Wednesday, 16 December 2015

DRS 47 status - a closed book, 15th December 2015

2015 is likely to bring significant change to the DRS 47 fleet, with the influx of Class 68, and Norwich backup services being transferred to Class 37/4.

17th September: 47813 stored. Back to three available locos.

2nd October: 47790 reinstated after bogie swap with 47841 at Eastleigh. Four locos available going into RHTT season.

15th November: 47805 and 47818 into storage at Kingmoor. 47790 out of traffic for repairs at Crewe, leaving 47828 in traffic on RHTT duties at Stowmarket. 

8th December: 47828 stored at Crewe, 47790 is the last DRS Class 47

15th December: 47790 stored at Crewe. DRS Class 47 era is over.

Number Name Pool 2014 Status Pool now New cooler group Most recent picture
47501 Craftsman XHNB stored Sep2014 wheelflats, understood for transfer to LNWR, transfer status 24Dec14 (at Derby) - moved under own power to Crewe 18Feb15 after attention to wheels. To Rail Services Ltd at Crewe Diesel shed late March 2015. XHSS 22nd August 2014
47790 Galloway Princess XHNB in traffic, Northern Belle, at DRS Crewe, Dec2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15 - failed with engine problems in Norwich area June 2015, stored at Gresty Bridge ~01Jul15. To Eastleigh 13Jul15. Reinstated 02Oct15after bogie swap with 47841. Stored 15Dec15. XHSS 13th July 2015 (image by Ian Knight)
47802 Pride of Cumbria XHAC stored 24Jan14, at Carnforth - for WCRC. Test run ready 15Jul15, run took place 24Jul15, in traffic AWCA x 23rd August 2015
47805 John Scott 12.5.45-22.5.12 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, transfer status, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15,  stored Crewe by 09Jan15, reinstated 13Mar15. To Kingmoor 17Nov15 and stored. XHSS x 12th August 2015
47810 Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006 XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec 2014, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for C exam (but getting a B exam?) - traction earth fault - repaired by Feb15; stored around 13Apr15 XHSS 22nd August 2014
47813 Solent XHNB in traffic, stored around 17Sep15 XHNB 17th June 2011 (image by Ian Knight)
47818   XHAC in traffic, moved to Crewe 20Jan14, due for B exam, returned to traffic at Norwich 23Jan15. To Kingmoor 17Nov15 and stored. XHSS 17th September 2015
47828   XHAC in traffic, Norwich Dec14, but transfer status 24Dec14, moved to Crewe on 07Jan15 (coolant leak) - towed to Eastleigh 02Mar15. Reinstated and moved from Eastleigh 13Jul15, arriving Kingmoor 17Jul15, then to Crewe 23Jul15. Stored 08Dec15 at Crewe XHSS 15th November 2015
47832 Solway Princess XHNB failed 14Jun14, sold to and repaired in traffic with  WCRC AWCA 5th September 2015
47841   XHAC stored 31Oct14, transfer status 24Dec14 - to Eastleigh 13Jul15 XHSS 19th July 2014
47853 RAIL EXPRESS XHAC in traffic, expected due soon for C exam - stored Crewe 18Feb XHSS 1st December 2012