Wednesday 25 September 2019

Miscellany at Doncaster, 12th September 2019

66623 is loaned to GBRf in return for 59003, and was working  6D45 09:47 Scunthorpe Trent Tc Gbrf - Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf. The JNA wagon was VTG 3481, a 1998 conversion by Marcroft.

Finally it arrives in front of me - took a while. 66779 Evening Star 4Z66 08:20 York Thrall Europa -Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf in preparation for the RHTT season.

67013 was on Thunderbird standby in the West Yard. New 195113 appeared to be involved in staff training activities.

Coach 77350 of former Class 319 hybrid diesel & electric unit 769431 at Wabtec. These units appear to be challenging to get into traffic. At the beginning of the year this saw some trial usage from Allerton.

195103 was also in the West Yard, as was similar emu 331105.

ADB 966099, a Beilhack plough mounted on what was a Class 45 bogie, conversion completed in 1988 at Ashford.