Saturday 27 August 2022

22nd - 27th August 2022


One of the lesser seen of the class, in these parts, 165123 at Millbrook, 25th August.

701046 (arr 25Aug), 701049 (arr 08Aug), and 701050 (arr 17Aug), at Eastleigh 27th August. The Yellow Buses in the airport car park would appear to be from Bournemouth, where the bus company ceased service on 4th August. Xelabus has acquired the Yellow Coaches brand. There was an auction on 10th August. Dealer Ensignbus has acquired many of the buses, and they are being placed across the country now, but do not know why this group are where they are today..

69002 running through St Denys with 4Y19 12:30 Mountfield - Western Docks, 26th August. Image by Ian Knight.

Sunday 21st August: 66021 + 67010 0Z27 14:00 Eastleigh - Wembley one two
Monday 22nd August:
Tuesday 23rd August:

Wednesday 24th August: 
Thursday 25th August: 47727 (+ 701046) 5Q09 08:59 Worksop - Eastleigh one two three four five, 47727 0M10 1743 Eastleigh - Leicester one; 43274 + 43299 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury one
Friday 26th August: 43046 + 43047 5Z20 10:00 Crewe - Eastleigh one two Flick for the day
Saturday 27th August: 43046 + 43047 1Z44 07:01 Eastleigh - Scarborough, 1Z45 16:52 Scarborough - Eastleigh Flickr for the day; 37611 0O86 13:33 Westbury - Eastleigh, 37611 (+ GC04 82230) 5Q79 17:19 Eastleigh - Landore Flickr for the day
Sunday 28th August: 43046 + 43047 5Z21 12:59 Eastleigh - Crewe Flickr for the day

The DRS sale and lease back plan has been cancelled, for reasons not reported. The deadline for interests to be expressed was 29th July. 37602 at Eastleigh is reported as sold to Harry Needle Railroad Company.