Friday 20 September 2019

LNER HSTs at Doncaster, 12th September 2019

These now 40 year old trains are not compliant with the new access requirements, although there could be a short term derogation into the early months of 2020. Meanwhile they still run all of the Anglo-Scottish trains which proceed to destinations beyond Edinburgh.

I have checked, and I have seen all of the 32 LNER power cars, and all multiple times in the past decade, many further back to some 40 years ago.

A selection in numerical order:

43206 approaches with 1D13 12:03 Kings Cross - Leeds. The oldest LNER power car, new as 43006 in May 1976 for the GWML introduction.

43272 (December 1977) passes through with 1E05 0730 Edinburgh - Kings Cross.

43274 Spirit of Sunderland (December 1977) passes with 1W11 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen.

43302 (October 1978) departs with 1Y84 12:02 York - Kings Cross.

43313 (February 1979) rolls north on the rear of 1D13 12:03 Kings Cross - Leeds.

43315 (March 1979) speeds through with 1E09 09:30 Edinburgh - Kings Cross.

Someone is flushing the toilet, these coaches do not have retention tanks, as 43316 speeds towards the horizon on the rear of 1E05 07:30 Edinburgh - Kings Cross. This power car (March 1979) took me to Arbroath 6 days beforehand.