Saturday 7 September 2019

A Third American Interlude

Burlington Northerm GP9 1877 and GP18 1991 at La Crosse, WI, about 1st September 1989.

Looking at the location today I can see that it is firmly in the railroad's no trespass area, the situation was just more relaxed in those days.

1877 was built in February 1956 (c/n 21099) as Northern Pacific 254, became BN 1877, then BNSF 1622, sold in February 2000 to Louis Dreyfus becoming LDCX 2012. When Louis-Dreyfus acquired this diesel it received a chopped short hood, cab air conditioning, and a fresh coat of blue paint, but retained the NP ordered winterization hatch and all weather window. It operates at a grain elevator at Galena Park, TX, and likely is this one seen on Google Maps

1991 was completed in June 1960 as NP 377,a GP18 locomotive (c/n 26009), entering service in the Livingstone, MT area. After a short period from 1991 renumbered as 1994, it was retired June 1992, then rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen as a GP28P (P is snowplough compatible) BN 1592 later BNSF 1542. Still running in this rebuilt form in October 2018.

C&NW SD40-2's on a northbound coal train at Owatonna, MN, 3rd September 1989. This is the former Rock Island RR Spine Line, and at the time it saw a lot of coal traffic. Current view of location which is opposite the former Rock Island depot in the town. All three locomotives have had longevity in Class 1 Railroad terms, rebuilt to SD40N specifications and still running on successor UP.

6928 EMD serial 766032-3 of November 1976 later became UP 3091. Rebuilt as an SD40N in 2010 and now running as 1566.

6859 EMD serial 74609-44 of April 1974 later became UP 2991. Rebuilt as SD40N 1763.

6836 EMD serial 74609-21 of March 1974 later became UP 3017. Rebuilt in 2010 as SD40N 1572.

Later at Owatonna on the same day, and another northbound coal train. The former platform of the depot can be seen in the foreground, with a distinctive stripe in the concrete. Same location in an earlier period, and similar but looking north.

C&NW 8035 was a SD60 locomotive. The batch was built to SOO Line specifications; SOO was unable to take delivery due to financial conditions & the order was passed to C&NW. 8035 was delivered in September 1986, EMD serial 867147-35, later becoming UP 5989. Off-roster by 2002, sold and became GECX 5989, HLCX 5989 and NS 5826.

Norfolk Southern rebuilt the locomotive in 2012 as their SD60E 6942.