Sunday, 28 February 2016

70803 reported derailed and damaged, 27th February 2016

The incident appears to have occurred in the earlier hours of Saturday morning at Ivybridge in Devon, while in an engineering possession. One or two wagons and 70803 became derailed, and there are reports of collision damage to the locomotive.

"both drivers are ok, shaken but ok"

"rerailing equipment from Wigan is being sent to assist as local resources aren't sufficient"

"It would appear that 70803+6C24+70808 has hit the rear of 7Y75. 70803 has fortunately remained upright"

"it could take 12 hours just to get the loco back on as there are no rails left under it that you could get wheels onto atleast, they are both ripped from the pandrols, crippled and on their sides.
"There is also no buffing gear left on the loco (some of it on the floor, the rest of it broken) which wall also make onward movement to any where tricky until that's sorted."

Updated Mon 29th:
"The loco worked to Tavi(stock Junction) under its own power inside the possession last night but will need some repairs before onward movement."

Links and sources: one two three

Reported location: Old crossover location to west of viaduct - one two

Updated Wed 2nd:
Pictures at Tavistock Junction showing damage at each end, with a case of 'Class 31 droop' at one end, where the panel has now been removed: one (loco end facing Plymouth) two (facing Exeter)

Further picture from 2nd: three

Updated Sat 5th:

Further picture from 3rd: four

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