

Settle Station, 27th July 2012

Settle Station, opened 1st May 1876,  built in Derby Gothic style by the Midland Railway.
66011 with an engineers' train, in the section between Blea Moor and Settle Jct. Pen-y-ghent is the peak in the distance.
Traditional Settle & Carlisle signage
Upon closure, the signalbox was moved closer to the station, and is opened on Saturdays by FoSCL.
The footbridge is to NBR pattern and was relocated from Drem, East Lothian, about twenty years ago, there being no bridge before.
The water tower is under conversion to a house. Read all about it.

Hellifield Station, 27th July 2012

 The faded jewel that is Hellifield Station. The maintained platform is between canopy and signalbox.
 158909 approaches through the disused part of the station with a Carlisle - Leeds train. Hellifield shed was on the right.
 Hellifield South Junction, the remaining signalbox, with Blackburn line branching to right.
 Midland Railway 'MR' in the detail of the roof,
Recent water installation for West Coast Railway Company, using the butts on the hillside.

Saturday 4 August 2012

47832 at Eastleigh with new style cooler group, 4th August

47832 Solway Pincess has been in Eastleigh Works for some weeks, and was seen at 14:55 today sporting a new 57/3 style cooler group. Image by Chris Finch.

Friday 3 August 2012

30th July - 4th August 2012

 47853 on its first move from overhaul at Eastleigh, to Western Docks with unusual Mk 1 ECS stock for a Cruise Saver. 2nd August. Image by Ian Knight.
Recently renumbered 150927 (150127 +57209) at Redbridge, 31st July. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 30th July:
Tuesday 31st July: 47739 5Z39 12:39 Eastleigh - Cardiff Canton one two three four
Wednesday 1st August: 73201 0Z73 00:05 Andover - Laverstock - Eastleigh Works one two , 59206 + 60007 6O41 10:20 Westbury - Redbridge - Eastleigh one two , 66047 + 60007 6V27 13:28 Eastleigh - Hinksey
Thursday 2nd August: 47841 5Z82 08:47 Crewe - Eastleigh, 47853 + 47841 T+T 5Z82 15:32 Eastleigh - Western Docks
Friday 3rd August: 47841 + 47853 1Z82 10:30 Western Docks - Edinburgh one two (47853 led but came off to run around at York following an AWS fault)                                - and a further gallery
Saturday 4th August: