Monday 30 September 2019

Freight at Eastleigh, Saturday 28th September 2019

70006 approaches with 4O05 07:03 Birch Coppice - Maritime. As usual, this is an all Ecofret FWA consist.

66503 had a strangely short and empty consist running as 4O14 05:21 Garston - Maritime. There was no 4O90 service from Leeds.

G&W scheme repainted 66415 departs with CWR as 6Z97 12:33 East Yard - Westbury.

66735 Peterborough United shunts empty flats which had arrived from the Western Docks for weekend storage. The locomotive proceeded 0Z18 to Warminster, for a 6Z18 15:35 Warminster - Eastleigh MoD special working.

66139 approacehs relatively slowly with 4O40 10:44 Cowley - Eastern Docks.

66515 departs with 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, which was more typically loaded.

Sunday 29 September 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, Saturday 28th September 2019

08507 has arrived at the works, this was previously noted at Crewe in July 2014. Understood to be in the ownership of Riviera Trains, painted in their Oxford Blue, moved in January 2018 to the Nemesis Rail premises at Burton where it shunted Riviera stock. Completed at Doncaster Works, and delivered to Sheffield Darnall 41A on 20th June 1958. Withdrawn on 13th August 1993 from Reading, later noted in storage at Bicester. The reason for its arrival at Eastleigh is unclear, whether to work for Riviera or for repairs.

37069 arrived on 14th and 70805 appears to have been on C exam since 9th.

801205 and 802212 appear to be ready to go. 801205 arrived in a drag about 10th September, 802212 arrived on 24th July, the vinyls have been applied at the works premises.

801209 had arrived the previous evening, 27th September.

Saturday 28 September 2019

61306 + 47802 Cathedrals Express to Swanage, 26th September 2019

The last steam working to the Dorset coast of the summer season.

61306 + 47802 1Z61 08:45 Victoria - Swanage
47802 + 61306 1Z62 16:40 Swanage - Southampton - Laverstock - Victoria

61306 Mayflower passing through St Denys with the down working.

166217 is held at signals for the late running special working, with 47802 on the rear.

47802 leads the first return leg, this and the further pictures are at Redbridge.

Now leading, 61306 approaches the station .....

..... where the regulator was opened, as the signal and feather cleared to proceed towards Romsey.

Proceeding towards the Test Valley.

47802 in the now half-light at 18:40 - sunset was at 18:57 BST.

23rd - 28th September 2019

68017 Hornet powers past Dunbridge on Thursday 26th.

66558 passes St Denys with 4O05 0719 Birch Coppice - Maritime, 26th September.

66558 again on the 26th, starting away from Maritime with 4M98 17:24 to Garston.

66724 Drax Power Station gave relief to 66711 on the Eastleigh - Westbury cycle on 27th, here seen on 6O41 14:30 from Westbury, approaching Romsey.

Monday 23rd September: 800202 + 800207 5X82 09:16 Eastleigh - Acton one two
Tuesday 24th September: 802206 + 802211 5X82 09:16 Eastleigh - Acton one two three four five; 66001 5Z49 11:01 Eastleigh - Burton one two three
Wednesday 25th September: 60044 7O35 05:00 Westbury - Fareham, 6V16 11:55 Fareham - Whatley one two three four five six; 68017 0Z56 10:05Crewe - Eastleigh one two; 08507 at Eastleigh works one 
Thursday 26th September: 68017 1Z56 10:21 Eastleigh - Paignton one two three four five; 61306 + 47802 1Z61 08:45 Victoria - Swanage; 47802 + 61306 1Z62 16:40 Swanage - Southampton - Laverstock - Victoria - 61306 for the day; 43014 + 43062 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton - Salisbury one two; 47813 + 47815 0O86 10:29 Leicester - Eastleigh one two
Friday 27th September:  47813 + 47815 0Y86 06:09½ Eastleigh - Bournemouth, 47813 +442415  47815 5Q87 08:30 Bournemouth - Eastleigh one two three four five47813 + 47815 0M59 12:49 Eastleigh - Leicester; 66777 + 801209 5X41 Acton - Eastleigh one two three
Saturday 28th September:

60024 and 60039 have moved away from Westbury. 60044 saw use on the Fareham working on Wednesday.

GBRf sold to Infracapital - the unlisted infrastructure equity arm of M&GPrudential

Woking Electrical Control Room - 21st September & and earlier 2012 visit. There is also a similar structure in Havant.

Full set of the Doncaster pictures.                   Full set of Darlington and Shildon pictures.

Further to recent LNER ECML coverage, 43290 and 43300 have both now been denamed. The HST fleets seems to be planned to be out of use my mid-December, about 10 weeks from now.

Iowa Pacific who hold the Weardale Railway, Dartmoor Railway and RMS Locotech in their UK portfolio, are in significant financial difficulty in the United States - DCR is now part of Cappagh, so is separated. Two entities were placed into receivership and the receiver has filed to place five more into this status.

Friday 27 September 2019

Freight at Eastleigh, 23rd September 2019

66955 4O18 07:24 Lawley Street - Maritime.

66753  EMD Roberts Road 4B51 11:13 East Yard - Western Docks GBRf empty flats after weekend storage.

66711 Sense arrived with 6O39 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh.

66547 light engine 0Z80 12:21 Maritime - Wembley.
66164 with the Fareham stone empties 7V16 11:55 Fareham - Whatley.

Recently repainted 66090 Maritime Intermodal Six 4M71 09:47 Western Docks - Birch Coppice.

66077 leading 4O44 09:28 Didcot - Western Docks, a Mondays only working.

IEPs at Eastleigh, 23rd September 2019

800207, which departed soon after, with 802211 in the background, which left the next day.

Electric only 801205 appears to have arrived in a drag about 10th September.

800207 led 800202 out for 5X82 09:16 Eastleigh - Acton.

Proceeeding up the SWML.

The view from the car park at the middle of the day. Three 9 car LNER Azuma units, and two unnumbered Trans Pennine units, probably 802213 and 802214.

Thursday 26 September 2019

"Modern Traction" at LOCOMOTION, Shildon. 11th September 2019

The LOCOMOTION Museum, situated on the location of Shildon Sidings, to the east of New Shildon, and the location of the 1975 cavalcade.

APT-E (1972) and DELTIC (1955).

71001 is currently receiving a well deserved repaint. Built at Doncasterin 1958 as the second of the class, E5001, it was withdrawn in November 1977.

Note that the yard shunting pantograph is extended. 2-HAP coach on right, awaiting a restoration.

08911 Matey was new as D4141 on 8th August 1962 to Carnforth. Withdrawn in May 2004.

306017 arrived in October 2018, moving from the East Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel & Wakes Colne.

Restored DMBSO coach 61275 of 2-HAP 4308 is blue and grey on one side, and NSE as shown on the other. In traffic from February 1957 to March 1995.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Miscellany at Doncaster, 12th September 2019

66623 is loaned to GBRf in return for 59003, and was working  6D45 09:47 Scunthorpe Trent Tc Gbrf - Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf. The JNA wagon was VTG 3481, a 1998 conversion by Marcroft.

Finally it arrives in front of me - took a while. 66779 Evening Star 4Z66 08:20 York Thrall Europa -Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf in preparation for the RHTT season.

67013 was on Thunderbird standby in the West Yard. New 195113 appeared to be involved in staff training activities.

Coach 77350 of former Class 319 hybrid diesel & electric unit 769431 at Wabtec. These units appear to be challenging to get into traffic. At the beginning of the year this saw some trial usage from Allerton.

195103 was also in the West Yard, as was similar emu 331105.

ADB 966099, a Beilhack plough mounted on what was a Class 45 bogie, conversion completed in 1988 at Ashford.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Eastleigh Works & T&RSMD, 23rd September 2019

 70805 is in the works for a C exam, where a safety barrier is in place, and the engine is visible.

 37069 arrived on 14th September for repairs.
 66207 moved some 4 wheel automotive traffic wagons into the works.

TSO 4946 was built at Wolverton in 1961 to Lot 30690.

82226 has arrived at the T&RSMD as part of a Mark 4 rake planned for Transport for Wales Premier Service duties.