Monday 8 August 2022

Lazonby & Kirkoswald, 10th July 2022


45690 Leander passing Lazonby with 'The Waverley' 1Z44 12:56 Hellifield - Carlisle.

[UPDATE: 45690 suffered a superheater element failure at Carlisle, and a diesel was scrambled from Carnforth to perform on the return working.]

66724 Drax Power Station has passed the former goods shed working as 0E05 14:25 Carlisle N.Y. - Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf

43290 1Q17 07:56 Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) - Darlington Up S.S.

43251 on the rear.

Station building, to a typical Midland Railway, Settle & Carlisle pattern, now in use by a financial services company.

The 1876 opened station was closed between 1970 and 1986.