Friday 20 September 2019

Class 91 locomotives at Doncaster, 12th September 2019

91108 was the first withdrawn, and was visible possibly awaiting collection for disposal - it was moved on 17th. 91103 was withdrawn on 28th August, and is providing spares at Bounds Green. LNER have tweeted that 91117 and 91120 will be next, planned for withdrawal on Wednesday 25th September.

In just over 5 hours from 09:00 to 14:00 I observed 19 of the class of 31 locomotives, including withdrawn 91108. Unfortunately 91119 is still the one I believe that I need to see, and seems to have been out of traffic for a few weeks, returned to traffic by 17th September.

A selection in numerical order:

91101 FLYING SCOTSMAN 1S12 10:30 Kings Cross - Edinburgh. First in class, new in April 1988.

91102 City of York 1D10 10:33 Kings Cross - Leeds.

91108 lies withdrawn outside Wabtec's facility. New in July 1988.

91111 For the Fallen 1N08 08:30  Kings Cross - Newcastle. New to traffic in February 1990.

On the current hit list, 91117 WEST RIDING LIMITED, new in July 1990, departs pushing 1E10 10:00 Edinburgh - Kings Cross.

91121 wearing a Trainbow scheme arrives with 1D08 09:33 Kings Cross - Leeds. New in September 1990.

91128 INTERCITY 50, new in December 1990, arriving with 1S13 1100 Kings Cross - Edinburgh. 

91129 was out of traffic since late July, but came up to Wabtec from Bounds Green for weighing prior to return to service. This example was new in January 1991.

A rear cab view of 91129.

91132 has a "Time to Change" mental health awareness scheme. New as 91023 in September 1990,  here seen pushing 1E08 09:00 Edinburgh - Kings Cross.