Monday 1 April 2019

Eastleigh, 31st March 2019

A time of change where DB Cargo are exiting East Yard, to handover much of the activity to GBRf, and Colas are changing their duties away from Westbury and Hoo turns towards Hinkley and Bescot.

  • 66591 + 66542 arrived on Saturday with 4O05 07:05 Birch Coppice - East Yard, expected to go forward to Maritime on Monday
  • 66101 worked in on Saturday with 4O63 18:30 Birch Coppice - East Yard, expected to go forward to Western Docks on Monday
  • 66112 had arrived with 6N34 from Preston Park (+ 2 others, the second of which was in DB Red) 
  • 66102 had arrived with 6N33 from Preston Park 
  • 66183 had arrived with 6N02 from Worplesdon (+1 other)
The other DB locomotives are likely to be 66035 (DB Red), 66089 and 66165.

  • 66846 (6C05 from Allbrook), 66848 (6C01 from Preston Park), 70806 + 70811 (6X04 from Allbrook)
  • 66621 (6Y82 from Winchester via Portsmouth Direct) 66501 (6Y83 from Allbrook)

66846 and 66621 are seen through the platform and canopy.

08460 is the new 60 year old shunter in town (the station was gated closed when I visited). New as D3575 from BR Crewe on 13th August 1958, allocated to Toton, but from October that year it worked in the Sheffield area. Renumbered to 08460 in March 1974. Sold in February 2007 to Traditional Traction from Allerton, it has was moved in March 2007 to the Colne Valley Railway, spending some time working at Felixstowe. Overhauled in 2016 at Wishaw and recently in usage at Axiom, Stoke.