Saturday 30 March 2019

25th - 30th March 2019

Monday 25th March: 66518 6O66 21:01 (Sun) Guide Bridge Yard - Maritime one, 6M67 14:32 Maritime - Barrow Hill Up Sidings one two three (box wagons to pass Swaythling)
Tuesday 26th March: 800202 + 801104 5X82 Eastleigh - Acton one two three
Wednesday 27th March: 800110 + 801106 5X82 Eastleigh - Acton one two three four
Thursday 28th March: 08460 arrived at Eastleigh for GBRf yard shunting from 1st April one two three four; 66603 4O53 Stewarts Lane - Millbrook one two three (box wagons, next move to Guide Bridge was cancelled - wagons still waiting at Millbrook to run a 4M57 as of Friday)
Friday 29th March: 66623 emerged at Eastleigh Works in G&W colours one two - moved on to Maritime area, then 4M46 northwards, was at Basford Hall on Saturday middle of day, 66419 is now at the works for repaint; 70807 headed the last Colas operated 6V31 one
Saturday 30th March: 73109 + 73128 5Z71 04:20 Eastleigh - Blackfriars (73128 failed with camshaft problem in the afternoon, still on train, controlling rear loco through 4TC connection) pictures for day

In addition to 08460 at the yard, 08738 is reported at Eastleigh T&RSMD.

60065 is back in a pool, WCAT (DBC Class 60 Standard Fuel Range), and has worked to Bow on Monday 25th, after which it has apparently been resident at Acton.

70003 was reactivated from storage on 21st, 66523(+70003 DIT)4O31 Leeds - Maritime on Monday 25th, then failed after 4M95 at Trafford Park on the morning of 26th, after which it was returned to Southampton for attention.

DB Supervisory Board instructs Management Board to explore options for sale of Arriva

Genesee & Wyoming February earnings call - covers aggregate traffic growth